Suggestions for common uniting principles with the intention of consolidating the four main cultural conservative movements 

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Suggestions for common uniting principles with the intention of consolidating the four main cultural conservative movements



1. Secular cultural conservative movements

2. European conservative Christian movements (cultural conservative Christians)

3. The Anti-Jihad Movement (anti-Multicult/Islamisation, pro Israel)

4. Racial conservatives/NS (anti-Multicult, anti-Jewish, anti gay, neutral/hostile towards Islam/Christendom)



Moderate uniting principles:






- Oppose the European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist establishment and their agendas.

- Oppose the feminisation of European institutions by promoting “rationalism” and opposing emotionalism.

- Support the nuclear family structure

- Fight for free speech

- Support the death penalty (3 strike)






- Promote the Judeo Christian traditions in Europe with emphasis on Christendom.

- Oppose the Islamisation of Europe (European multiculturalism)

- Fight for the re-classification of Islam as a political ideology (75% political, 25% spiritual)

- Oppose mass Muslim immigration

- Promote European culture in general

- Implement measures against Islamic Demographic Warfare

- Fight for the Church’s right to exist and grow (from current low). This includes continued political pressure to support conservative Christian’s current positions in the Church, the public sector and NGO’s. Individuals who have been dismissed the last decades must be reinstated. Furthermore, it is essential that we continue actively to try to limit the number of cultural Marxists/multiculturalists in similar positions. The goal should be to dismiss and replace them with conservatives from all three groups.

- Promote a re-introduction of non-falsified historical references concerning Islamic Imperialism, Islamic atrocities, Dhimmitude under Islam and un-biased information about the Crusades etc.



Foreign policy



- Support Israel’s fight against Jihad.

- Oppose an appeasement policy towards the Islamic world.

- Continue to militarily prevent any Muslim country from attaining nuclear weapons (Pakistan must be disarmed).

- Oppose Turkey/Albania/Bosnia Herzegovina membership to the EU.

- Oppose Turkeys/Albania’s membership in NATO.



More extreme principles



- Support for the banning of the Quran and the Hadith (as these books propagate violence, genocide and war against all non-Muslims).

- Disallow mosques in Europe as long as Christians are not allowed to build Churches in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries.

- Support the dismantlement of Protestantism in the Nordic countries, the UK, Germany (replacing it with Catholicism).


Europe, Anti-immigration parties/orgs – Nationalist parties/orgs


Overview includes several right wing groups from very moderate to very extreme (certain overlapping terms):



- Conservative Christian organisations

- Cultural conservatives (moderate to extreme)

- Regionalists and/or various Nationalists

- Anti-immigration parties

- Right wing populists

- Racial conservatives

- National Socialists (included although these are considered left wing)


Western Europe (updated 2008)




Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (FPÖ) Freedom Party of Austria (anti-immigration) 17,5% in 2008 election


Bündnis Zukunft Österreich (BZÖ) Alliance for the Future of Austria (anti-immigration) 10,7% in 2008 election, lead by Haider




Vlaams Blok (Flemish Bloc) (anti-immigration)


Flandern (regional)

Vlaams Belang (VB) Flemish Interest / (Nationalism, anti immigration) 24,2% in 2004 election,

VLOTT – anti-multicult:

New Flemish Alliance -

Front National (FN - National Front) (Nationalism) – 2% in 2007 election, 4,7% in Brussels.

Groen Rechts (Nationalist Flandern)

Mouvement Nation (nationalist org)

New Belgian Front - Front Nouveau de Belgique - FNB Pour la Securite + (nationalist org, anti immigration)




Dansk Folkeparti (DF) Danish People's Party (moderate, anti-immigration) 13,8% in 2007 election





Perussuomalaiset (PS) True Finns - (anti-immigration) 4,1% in 2007 election

Suomen Sisu - (nationalistic org)

Assosiation of Finnish Culture and Identity - (nationalistic culture org)

Bluewhites of the Finnish People - (nationalist party)

Independence party-League of Free Finland -




Front National (FN) National Front (Nationalism) 4,3% in 2007 election

Front National de la Jeunesse – National Front Youth (anti immigration org)

Renouveau français - "French renewal" (nationalist party/org)

The National Republican Movement (Mouvement National Républicain or MNR) – far right:

The Movement for France (Mouvement pour la France or MPF), Conservative:

Les Identitaires (NR): (nationalist org)

Jeunesses Identitaires (Youth):

Bloc Identitaire - (politics)

Terre et Peuple (Nationalist org)

Britanny (Regional)

ADSAV - (Separatist, Nationalist org.)

