Copy your enemies, learn from the professionals 

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Copy your enemies, learn from the professionals


The cultural Marxists youth are known for their talents to infiltrate, control or create organisations related to a spectre of themes. The cultural Marxists are hateful individuals driven by their hate for anything European – European culture, European traditions, European identity and European national sovereignty. However, they disguise their true political intentions by claiming to be driven by humanist principles, thus effectively smoke screening their true agenda. Typical names of Marxist controlled political entities are:



- Youth against Drugs

- Alliance against Racism

- Alliance against Fascism

- Feminist Front

- Environmentalist organisations

- Alliance against the Church (often for abortion and gay marriage)

- Alliance against Israel

- Alliance for Animal Rights

- Solidarity with Africa

- Solidarity with Palestine

- Civil rights movements

- Pacifist movements

- Human rights movements



We, the patriotic/cultural conservative youth however should actively choose the following spectre of themes:



- Alliance against Muslim Extremism

- Alliance against Jihad

- Alliance against Sharia etc.

- Alliance for Freedom of Speech

- Patriots against Fascism

- Alliance against Marxism

- Alliance against excessive taxation

- Alliance against the EU

- Patriots for Europe

- Alliance against the Lisbon Treaty

- Stop the deconstruction of Christianity

- Stop the European Cultural Genocide and the deconstruction of European identity

- Alliance against the genocide of the indigenous peoples of Europe

- Stop the Genocide of Christian Copts

- Stop the Genocide of Christian Assyrians

- Acknowledge the Armenian Genocide

- Turkey out of the EU

- Turkey and Albania out of NATO

- Stop the Jihad against of Christian Sudanese

- Human rights movements

- Civil rights movements



The British EDL seems to be the first youth organisation that has finally understood this. Sure, in the beginning it was the occasional egg heads who shouted racist slogans and did Nazi salutes but these individuals were kicked out. An organisation such as the EDL has the moral high ground and can easily justify their political standpoints as they publicly oppose racism and authoritarianism.


Yes, multiculturalism is a racist ideology but you can’t combat racism by being racist. Several Western European political parties and youth organisations need to understand this. The racist policies cannot be morally justified and is counter productive for any organisation seeking support above the 10% mark. They should rather attack multiculturalism on safe ideological grounds (cultural justification, not racial).


Marxist and anarcho-Marxist youth organisations like Blitz, SOS, AFA in Scandinavia managed in a very successful fashion to infiltrate the hiphop movement in the 90s by creating a youth hub and arranging hiphop concerts and even setting up their own record labels and direct alliances with artists. They arrange concerts, have their own radio stations and offer various activities for European youngsters together with related NGOs in which they have successfully managed to take control over like “youth against drugs” and “youth against racism”. The Marxists are actively using all these fronts as bases for recruitment (in addition to university campuses). They even very often get financial support from the state establishment to do exactly this. In Norway the PC block lead by the Labour Party and Socialistic Left Party are strong supporters of these organisations and give millions to support them.


The patriotic-nationalist youth movements on the other hand have been systematically deconstructed the last three decades with the assistance of the police, schools and of course the mass media etc.


A recurring strategy is to pressure the parents and youth themselves through several directions. Demonisation is their weapon of choice. The end result was that the cultural Marxist establishment in Norway successfully managed to deconstruct the movement and push the rest of the elements underground. I know the situation is quite different in various European countries. Sweden has the largest movement in Scandinavia, Germany has a large alternative and the UK has a large emerging patriotic movement.


The European patriotic movements should continue to target the trance/ electronica community and gain ground on similar new arenas and use them as the Marxists have traditionally used the hip-hop community, the anti drug arena and the environmental NGOs. They are the professionals and we should learn from them.



False prophets


Denmark doesn't have an EDL (English Defence League) equivalent. Instead they have Hells Angels, a criminal organisation who is claiming the title: defender of the Danish people, knights templar etc. This is a typical example of a "false prophet".

The problem here is that they are simply exploiting the naive patriot youth to use them in a drug war against the Muslim mafias and street gangs. Street protesters/activists are inevitable and important whether we like it or not. We just have to select a line that can be morally justified towards a large enough portion of the public. Racism and anti-Semitism can never be justified so don’t even go that way. Indigenous rights however is not racism but is still a minefield so tread carefully.

1. Organisations like EDL, doesn't have an official extreme political doctrine. When they "bait" the UAF, and Jihadi youth (in the thousands) in to rioting, they ensure that the riots are covered by national and international press. During the Harrod protest there were only 16 or so from SIOE and EDL, while there were 3000+ Marxist extremists and Jihadi youth. While it is perhaps morally questionable to bait like this they enticed an overreaction which again lead to "favourable" coverage (a significantly unfavourable coverage of Marxist extremists and Jihadi youth). Favourable in the sense that Brits gets an indication of the true potency and potential threat of the Jihadi mob, which again results in more Europeans waking up from their self induced coma. It also results in increased polarisation. Is it really that bad that more Europeans are shocked out of their slumber?

2. The alternative would be that these patriotic youth are lured into "false prophet" patriotic criminal organisations like Hells Angels or even NS organisations which would be really bad.

Instead of condemning and rejecting organisations like EDL it is essential that conservative intellectuals contribute to help them on the right ideological path. And to ensure that they continue to reject criminal, racist and totalitarian doctrines.

Sure, they will always be labelled as racists by the MSM, but who aren’t labelled? Everyone who criticises Islamisation or multiculturalism and supports Israel are labelled as racists, fascists and Nazis anyway. Europeans are getting increasingly immune against the multiculturalist labelling techniques. More and more people understand that Islam is not a race, but a hateful political ideology. When they continue with the labelling techniques despite of this, it is actually the individuals labelling other groups who are perceived as intolerant bigots. People aren't stupid.



Consolidating moderate (non-military) European cultural conservative organisations – phase 1 and 2



“He who does not trust enough, Will not be trusted.”

Lao Tzu



It’s imperative that we, the moderate cultural conservatives in Western Europe, spend the next decades to recruit, build and consolidate our forces and try to reach a common vision of a future Europe. Note that it will be very difficult to cooperate and reach a consensus due to our different viewpoints.


There are many things about which we all disagree, but at this point we need to unite simply in order to survive. We can sort out our disagreements later.




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