The political significance of sex in a cultural conservative future 

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The political significance of sex in a cultural conservative future


Sex is probably the most powerful and under analyzed motivator for man on earth. Had it not been for the some abstract illusions of sex, Leiv Eiriksson or Christopher Columbus would probably not have discovered America, Muhammad’s armies would not have conquered much of the world (ref: 72 virgins is a good incentive for martyrdom, wouldn’t you say?), and the cultural Marxists would not have successfully managed to take control of our societies. During the sexual revolution in the 70s, the Marxists managed to infiltrate and claim this liberal concept, enabling them to exploit the sexual revolution for their own benefit.


So how do we preach chastity to a mob who wants unlimited access to free sex? The answer is that we don’t. Instead, we must copy the Marxist strategies by integrating or at least offer any and all liberals the freedom of unlimited sex in a future scenario. We must present concepts that are credible and ensures all aspects of individualism for those who seek it (with the exception of hate-ideologies like multiculturalism, Islam etc). This does not mean that our future societies will end up as anarchies which is what pure liberalism is. The only difference is that we are at the same time presenting concepts of chastity and chivalry at the same time. So how is this possible, how can we ensure that both conservatives and liberals are happy? The solution is liberal zones segregated from the rest of the society, a more thorough implementation of the US “liberal zone” model. Consider it as a doctrine of “Las Vegasism”. The concept of “Sex and the city lifestyles” will not be glorified as it is today but restricted to our future Las Vegas zones giving everyone who truly desires this form of lifestyle the opportunity to pursue his or her definition of happiness while at the same time protecting the rest of society from social and moral break down. We must never make the mistake of confusing liberal concepts with Marxist concepts. Individualism and the sexual revolution is not a Marxist concept but rather a liberal one. Yes, the cultural Marxists managed to infiltrate various organisations and took credit for the sexual revolution although that is another discussion. Isolated, “sex and the city lifestyle” is relatively harmless, but if you glorify it and ram it down the throat of mainstream society like we see today it becomes a lethal and destructive societal force as we are witnessing which eventually leads to a complete breakdown of moral/ethics, the nuclear family model and a sustainable fertility rate which again is leading us to the extinction of Europeans.


These liberal zones must be completely “ideologically” cut off from the rest of society to avoid cultural contamination. By focusing on this middle way we are respecting the wishes of the conservatives and the liberals. This should be a compromise we can live with.


If we however fail to compromise and instead contribute to ram a puritan and deeply conservative way of life down the throat of everyone we will only defeat ourselves. Unwillingness to reason with the individualists/liberalists will only be counter-productive and will prevent us from ever seizing political power.


Using the sexual revolution to our advantage will contribute to our success.


Sexual ethics/sexual morality in Western Europe has been destroyed by cultural Marxism and liberalism


Sexual ethics (also referred to as sexual morality) refers to those aspects of ethics that deal with issues arising from all aspects of sexuality and human sexual behaviour. Broadly speaking, sexual ethics relates to community and personal standards relating to the conduct of interpersonal relationships, and deals with issues of consent, sexual relations before marriage and/or while married, including issues of marital fidelity and premarital and non-marital sex, issues related to sexuality, questions about how gender and power are expressed through sexual behaviour, questions about how individuals relate to society, and questions about how individual behaviour impacts public health concerns.


Ethical dilemmas which involve sex can often appear in situations where there is a significant power difference or where there is a pre-existing professional relationship between the participants, or where consent is partial or uncertain.


Breakdown in sexual ethics – overview based on country



The following numbers are based on the current numbers and projections of women/girls aged 15-30 (the generation born between 1980-1995).


The degree of breakdown in sexual ethics or sexual morality is manifested through the young women’s susceptibility to have one night stands, pre-marital sex and the average amount of sexual partners for women during a lifetime. New generation girls (born between 80-95) have a substantially less conservative view than older generation girls.



Country Sexual ethics from 1 (extremely low) to 100 (high) Average number of sexual partners during a lifetime
UK   12-15
Finland   12-15
Sweden   12-15
Denmark   12-15
Norway   12-15



* The breakdown in US sexual ethics varies considerably between liberal states such as California, New York and Florida in one end and conservative states such as Utah etc.) Average based on US as a whole.



These findings are based on the experiences of my network of male friends (my own included). We have visited all these countries and our combined experiences and findings thoroughly document a relatively precise picture of the current sexual moral in the various European countries. We are not completely certain of Canada, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium but my impression correlates with the estimates for these countries. It is notable that Protestant countries are at the bottom of the chart while primarily Catholic countries are at the top of the chart.



To further illustrate the breakdown of sexual moral in Western Europe


An alarming number of young girls in Oslo, Norway start giving oral sex from the age of 11 to 12. This might happen at an even younger age if sexual education is liberalised further. This development must be reversed to avoid complete collapse in our traditional social structures.


Approximately 50% of my female friends end up under the definition/category; promiscuous (female sluts) as they have engaged in sexual activity with more than 20 partners.


A majority of them have been infected with one or more sexually transmitted diseases – so called STDs such as herpes, chlamydia etc. A promiscuous lifestyle is glorified by the media through series such as Sex and the City and artists such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and a multitude of other much nastier artists. The boundaries are gradually deteriorating as this development is allowed to continue.