Alsace d'Abord / Elsass Zuerst (Alsatian regionalist)




National Democratic Party (anti-immigration) NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (Hamburg?)

In Hamburg - Law and Order Offensive, led by judge Ronald Schill, won nearly 20 percent of the vote last autumn.

Pro-Köln had 4,7% in Köln - (Moderate nationalism)

Deutsche Volksunion, DVU (anti immigration party).

Deutsche Liga für Volk und Heimat (German League for Folk and Homeland) (anti immigration org)

Die Republikaner (anti immigration party)

Bürgerbewegung pro Nordrhein-Westfalen - pro NRW -




Hellenic Front – (anti-immigration)

Laikos Orthodoxos Sunagermos (LAOS - Popular Orthodox Rally) (Nationalism) 3,8% in 2007 election

Patriotiki Summahia/Patriotic Alliance (nationalist movement) disbanded Jan 07, its newspaper/website Eleutheros Kosmos is still active -

Chrysi Avyi (Golden Dawn) - (nationalist/racial conservative org) Website of youth Front and “Resistance Hellas-Antepithesi” magazine:




Immigration Control Platform (ICP) (anti-immigration org)



Irish Nationalism Website




Alleanza Nazionale (AN) National Alliance - (anti-immigration party)

Lega Nord (LN) League North - (anti-immigration party) 8,3% in 2008 election.

Tricolour Flame (Movimento Sociale Fiamma Tricolore, MS-FT) (anti-immigration party)

La Destra (LD) - (Nationalism) 2,4% in 2008 election in joint coop with Fiamma Tricolore

Fronte Sociale Nazionale - (anti-immigration party)

Forza Nuova - - (nationalist movement)

Destra Nazionale (nationalist org)




Alternative Democratic Reform Party (Alternativ Demokratesch Reformpartei) right wing:




VivaMalta – (Nationalist media site)

Imperium Europa (IE) - (Nationalist media site)

Maltese Nationalist Party -

National Action -




Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV) Freedom Party (anti-immigration) 5,9% in 2006 election, Geert Wilders

Lijst Pim Fortuyn (LPF) List Pim Fortuyn (dissolved)) (anti immigration)
NVB (Nationalist org)
Dietse Kameraden (Nationalist org)

Nederlandse Volks Unie - NVU - (Racial Conservative)



Fremskrittspartiet (FRP) Progress Party (moderate, anti-immigration) 22,1% in 2005 election

NorgesPatriotene (anti-immigration party/org)

Federlandspartiet (nationalist party)




Popular Party - The Democratic and Social Centre - People's Party (Centro Democrático e Social - Partido Popular) (CDS-PP) moderate anti-immigration:

Partido Nacional Renovador, PNR - National Renewal Party (nationalist party) 0,2% in 2005 election

Frente Nacional (Radical micro party)

The People's Monarchist Party -

New Democracy Party -



Nationalist websites/blogs:




In Spain the scene of radically restrictionist parties is very fragmented. The leading but tiny restrictionist party Democracia Nacional has contested the last two Spanish general elections as the head of a coalition named Plataforma España and Frente Español.


La Falange (Falange Española de las J.O.N.S.) (tiny political party + militant movement,) - HQ in Madrid. Vastly reduced in size and power today, three smaller organisations under the Falange banner received 27,166 votes between them in the 2004

España 2000 - - anti-immigration party,

Has taken Valencia by storm, winning councillors in three town halls. Minor presence in Catalonia, Granada and Madrid.

Alianza Nacional - - anti-immigration party,

Democracia Nacional - – (anti immigration party) DN won three seats last election and is led by Manuel Canduela, founding member of the nationalist band División 250.

