The destructive forces of the diversity/ethnic industries, comments and solutions 

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The destructive forces of the diversity/ethnic industries, comments and solutions


This is the continuation of the essay in the book 2: “Europe Burning”, called “2.62 How the diversity industry/ethnic industries/sub-cultures such as Hip-Hop in combination with unrestricted media rights contributes to destroy society


More perspectives are added (along with solutions), as that essay failed to document how hip-hop negatively effects European youths, so I will add comments and certain explanations. I can personally attest to the negative results of the hip-hop movement (and the hip-hop mentality) as I was a part of it for several years (from 13-16 and somewhat up to the age of 18). The destructive results of hip hop can be divided into sub categories:



Some of the significantly negative effects of the Hip-hop mentality:



1. Destructive role models who directly or indirectly propagate anti-social and anti-authority views (anarchistic views).


These views lead somewhat to apathy and a destructive mindset. As described in the essay, this mindset automatically places the individual in a victim hierarchy where non-African youth mimic the position of victimhood (black/minority oppression communicated through hip-hop). This is very destructive as it causes the individual to develop an anti-authority (anarchistic) mentality. When I was in the movement, I remember we declared a war against Oslo Sporveier (Oslo’s subway company) and our goal was to bomb them continuously (punish what we saw as our enemy, through bombing train sets and property with tags and pieces). However, the anti-authority, anti-social behaviour is also manifested through petty crimes and random violence and robberies (mimicking the “thug” mentality).


2. Destructive role models who propagate and glorify drug use, primarily hashish and marijuana.


I personally know of more than 50 individuals who started with hashish and marijuana as a direct result of the hip-hop mentality. Many of these went from light drugs to heavier drugs such as amphetamine and even heroin. I personally know that more than 20 individuals, from my “hip-hop community”, have become severe drug addicts and some of them are probably dead today. I estimate that of the 20 000 drug addicts in Norway, approximately 30-40% have initially been significantly influenced by the hip hop mentality. As such, Hip Hop is in many aspects an institution, a way of life that is indirectly responsible for the apathy and mental conditioning that leads to youngsters experimenting with light drugs. I know of at least 10 people (not included in the above description) who have damaged their brain capacity severely as a result of excessive use of light drugs such as hashish and marijuana. One of my best friends, Mariuss, little brother Fabian is one of them (my self and Marius indirectly introduced him to the hip hop mentality 15 years ago). I’ve talked to Fabian on several occasions about this, as he is still into hip-hop. He is as stubborn as I was 15 years ago and refuses to see the connection and refuses to change his mentality and reject hip-hop as something destructive. He now suffers from effects (vocal) and a destructive mentality as a result of the negative hiphop mentality and excessive marijuana use and thus experience significant career limitations. I never tried drugs myself as I never wanted to break that threshold but I was among the perhaps 5-10% of the movement that refused.


3. Destructive role models who propagate and glorify anti-authority/ revolutionary/anarchistic attitudes through the graffiti movement (which is a central part of hip-hop).


I remember my active years in the hiphop movement as a continuous and intense orgy of misconduct, manifested primarily through tagging and piecing. During my two most active years at the age of 15 and 16, I estimate that myself (Morg), Richard (Spok) and Jon Trygve (Wick) inflicted property damage (through bombing raids - “tagging”) of approximately 2 million Euro combined of which I inflicted aprox. 700 000. The three of us were the most active of a loosely distributed “tagger force” numbering approximately 1000 at the time. This was during a primary peak of Hiphop, in 1994-1995. I estimate that the numbers of taggers have been reduced substantially since then and hover at around 200 individuals today in Oslo. I remember one time when I was 15; me and Marius stole a bolt gun from a construction area and destroyed 20 high tech ticket systems. It was a part of our rebellion against the city sub way company, a mentality developed and nurtured through the destructive role models of hip hop. The orgy of destructive behaviour ended just after I got caught making a piece together with friends. Until that point people like me saw hip-hop as life itself. I had to make a choice, either to get away from hip-hop or end up like so many others who had destroyed their own future. The choice wasn’t easy at the time but I eventually made the right choice and abandoned the hip hop movement and all my old friends at the age of 16.