We cannot judge individuals too hard who follow media guidelines but we can and should do everything to restrict the massive influence that the media has.


I am not going to act like a hypocrite and pretend I have not been influenced by the typical “Sex and the City” lifestyle. I have been under the influence of this lifestyle as a majority of my friends and even my own family members. I used to be proud of my “achievements”. However, due to a change of mentality, all I feel is shame whenever I think about where this is going. I feel shame on behalf of my city, my country and my civilisation. I loathe the post war conservatives for not being able to halt the Marxist Cultural Revolution manifested through the 68 generation. And I am now committed to contribute to end this diseased culture, lead by the cultural relativists/cultural Marxist regime.



STDs ruin people’s lives


Under normal circumstances I would never reveal intimate details about my friends and my family’s personal lives due to societal taboos and shame, confidentiality issues and loyalty. However, how are we supposed to have a chance at changing our societies when we refuse to reveal the negative impacts surrounding the disintegrating moral? I will make an exception here and share knowledge about a fraction of my closest network. I have limited information and it is likely that a larger portion of my network have suffered significant negative issues as a result of “destructive conduct”.


Although I have had a change of mentality a majority of my friends have not. My stepfather Tore, one of my best friends Marius and my more distant friends Kristoffer, Sturla and Ronny are all living manifestations of the complete breakdown of sexual moral. All five have had more than 300 sexual partners (two of them more than 700) and I know for a fact that three of them have one or more STDs (probably all of them). I have several other promiscuous (slut) friends and I could list at least 30 male and females in my social environment if I wanted to. I don’t blame them personally and it has absolutely nothing to do with envy. I could easily have chosen the same path if I wanted to, due to my looks, status, resourcefulness and charm. It’s just terribly sad that my country have been the victim of severe Marxist infiltration leading to the political doctrines which have been allowed to destroy all moral and norms, resulting in the complete breakdown of our once great ethical standards.


My half sister, Elisabeth was infected by chlamydia after having more than 40 sexual partners (more than 15 Chippendales’ strippers who are known to be bearers of various diseases). Her chlamydia went untreated and she became one of several million US/European women who were suffering from PID, Pelvic inflammatory disease caused by untreated gonorrhea and chlamydia which leads to infertility. As she lives in the US, costs relating to this were not covered by the state. She and her husband spent 40 000-50 000 USD on two IVF treatments (in vitriol fertilisation) a process by which egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the womb. She was lucky compared to many as these treatments may cost upwards of 100 000 USD. Furthermore, as far as I know, due to her condition as a result of the untreated disease, she needed a caesarean section for both childbirths. The last c-section almost killed her due to complications and she needed blood transfusion of more than 5 litres of blood in total. It is unknown if her two children suffered from pneumonia and conjunctivitis and other problems in infants born with chlamydia transmitted from my sister during childbirth.


My mother was infected by genital herpes by her boyfriend (my stepfather), Tore, when she was 48. Tore, who was a captain in the Norwegian Army, had more than 500 sexual partners and my mother knew this but suffered from lack of good judgement and moral due to several factors (media – glorification of certain stereotypes being one). Unfortunately for her, her poor judgment resulted in her being afflicted by genital herpes. In addition to this, the herpes infection went to her brain and caused meningitis (this condition is usually rare and occurs in less than 1% of herpes infected individuals). As a result of this brain infection, which prevented the spinal fluid from flowing freely, she had to operate a shunt into her brain as the herpes attacks occurred regularly. She was forced into early retirement as a result and her life quality has been significantly reduces since, and she now has the intellectual capacity of a 10 year old. Her STD has not only cause her much hardships, but it has also cost her and the state up to 1 million Euro.


Both my sister and my mother have not only shamed me but they have shamed themselves and our family. A family that was broken in the first place due to secondary effects of the feministic/sexual revolution. I can only imagine how many people are suffering from STDs as a result of the current lack of sexual moral.


This mentality is clearly not sustainable and if we are to have any desire to salvage our civilisation we must ensure that we implement political doctrines to prevent AND reverse the current development.




The European civilisation will not survive if we continue to allow the breakdown of sexual moral as this will cause all social structures to completely deteriorate.


Furthermore, we should not judge females harder than males as the same sexual moral should apply for them as well. So instead of justifying and propagating “traditional male moral” to both genders, we should instead implement new sexual ethics for all (primarily through the strict regulation of media after we seize political and military power within 20-70 years).


Artists such as Madonna, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera and series such as Sex and the City must be considered political activists/political movements and the lifestyles they propagate considered political propaganda. Alternatively, artists/series/movies propagating/glorifying promiscuousity must be restricted to liberal zones.

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) epidemic in Western Europe as a result of cultural Marxism costing as much as 350 billion Euro annually

The magnitude of the STD epidemics is a direct cause of the breakdown in sexual ethics in Western Europe and is also related to liberal third world immigration. Several Western European countries (Norway included) refuse to test African immigrants of HIV (due to humanistic principles) even though up to 30% of the citizens of some African countries are infected.

There are several categories of diseases which is defined as an STD. Bacterial, fungal, viral, parasites, protozoal are included among the STDs. Oral Herpes (HSV-1) is not included. Genital (HSV-2) Herpes is. HIV/AIDS is obviously the most serious of the viral STDs.


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