PCCTS, Knights Templar and a future European Federation must propagate a global population cap of 2,5 billion (1950-level) 

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PCCTS, Knights Templar and a future European Federation must propagate a global population cap of 2,5 billion (1950-level)


The primary principle must be quality over quantity. Europeans will never accept an approach where Marxist/fanatically egalitarian principles are accepted as the global norm. Under Marxist reasoning and rules, rational societies would be punished for the irresponsible behaviour of irrational countries. Why on earth would Europeans accept a Syrian standard of living because the population explosion is out of control in Muslim countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh? All countries must take responsibility based on their own historic track record in relation to population growth and must commit to reducing their respective populations to a 1950 population level. Once each country reaches a 1950 population level, measures must be taken to stabilize the growth on that level which involves keeping the fertility rate at 2,1. A future European Federation must pressure all 2nd and 3rd world countries to pursue this goal. Food aid to 3rd world countries must stop immediately as it is the primary cause of overpopulation.


Global population in millions per continent


Africa   227,3   418,8   819,5   1 033   1 400,2   1 998,5
Asia 1 402,9 2 379,4 3 698,3 4 166,7 4 772,5 5 231,5
Europe 547,5 676,2 726,6 732,8 729,3  
Latin Am + Cari 167,3 323,3 521,2 588,6 669,5 729,2
N. America 171,6 242,4 318,7 351,7 397,5 448,5
Oceania 12,8 21,3 31,2 35,8 42,5 51,3
World 2 529 4 061 6 115 6 908 8 011 9 149





UN Statistics Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs. "World Population Prospects: The 2008 Revision".


Note: future estimates are based on a medium fertility variant of population growth.


You can read more about these very important topics here:


1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overpopulation

2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrying_capacity

3. John Reid http://gpso.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/gpso-john-r-reid-paper.doc



Future aid policy – Africa - The foreign cultural Marxist aid establishment and the harm it inflicts on Africa


Foreign aid has harmed Africa and should be phased out. Every single donor country should call their client and inform them that the current aid will stop in five years. This should apply to the enormous amounts channelled from state to state and through the World Bank. This will force them to take immediate and necessary action to implement sustainable measures. Limitless development assistance to African governments, has fostered dependency, encouraged corruption and ultimately perpetuated poor governance and poverty.


This view has been propagated by individuals, Conservatives of Europe such as Peter Bauer and William Easterly for decades but I guess we had to wait for Dambisa Moyo before anyone listened. Similar views are held by the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame and the President of Senegal; Abdoulaye Wade.


Thousands of billion USD have been channelled to Africa the last 50 years with absolutely no positive results for the continent. During the short period from 1970-98 alone the amount of poor in Africa have increased from 11 to 66%. The main problem with the aid is that it results in corruption and bureaucracy, to civil war and to weak political leaders. Aid works as a lethal injection which protects corrupt leaders, mismanagement, and corruption in general and flawed politics. Aid prevents the establishment of sustainable functioning societies. As such, the more aid a country receives the more it plunges into poverty and corruption.


It’s much easier for an African head of state to just call a donor country and plead for funds than it is for him to implement sustainable mechanics (which are often painful short term). And it’s a lot easier for a donor country to give these ”handouts” than it is to agree on implementing mechanics that might threaten their own farmers. Chinas approach to Africa should be considered as a great example of how Europe should act. China views Africa as a partner and not as a social client.


The fundamental problem with Sub-Saharan Africa is that millions of Africans in many nations have a broken soul. Many countries are completely soaked in corruption which is a result of the legacy resulting from the imperialistic nation building efforts (or rather nation division) combined with five decades of failed cultural Marxist aid policies. These policies have caused millions of deaths and has pushed even more people in to poverty. We must discontinue the current oppressive, racist and genocidal aid policy propagated by the cultural Marxists EU/US elites which has been in effect the last 50 years. We will stop the transfer of funds to corrupt third world leaders and instead ensure that Africans are given a real chance for self determination. Yes, this will involve a new fundamental write up and ”re-creation of many African territories which has the potential to result in short term African revolutions and wars.


The first step and approach must be to protect Christian/Animist Africa from Islam and Jihad. Islamisation must be stopped. Africa must be divided in two – a Muslim and a non-Muslim part (Christian and Animist). Furthermore, we must contribute to consolidate the Christian/Animist part by using the same principles of nation building as that of Europe (creating nation after ethnic/tribal lines). The old European imperialists were evil in the sense that they often carved up African countries dividing tribes and mixing opposing ethnical groups to more easily maintain control (divide and conquer). This has contributed to paralyzed them through an endless spiral of ethnic and religious/political conflicts. As such, we have a lot of work to do with Africa. We must allow the re-creation of certain African nations following ethnic and tribal lines (and isolating or deport the Muslim groups). We will then be able to establish a true fundament for African nationalism which again will contribute to give millions of Africans pride and hope for the future. We must allow certain corrupt leaders to be removed by allowing or even actively supporting the non-corrupt African groups militarily. Many corrupt leaders will have to be removed by force. This is the only rational solution to solve some of the fundamental problems with many current dysfunctional African nations. Short term pain is a lot better than condemning many African nations to eternal misery.





1. Average IQ in sub-Sahara Africa is between 63-77 ranging from country[1].

2. Overpopulation/carrying capacity far exceeded, thus the environment is destroyed.

3. The massive food aid prevents African agricultural companies from growing and becoming sustainable.

4. The world's response is 10 000 NGO’s trying to "help."



What is needed is NOT another 3. (nonprofit,) but a program that recognises 1. and works to solve 2.


The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Doing nothing is preferable to doing something that makes you feel good, but exacerbates the problem. Doing nothing is hard, because we are moral creatures, but sometimes doing nothing is the correct moral response. Yes, it hurts, but life is tough and our morality calls for us to make the difficult choices.





1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IQ_and_the_Wealth_of_Nations

Future crime prevention, EF anthem, Independence Day, imperialism



Future crime prevention


Crime will not be tolerated in a future cultural conservative Europe. Military campaigns will be launched with full force to break and obliterate the Albanian and Rom criminal networks (and other large European criminal networks). Exceptions may be made to criminal networks who have contributed significantly to the regime changes in Western Europe. A three-strike-rule should be used as a method for crime prevention directed against any and all criminals. Third strike leads to either execution or losing the citizenship followed by subsequent banishment/deportation from the European Federation territory.





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