Mapping and banking of the genotypes. 

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Mapping and banking of the genotypes.


Genetic samples/genetic material from a variety of human genotypes, especially those genotypes that are in the danger zone of being extinct, may be banked in this vault.


As reprogenetics will be commercialised, these gene banks will be instrumental in the years to come. Anyone may order the DNA samples of their preference.


If I were a cultural Marxist I would do everything in my power to make this happen as the commercialisation and encouragement of these technologies would result in a scenario where many nationalists will have one less argument to fight for. The same can be said for other “revolutionary indigenous groups” who are fighting to prevent the extinction of their people. The commercialisation and further development of reprogenetics has the potential to be one of the largest peace projects the world has ever seen as it may prevent many civil wars.


As such, introducing and commercialising a World Bank of Genotypes must be considered a solidarity project, a peace project, which goal is to prevent conflict. It gives anyone equal right to the banked material. Anyone can choose any preference they want out of the world’s genotypes. This type of project has the potential to end many conflicts once and for all, especially many of those related to ethnocentrism. The primary drawback would be that only the first world would have the financial capability of taking advantage of it during the first decades.


The various indigenous movements around the world will all play they’re part here and national governments of the parties involved should contribute to finance and promote it.


Sources: (positive) (negative eugenics) (bioethicist)


Information to study:


List of genetics research organisations:



The Human Genome Organisation (HUGO)


The Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) is an organisation involved in the Human Genome Project, a project about mapping the human genome. HUGO was established in 1989 as an international organisation, primarily to foster collaboration between genome scientists around the world. The HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee (HGNC), sometimes referred to as "HUGO", is one of HUGO's most active committees and aims to assign a unique gene name and symbol to each human gene.



Future economical model/public sector model/welfare program/economic zones/servant class


As mentioned several times, the ongoing European civil war is not a class war, and as such it is not a war between socialism and capitalism. It is a cultural war between cultural conservatives and cultural Marxists (nationalism vs. internationalism). Nevertheless, we, the cultural conservatives must ensure that we continue to have a sustainable economy based on many free market mechanics. Although globalist capitalism is a destructive concept does not mean that localised capitalism mechanics are. There must always be potent incentives for individuals who create work places. A socialist or even a planned economy must be avoided at all costs.


Laissez-faire is often used to refer to various economic philosophies and political philosophies (liberalism) which seek to minimise or eliminate government intervention in most or all aspects of society. Pure Laissez-faire capitalism is a globalist concept (no government intervention) and has several drawbacks. Many economical protective measures must be in place securing the economical sustainability of our cultural conservative economic zone (European Federation).


Future cuts in public sector to balance massive in-sourcing of new private sector jobs

Super inflated Western European bureaucracies/public sectors should be cut from the current average 50-60% down to aprox 25%. There will be a buffer consisting of a pool of public work places equivalent to an additional 10% which can be created temporarily during recessions (from 25 to 35% of all jobs). These significant cuts will have a huge impact on many Western European public structures that currently have massive and super-inflated public sectors. However, millions of new work places will be in-sourced as a result of our future plan to implement significant toll barriers for non-European Federation economical zones. There will be a European anti-globalist shift of gigantic proportions which will result in the re-creation of former work places previously outsources to non-EF countries. The future Western European public sector vs. private sector models re-introduces the concept that a state should serve its citizens, not the other way around. The future state which has undergone a significant diet will be better suited to spearhead the focus of the furthering of civilisational goals.


Economic solidarity/future welfare state


It is unrealistic to think that there will be complete economic equality in nations who have free markets. However, we should attempt to follow the Scandinavian welfare model to a certain degree to ensure a solid welfare program to all European citizens. Maintaining a sustainable solid welfare system depends on hard working individuals and social cohesion/a monocultural society. Welfare expenditure should not take precedent over the 20% fixed sum dedicated to science/technology, research and development. The furthering of long term European interests and securing the long term sustainability of our European civilisation must always take precedent over short term excessive welfare expenditure (greed).



Future Economic zones


The main problem with many Asiatic countries is that they do not respect intellectual property ownership, thus the products of many industries are systematically stolen and/or illegally misused.


Furthermore, we can’t really compete with countries like China etc. Inviting them to the WTO was one of the biggest mistakes made the last 60 years resulting in the loss of millions of European jobs.

Japan, South Korea and several other nations are also playing outside the rules by manipulation of their own currency to benefit on import/export issues.

