A new conservatism/nationalism - Vienna School of Thought 

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A new conservatism/nationalism - Vienna School of Thought


The Vienna school of thought or “Crusader Nationalism” advocates a new conservatism/nationalism - a hybrid of several conservative and traditionalist directions. It is not a full-fledged ideology but can act as a caricature of a reactionary ideological platform and an alternative to the left wing ideological caricature known as the Frankfurt school of thought.


The ideological platform advocates a strict anti-Jihad/Islamic stance which indirectly establishes a default friendly stance and support to Israel as an integral part of its fundament. The Vienna School of Thought is a right wing, Western European equivalent and reaction to the Marxist - Frankfurt school (ideological caricature). The purpose of the platform is to ensure a consolidation of anti-Marxist forces before Europe is overwhelmed demographically by Muslims.


If the anti-Marxist forces fail to seize political and military power in Western European countries within 20-70 years, we will end up like Lebanon (once a Christian country), where 10 decades of Islamic demographical warfare have reduced the Christians to a persecuted minority in their own lands.


The name of the school is coined after what its supporters see as the most important battle in European history; the Battle of Vienna in 1683 where the Islamic conquest of Western Europe was prevented by the Holy League, lead by John III Sobieski. This conservative school of thought is mostly known for its principles against doctrines rather than its principles or alternative political policies/platform which will solve many of Europe’s current problems.


It’s a branch of nationalism is often referred to as the “European new right” although its doctrines vary from moderate to more extreme. Many moderate supporters of the school of thought will not acknowledge the more radical doctrines. The Vienna School of Thought is a hybrid between several sub-ideologies:






· Pro-Nationalism

· Pro-pan-nationalism (pro-Europeanism)

· Pro-national or pan-European crusaderism

· Pro-Christian identity

· Pro-cultural conservatism

· Pro-monoculturalism (pro cultural unity)

· Pro-patriarchy

· Pro-Israel






· Anti-Marxism

· Anti-globalism/internationalism

· Anti-multiculturalism

· Anti-Jihadism

· Anti-Islam(isation)

· Anti-imperialistic

· Anti-feminism

· Anti-pacifism

· Anti-EU(SSR)

· Anti-matriarchy

· Anti-racist

· Anti-fascist

· Anti-Nazi

· Anti-totalitarian


Areas not covered by the school of thought:


Economy – the school of thought does not include a description of a clear economical platform. However, a majority of its supporters are generally against a communist/socialist economical model and at the same time against a laizzes faire capitalist model. An economical model may contain socialist and capitalist principles (welfare policies included).


Liberalism/individualism – the school of thought is not against liberalistic or individualistic principles as long as these principles do not significantly undermine the collective interests of all citizens. Extreme collective individualism can have catastrophic results on a society illustrated best through the average European fertility rate of 1,5. We must always strive to ensure that as many as humanly possible have every opportunity to pursue and find happiness and we should not restrict these opportunities as long as they do not significantly undermine the collective interests of all citizens. Ensuring attractive opportunities and solutions for both conservatives and liberals can be solved by creating “metropolitan liberal zones”.


Controversial principles:



· Revolutionary, supports the overthrow of all Western European multiculturalist governments through armed struggle to prevent the gradual demographical extermination of Europeans through Islamic demographic warfare


· Against excessive US cultural influence


· Against US military bases/US military personnel on European soil


· Restriction of media rights. Media should not dictate the policies of the nation or the lifestyles of Europeans


· Supports the deportation of all Muslims from Europe


· Pro-Israel (pro-Zionism/Israeli nationalism, supports the deportation of Muslims from the West Bank and the Gaza strip)


· Pro-Russia (pro Russian nationalism)


· Pro-Eurosiberia (supporting a federation with Russia – European Federation - as long as Russia deports their Muslim inhabitants and breaks its union with Muslim ex-Soviet republics and instead chooses a purely European alternative). The new European Federation will be much more isolationalist with a policy of economic nationalism (protectionism).


· Pro-Boer/Afrikaner (supporting a partition of South Africa into two parts)


· Pro-India (pro-sanatana dharma movements/Indian nationalism, support to the nationalists in the Indian civil war and to the deportation of all Muslims from India)


· Pro-China (supports Chinas deportation of Muslims).

· Pro-Thailand (support the nationalists in the Thai civil war and to the deportation of all Muslims from Thailand).


· Pro-Philippines (supports the deportation of all Muslims from the Philippines).


· Pro-Sri Lanka (supports the deportation of all Muslims from Sri Lanka)


· Anti-Turkey, many followers do not acknowledge Turkey and consider parts of Anatolia to be occupied Greek and Armenian territory which must be re-annexed.



· Pro-Christian Africa (supports Christian Africans against Jihad)


· Pro- Rom/gypsy (supports the creation of a Rom/gypsy homeland in East-Anatolia)


· Pro-Maronite (supports the re-establishment of a Christian Lebanon)


· Pro-Assyrian (supports the re-establishment of a Christian Assyrian state north of Lebanon)


· Pro-Copt (supports the re-establishment of a Christian Coptic state in western Egypt)


Well known and relatively moderate contributors to the Vienna school of thought:






(Robert Spencer)

(Bat Ye’or)

Many more





Gates of Vienna

The Brussels Journal

(The Green Arrow)

Many more



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