Fuerza Nueva (New Force) – anti immigration party

Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC) (anti immigration party) gained 17 councillors in Catalonia last election

The Partido de Acción Demócrata Española (PADE) won 20 councillors in Madrid and Guadalajara.

The new anti-immigration parties gained 50 extra councillors in Spain’s local elections in 2007. Expect the 2011 elections to see a further boom in this field - unless Spain manages to combat prejudices and consolidate growing multiculturalism at the community level.



Moviment Social Republicà de Catalunya (nationalist Catalunya)

Estado Nacional Europeo

Carlist Traditionalist Communion -




Sverigedemokraterna (SD) Swedish Democrats (anti immigrant party) 4% on national level and 11% in Malmø last election
Nationaldemokraterna (ND) National Democrats (anti immigrant party)
SMR/Svenska Motståndrörelsen/Swedish Resistance Movement and Nationell Ungdom/National Youth, share this site - (nationalist movement)




Schweizerische Volkspartei (SVP) Swiss People's Party (National conserv.) 29% in 2007 election

Schweizer Demokraten (SD) Swiss Democrats (Nationalism) 0,5% in 2007 election

National Orientierter Schweizer (PNOS) (anti-immigration org)

The Freedom Party of Switzerland (FPS) (Freiheits-Partei der Schweiz)right wing:



United Kingdom

British National Party (anti-immigrant party)

BNP Youth -

BNP Scotland -

BNP Newspaper -

BNP Magazine -

The UK National Front (nationalist party)

England First Party (nationalist party/org)

National Liberal Party - (Third Way- Britain)

Conservative Democratic Alliance -

Civil Liberty -


Solidarity Trade Union -

Steadfast Trust, charity for the English -

The Countryside Alliance -
Better Off Out (of the E.U.) -
Campaign for an English Parliament -
Stop Common Purpose -
The Royal British Legion -
Tradition, Family and Property -
Action In England -
The Conservative Monday Club -

Third Way -

Ulster Nation, progressive Ulster Nationalism -

Migration Watch UK -

The New Right -


Websites and Blogs:



Eastern Europe


Eastern European Right wing parties/nationalist orgs:

The term “anti-immigration” or “anti-Islamisation” does not capture the core concerns of Eastern European nationalist parties. Because immigration into these countries is very limited, these parties have not mobilised against immigrants. Rather, they have promoted strong right wing nationalism and as such they have mobilised anti-EU sentiments, as well as anti-Semitism (in particular the Polish Self Defence and the Hungarian Life and Justice) and opposition against other ethnic groups, in particular the Roma (gypsies).


In Russia there are several forms of “nationalism”. You have the pro-Kreml organisations like the Nashi (pro government youth org) who officially are opposed to all fascist groups including National Socialists. Ironically cultural Marxist/multiculturalist (politically correct) Western European media view Nashi and all supporters of the Russian government as fascists (including the government itself).



Albania (Listing non-Muslim parties/orgs)

Partia Demokristiane e Shqipërisë (PDK) (Christian Democratic Party of Albania) - - (Christian dem.)

Partia Bashkimi për të Drejtat e Njeriut (PBDNJ) (Greek min., Centrism)

Comment: 70% Muslims, 30% Christians according to CIA factbook




Liberal'no-Demokratičeskaja Partija (LDP) Liberal-Democratic Party (Nationalism)



Bosnia and Hercegovina (Listing non-Muslim parties/orgs)

Srpska Demokratska Stranka (SDS) Serbian Democratic Party (Nationalism (Serbian)) 7,7% in 2006 election




Nacionalen Săjuz Ataka (ATAKA) National Union Attack (Nationalism) 8,1% in 2005 election




Hrvatska Stranka Prava (HSP) Croatian Right's Party (Nationalism) 3,4% in 2007 election

Hrvatski Demokratski Sabor Slavonije i Baranje (HDSSB) Croatian Democratic Assembly of Slavonia and Baranja (Regionalism, Nationalism) 1,8% in 2007 election



Czech Republic

Natodni Strana (National Party) - (anti-immigration party)

Národní Odpor - (Nationalist org)



Estonian Independence Party - (Eesti Iseseisvuspartei)

Estonian Nationalist Movement -




Magyar Igazság és Élet Pártja (MIEP) Hungarian Party for Justice and Life (nationalist party)

Hatvannegy Varmegye Ifjusagi Mozgalom (nationalist movement)

The Movement for a Better Hungary (in English)



Latvian National Democratic Party (NS?)