To illustrate Japans cynicism, just study the Kodak case. Kodak should have had at least 30-40% market share in Japan. The problem is however that many European/US products are openly boycotted due to the nationalistic/protectionist tendencies/mentality of Japanese government and people. Unlike Europe and the US, Japanese individuals are much more imbued with patriotism and the un-interrupted social cohesion (Japan and South Korea rejected multiculturalism) is the reason why their “mass-democracy model” is still functioning well.

We should create a new economical zone – European Federation - where: Europe, US, Russia (+ Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel) have certain privileges. Only globalist companies that have majority ownership of individuals/companies/nations of this trio should be allowed full privileges in European Federation markets. More protectionist mechanics are needed outside this economical zone. Outsourcing of jobs outside this zone should not occur. Alternatively, we could create certain isolated areas inside these zones that works like a hub (where 2nd/3rd worlders are allowed to work for a maximum of 12 months (12 month contracts).

Several international (globalist) companies have too much influence at the moment and we are witnessing that they are pushing for more immigration, even Turkey EU membership. It is essential that we ensure that the national states have a controlling stake in these companies or alternatively disallow them to enjoy the current rights in our markets. International companies (where we do not own a majority) should be banned from lobbying and should not be able to have any influence whatsoever regarding immigration, outsourcing policies and state sovereignty.



Future servant class


It would be logical to use cheap foreign labour especially within the construction sector. These workers should be given 12 month “focus contracts” and must return to their country of origin after the term has ended. Focus contracts involve working up to 12 hours per day. These individuals will be offered competitive wages (compared to their country of origin).


One of the primary arguments for modern mass immigration is to justify the demand for labour, jobs the indigenous Europeans are unwilling to take. Now, who will take these jobs when we have halted immigration completely and deported all the Muslims?


The problem with the current model of mass immigration is that every individual, depending on country, is awarded citizenship within 7 years. The children of these first generation immigrants are not interested in the jobs the parent generation took so we have to accept even more immigration to fill in these gaps every two decades. It develops into a never ending spiral of mass immigration which eventually leads to a situation where the indigenous people end up as a minority.


The following solution will provide a servant class covering the following professions:



- Cleaning

- Construction work

- Gardening

- Taxis

- Farming/harvesting



6-12 month “focus contracts” will be offered to individuals from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India (these services may be reserved for Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists considering our Hostile stance towards the global Islamic Ummah). These will be flown in in bulk every month and will leave at the end of the contract. During their stay they will work 12 hours a day for the duration of their contracts (6 or 12 months) and are then flown back to their homelands. There should be at least a 6 month quarantine period between every 12 month contract to prevent the individuals from becoming too culturally attached.


These individuals will live in segregated communities in pre-defined areas of each major city and must be provided free medical services, free housing in restricted barrack towns and subsidised food /essentials and subsidised transportation costs. This will allow them to return with a larger portion of their salary. They will be compensated at a rate equivalent to 300% of what they would have earned in their country of origin.


F example, if they would have earned 200 Euro per month in Bangladesh they will earn 600 Euro here.


This might sound cynical to especially females (this is not slavery as slavery is taking away peoples freedom) but it is in fact much more generous than what currently Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE etc.) are offering their guest workers from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and the Philippines. More than 90 per cent of the total UAE workforce is made up of foreigners (mainly from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). None of the foreigners are granted citizenship but usually work on 12 month contracts with very low wages. Furthermore, these arrangements are not very different from what the southern states in the US are currently offering Latin American guest workers.


Most importantly, large scale implementation of these “guest worker” arrangements will prove to be a very efficient source of cheap labour and these arrangements can be easily regulated to accommodate bull and bear markets. Because there will be recessions or slow periods when we will need many of these jobs for our own people while there may be economical booms which will involve increased use of these arrangements.


The economical impacts of extensive usage of these “guest worker” arrangements will have significant impacts on the competitiveness of our civilisation, our economic zone and will ensure that we will have the required funds (20% of GDP) to channel into science, research and development (and of course to secure this scientific capital from theft from non-EF countries).


It will allow us to become the economical powerhouse of the world and the beacon of light for all humanity. It will allow us to contribute significantly to the furtherance of mankind.


End note: Multicultural zones with extended use of “guest workers” can also be considered in protectorate states outside Europe such as liberated Christian Anatolia and liberated Christian Albania.



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