Q: Can you describe your strengths and flaws as an individual? 

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Q: Can you describe your strengths and flaws as an individual?


A: I’m an extremely patient and a very positively minded individual. I have obviously changed my ways over the years and am now driven by idealistic goals and work for the interests of my countrymen and all Europeans. Most people would not acknowledge the work yet (nor are they likely to appreciate it during my lifetime) but this is an irrelevant fact for me. With time they will understand what is going on around them and that what we are trying to accomplish will benefit not only them, but most importantly their children and grandchildren.


As for current flaws in my personality I guess have many stereotypical flaws. F example; I sound quite self righteous at times and I don’t like admitting it when I’m wrong, although I usually do. I still have a relatively inflated ego, with a constant need to feed on an intellectual level. This is a quite common flaw and I try to suppress it although I know I fail as most people do. Also, over the years I’ve generally been perceived as quite arrogant (even downright unpleasant at times, the last few years). This is likely due to the fact that I do not care as much as I did for creating or preserving social relationships due to my life choice. I guess it is also due the way I choose my rhetorical approaches, which is to a certain degree only an indirect defensive mechanism. I, as most people, like to think I have a superb self confidence. But people who show signs of arrogance usually often use deliberate defensive manifestation to camouflage intellectual or social insecurity or perhaps they just don’t care. I guess the root to a majority of human flaws is linked to mans fundamentally flawed nature. We want acknowledgement, appreciation and/or love so we strive to be as perfect as we can be. These human instincts often undermine the need for a pragmatical mindset. As for social skills or skills facilitating interaction and communication with oterhs; I know I mastered them a lot better before I started my self-engulfing studies several years ago. Social skills is an art form that requires continuous practice, and many of the people I know are masters at it. I know I could be as well but it would require a different lifestyle. I do not accept or acknowledge many of the established “social rules” as I view it as irrelevant noise which takes us away from what is needed of us at this point in time. In any case; a majority of devout intellectuals have significant social flaws due to the fact that their choice of life (theoretical analysis) usually results in a scenario where they are “unplugged” from the “game” for too long. At which point they would need at least a year or two studying/updating the fundaments of social rhetorical engagement). In depth analysis and theoretical studies doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with advancing your social skills which is more related to the skills of interaction and communication; sales, entertainment and manipulation. Unfortunately, many of my friends who are masters at it are apolitical and usually end up wasting their superb social skills on manipulating women into one night stands. If I were to focus on the social aspects of the conservative revolution (instead of the intellectual) I would rather use these abilities for something useful; for political consolidation/recruitment purposes. However, it is very hard to be a master at theoretical analysis and master social skills as it is in many ways the anti-thesis of each other. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a flaw but the area of social skills I have neglected the most is; “Game” interaction - PC small talk, entertaining skills/PC humour. I simply do not want to waste my limited time on BS or irrelevant social noise.


Individual flaws are very often related to the flaws of society. I used to be a relatively self centered, arrogant individual who didn’t care much for anyone except my closest friends and family. I used to have pretty shallow ambitions where the goal of personal acquisition of wealth, gaining admiration from other shallow individuals and the attempt of gaining unlimited access to sex and parties was the driving force behind my existence. Pretty pathetic when you think about it really, but it’s as we know quite common in a society in complete moral decay where you are completely detached from your extended family, your community, the Church and with little national and cultural identity and pride etc. It’s a natural result of a fanatically consumerist society where the highest virtue and the essence of your existence is based on feeding your own ego. You become a zombie where the highlight of your day is purchasing a 1000 Euro garment or a 100 Euro sushi meal, or getting a blowjob from someone you met outside the toilet at a club that Saturday. On your way home you see a girl getting gang-raped by 4 Somalis. You don’t offer it much thought as the slag probably had it coming anyway... Why should you risk your health for someone you don’t know? And the poor Somalis are probably only acting out as a result of centuries of European colonialism. Poor fellas. Society should take responsibility and offer these underprivileged individuals better accommodations and more rights, perhaps affirmative action would ensure that they feel at home, that they finally would like us? How can we be so cruel and treat them this way?


You work 9-10 hours a day, come home, eat, work out a couple of hours to keep fit, take your regular tanning, spa and Botox session and don’t really have time for much else. Your concerns are not for the well being of your family – close or extended, your neighbours, your kinsmen or countrymen, about the outlook for your country or your compassion for others, but rather the frightening scenario of being alone in this world. You don’t want children because in essence you are a child yourself without responsibility or concern for anyone but yourself. Your only concern is how you can get your next dopamine fix, through and endless spiral of feeding your own ego.


When I was at the top of my game, I had everything. At least, I thought I had everything when in essence I had lost everything. The problem was that you simply want more and more, you never get enough and you end up being put down when you are unable to exceed past achievements. It’s a never ending cycle you really can’t beat. As for politics you deliberately place your head in the sand. You know what’s going on but your very existence (your image) is based around the “game” which requires you to be 100% politically correct. So you can’t really say to anyone what you think and feel without risking losing face or denting your image. Even if you might dare to speak your mind, you are unwilling to suffer for your ideas so you justify to yourself that the only rational approach is to ignore thinking about it all together. Most people going that road realises at one point in life that it’s a pretty shallow existence. They long for something better but are trapped by the unofficial “rules of the game” propagated through every aspect of society. At that point you are 30-40 years + without a family, without children. It’s the destructive and suicidal “Sex and the City” lifestyle (modern feminism, sexual revolution) which we are taught to revere as the truth. In that setting, men are not men anymore, but metro sexual and emotional beings that are there to serve the purpose as a never-criticising soul mate to the new age feminist woman goddess. The perfect matriarchy has now been fulfilled and complete equality has finally been achieved. The fact that mankind will seize to exist within three generations with this type of regime is irrelevant. Long live cultural Marxism!


Anyway, I came to realise many of my flaws years ago and acted upon them. I have never been happier than I am now. A flawed, destructive and suicidal society will breed mentally damaged, corrupt and self serving individuals. It’s our responsibility to change the very base code of society’s corruption. It’s our duty to destroy the fundamental political doctrines of cultural Marxism.



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