"Visu Latvijai!" ("All for Latvia!") -
Tēvzemei un Brīvībai/LNNK (TB/LNNK) Fatherland and Freedom (National conserv. anti-immigrant) 6,9% in 2006 election

NSS (National Power Unity) - (on 2006.10. parliament ellections get 0.12%)
Klubs 415 - (nationalist org)
LNF (National Front of Latvia) - not a political party -
Pro-Russian Latvian Party - Today latvian nationalists often use rusofobian speech and anti-russian action.This party is opposing it.




Tvarka ir Teisingumas (TT) Order and Justice (former LDP) (National conserv., Nationalist) 11,4% in 2004 election




IMRO patriotic macedonian party -




Srpska Narodna Stranka (SNS) Serbian People's Party (Nationalism) 14,6% in 2006 election




Samoobrona Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej (SRP) (Self-Defence of the Republic of Poland) (anti-immigration?) 1,5% in 2007 election

Liga Polskich Rodzin (LPR) (League of Polish Families) (Nationalism, Christian right) 1,3% in 2007 election

National Radical Camp - (Nationalists)
Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski (NOP) National Rebirth Of Poland - (Nationalist) 0,6% in regional election in 2006

Liga obrony Suwerenności (nationalist org)

Law and Justice Party -




Partidul România Mare (PRM) Great Romania Party (Nationalism)

Noua Dreaptă (New Right) (nationalist movement)




Edinaja Rossija (ER) United Russia (Centrism) 64,3% in 2007 election

Liberal'no-Demokratičeskaja Partija Rossii (LDPR) Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (Nationalism) 8,1% in 2007 election

Russian National Unity

Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI) - (Nationalist org)

Nashi (government funded nationalist youth movement) – 100 000 members, positions itself as a pro-government, anti faschist, anti NS movement.

Molodaya gvardiya (Young Guard) pro-Kremlin youth group similar to Nashi - By Western pro-Eurabia media, these two organisations are seen as “Putin-jugend” of fascist nature, although Russian NS probably views them as traitors.




Serbian Radical Party (Srpska Radikalna Stranka) (Nationalism, anti-immigration)

Socijalistička Partija Srbije (SPS) Socialist Party of Serbia (Nationalism)




Slovenská Národná Strana (SNS) Slovak National Party (Nationalism) 11,7% in 2006 election

L'udová Strana - Hnuti za Demockratické Slovensko (LS-HZDS) People's Party - Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (anti immigrant?) 8,8% in 2006 election

Slovenská pospolitosť – banned in 2006 (Nationalist party/movement)




Slovenska Nacionalna Stranka (SNS) Slovenian National Party (Nationalist) 5,4% in 2008 election




Ukrainian National-Worker's Party (UNTP) New name?



European protectorates




Republican Party of Armenia, Hayastani Hanrapetakan Kusaktsutyun (Nationalism(Conservative)) 33% in 2007 election

Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Hay Heghapokhakan Dashnaktsutiun (Nationalism, Socialism)6,2% in 2007 election

ARF Student org:

Dignity, Democracy, Motherland (nationalism) 2,8% in 2003 election

Mighty Fatherland, Hzor Hayrenik(nationalism)3,3% in 2003 election


Comment: The majority of political parties in Armenia are nationalistic in nature which makes it perhaps the only sovereign Christian country in the world which is not dictated by the US or the EU. A majority of Armenians are in favour of taking back territory from the Islamic Republic of Turkey and the Islamic Republic of Azerbaijan. Armenians used to make out around 20-30% of the population in Anatolia but most of them (75%+) have been wiped out in a systematic Jihad (pogroms an dhimmitude) which has been going before and after Constantinople fell in 1453. Armenians are in fact true and rightful Byzantines and are one of two rightful heirs (along with Greeks) waiting for the day when Anatolia and Constantinople is liberated from the occupying Muslim peoples (Primarily forcefully converted Greeks/Armenians, Seljuk Turks and Kurds). Hadn’t it been for the treacherous act of the British alliance with the Ottomans during the Congress of Berlin (1878) and later the German alliance with the Ottomans there would have been a Greater Armenia already, based on the Treaty of Sevres.



