Knights Templar offer 19 different commendations 

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Knights Templar offer 19 different commendations

Ribbons (mounted in a ribbon rack) – illustrating and symbolising our 19 different medals (see our name in relation to original name for ordering purposes)



1. Distinguished Destroyer of cultural Marxism Commendation 1. Army Meritorious Unit Citation 2. Distinguished Saboteur Master Commendation 2. Air Force Distinguished Presidential Unit
3. Distinguished Wielder of the Furious Scimitar Commendation 3. Saudi Liberation of Kuwait With Palm 4 a. Distinguished Infantry Cross Medal 4a. Navy Cross
4 b. Distinguished Navy Cross Medal 4b. Coast Guard Expert Riffleman 4 c. Distinguished Air Cross Medal 4c. Coast Guard Expert Pistol Shot
5. Lord of War Commendation 5. Air Force Combat Action 6. Commendation of Clandestine Logistical Excellence 6. Coast Guard Arctic Service
7. Commendation of the Financier 7. Silver Lifesaving 8. Commendation of Intellectual Excellence 8. Broadsword
9. Recruiter Training Commendation 9. Recruiter Training 10. Purple Cross Medal 10. Purple Heart
11. Prisoner of War 11. Prisoner of War 12. Foreign Campaign Medal 12. Air Force Small Arms Expert
13. Multi-National Force Medal 13. South West Asia Service 14. National Defence Service Medal 14. Valorous Unit Citation
15. Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal 15. Bronze Star 16. Honourable Crusader Medal 16. Air Force Organizational Excellence Award
17. Legacy of Charles Martel & John Sobieski Medal 17. Legion of Merit Ribbon 18. Defender of Christendom Medal 18. Vietnam Presidential Unit
19. Multi-Cultural Force Medal 19. WW1 Victory  

Ribbons, ribbon bars and accessories can be ordered from one of the three sites (or any other):


Please take precautions and order through your lawyer (or family/friends) after apprehension. Note: order a 20 slot pin rack if possible. You may then cut out as many slots as you need. The following ribbons are slightly larger and come with clips:


Air Force Distinguished Presidential Unit

Army Meritorious Unit Citation

Valorous Unit Citation

Vietnam Presidential Unit


You can see how the ribbons will look using this rack builder:



See other related sites:



Blazer/military uniform badges



UK medal and insignia supplier



India – accessories: buttons, badges, crests, emblems etc.


Price estimate on all orders required (shipping included):

- Ribbons, white gloves and required accessories etc. including and tax: 120 USD

- 3 breast jewels: 35 British pounds (60 USD)

- USMC dress blues jacket: 80-350 USD

- USMC black Sam Browne belt: 130-200 USD

- 2 collar crosses (pins) and 7 large, 14 small buttons: 100 USD

- Creation of hand sown badge (India): 200-300 USD

- Gold aiguillette: 70-100 USD

- Epaulettes (shoulder boards): 50-120 USD

- Tailoring services: 200 USD



Total: 1010-1650 USD for complete uniform jacket with decorations and insignias.




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