Lebanon (Listing all Christian parties, Christian nationalistic orgs)


Lebanese Forces (LF) (Christian, Nationalism - former Christian militia.

Kataeb Party (Phalangist Party) (Christian,Nationalism)

National Liberal Party (NLP) (Christian liberal conservativism) English:

Independence Movement (Harakat Al-Istiklal) (Christian reformism)

Shuraya Party (Assyrian Christian Nationalists) Shuraya supports a formation of a Christian Assyrian State in the Assyrian homeland, in what is today Northern Iraq. -

Ramgavar party (Armenian Democratic Liberal Ramgavar Azatakan) (Armenian/Lebanese party)

Social Democrat Hunchakian Party (SDHP)

Lebanese National Bloc - The party's current leader is Carlos Eddé.

El Marada (Former: Marada Brigade) (nationalistic Christian) - -


Comment: Most of the Lebanon Christian parties/orgs are nationalistic in nature due to the ongoing Jihad which has lasted since the early Muslim occupation/invasion. Christian numbers have declined in Lebanon as the years went by due to a systematic Jihad. The Christian Lebanese lost the civil war (1975-1990) which resulted in the occupation of Lebanon where 60,000 Muslim Syrian soldiers, 5000 Iranian Revolutionary Guards (Hezbollah) and thousands of Palestinian Muslim militants from Fatah, Popular Front "Jabha el Sha`beyyeh" and other terrorists organisations operate and have a freehand in Lebanon.




Likud – pragmatic right wing,

Yisrael Beiteinu – Nationalism,

Shas - Sephardi Judaism, right wing,

National Union, nationalism,


Other relevant


Australian Protectionist Party -


American National Party (California) -
America First Party (Florida and Mississippi) -



Bharatiya Janata Party -

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh: राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ, National Volunteers' Organisation -

Student section of the RSS -

Vishwa Hindu Parishad -


Pan-European Movements




Euronat is an association of far-right and nationalist European political parties. It was formed on October 9, 2005.


Members of the political association include:


· Front National (France)

· Nieuw Rechts / New Right (Netherlands)

· Fiamma Tricolore (Italy)

· National Democrats (Sweden)

· Democracia Nacional (Spain)

· British National Party (United Kingdom)



There have also been past efforts to combine certain nationalist European parties under the "Euronat" name, mostly incited by Jean-Marie Le Pen of the Front National. These parties were said to participate or to be invited to participate in one of the earlier efforts:



· Vlaams Blok (Belgium)

· MIEP (Hungary)

· Romania Mare (Romania)

· Srpska Radikalna Stranka (Serbia)

· Slovenská národná strana (Slovakia)

· Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden)

· Democracia Nacional (Spain)

· Hellenic Front (Greece)

· Movimento Sociale Italiano (Italy)

· National Revival of Poland (Poland)


European National Front


European National Front is a coordinating structure of European far-right movements. The European National Front is headed by General Secretary, elected by ENF Assembly. The current General Secretary is Roberto Fiore.



Legal registered political parties/movements that accept the principles, aims and structure of ENF can apply for membership. The accession to ENF must be submitted by authorised representative of the applicant and then confirmed by Political Council.


Current members:


Forza Nuova (Italy)

Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski (Poland)

Noua Dreaptă (Romania)

Patriotic Alliance (Greece)

La Falange (Spain)

Renouveau Francais (France)


Affiliated Groups

Associations, far-right parties etc., that support aims of ENF and state the world of co-operation. The representative of the Affiliated Group sits on the Assembly with advisory vote. The status of the Affiliated Group can be granted by Political Council.


Current affiliated groups:

Partido Nacional Renovador (Portugal)

Nationale Alliantie (Netherlands) (disbanded in 2007)

Bulgarian National Alliance (Bulgaria)



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