4. Destructive role models who propagate and glorify violence and gang mentality.


The hiphop mentality is quite maschochistic. I remember that during those years, carrying a weapon of some sort was mandatory. Dominating others through violence is a central aspect of the hiphop mentality. Some of the most vicious gangs in Norway (the B-gang) are partly an indirect spawn of the ghetto/gangster mentality communicated through hiphop. I used to “tag” with B gang members when I was 15 and 16 (under the call sign of GSV). As we all know, they refined the violent hiphop mentality and became hardcore career criminals. It is hard to estimate how much violence and crime is a direct result of the hiphop/gangster mentality but it is significant for sure causing hundreds of millions of damage and causing hundreds of casualties annually through shootings and violence but also through suicides and overdoses.


4. Destructive role models who are allowed to indirectly contribute to undermine positive norms and instead are allowed to negatively influence, propagate and transfer a negative primitive pride and destructive norms.


This is related to the cause of the problem. What makes young Europeans so susceptible to the hiphop mentality? I will try to list the primary reasons such as facilitating factors and forces.



a. Big business, globalist companies


Ethnic/ghetto lifestyles are glorified– Jay Z, 50 cent etc. These and similar destructive icons generate billions and are deliberately glorified by large corporations. Who profits? Magazine corporations, clothing brands, the fashion industry, sports brands (basketball etc.), the music industry etc. This is a billion euro industry and the corporations behind the products allocate significant amounts to political lobbying to ensure that there are absolutely no restrictions. Furthermore, MTV and similar TV stations, television shows, the movie industry, magazines and even the game industry deliberately propagates the hiphop lifestyle through everything from movies, music videos and GTA (Grand Theft Auto). Globalist corporations, in light of their considerable geo-political influence, are extremely powerful.


b. A social and political environment lacking nationalistic principles


The hiphop mentality can only survive in a multicultural and an extremely liberal society with complete lack of nationalistic political doctrines. The utter defeat of nationalism in WW2 (which sent nationalistic political principles back to the stone age), the persecution of nationalists post-war, and by allowing Marxists to infiltrate the culture, media and school sector is a direct has resulted in the cultural climate where a sub-culture such as hiphop could thrive. The vacuum that gradually came into existence after the cultural Marxists systematically deconstructed traditional norms, traditions and culture has resulted in the bloom of destructive “non-cultures” such as hiphop.


c. Breakdown of the nuclear family and traditional family values


Based on my personal impression, those individuals who are mostly susceptible to the negative and destructive influences of hiphop, comes from broken families where there is a complete lack of “positive male role models with authority” (authority figures).


A majority of the people who became entangled by the hiphop mentality came from broken families. I remember that at least 80% of “my old crew” were in that category, myself included. 15% came from families where the father was “a modern feminised male figure” resulting in lack of authority and discipline. Only 5% had old fashioned fathers who had respect and were the primary authority figure/role model for the individual. Only, Richard, of all the people I knew came from a solid family with a father worthy of respect. The other individuals lacked complete respect for their fathers as they were like women or came from broken families. The lack of an authority figure in the family is the primary cause why many are susceptible to negative role models such as those in the hip-hop genre. A restoration of the nuclear family with a father as the undisputable authority figure is the best and most efficient method to prevent negative influences or children “going rogue”. I’m not going to go further into this as the Marxists role in the deconstruction of the nuclear family and feminisation of European men have been covered in another chapter.


d. Media companies have absolute power to decide what “lifestyles to sell”


Traditional activities that used to be glorified by the government and media during the 50s and 60s (such as the Boy Scout movement and sports) are now in a much larger degree ignored. The reason for this is that the free market media has been allowed absolute power when it comes to deciding what “lifestyles to sell” to Europeans. Not surprisingly, the glorification of “positive lifestyles” such as the Boy Scout movement, sports and physical activity has now been replaced by media companies with “profitable lifestyles”. These are often destructive lifestyles but they are at least, profitable for the media companies/corporations selling them. The big money doesn’t come from the local sports clubs or the Boy Scout movement, but rather from food-, clothing-, music-, fashion-corporations etc. The old ambassadors of “positive lifestyles” have been replaced with destructive role models propagating negative and unhealthy lifestyles.


e. Lack of cultural pride results in lack of pride on an individual basis.


The lack of cultural pride will lead to an unfilled vacuum. The individual is always on the lookout to fill this vacuum and will usually select “lifestyles” glorified by the media. Lifestyles that are not cool are ignored. There are few appealing positive alternatives in today’s society as the “traditionally positive lifestyles” are demonised while “negative destructive lifestyles” are glorified. Negative destructive lifestyles indirectly glorifies excessive casual sex, infidelity, life threatening activities/high risk sports, suicidal and apathetic behaviour, drug use, unhealthy foods leading to obesity, the hiphop mentality (violent, racist, sexist, anarchistic) etc. This is a result of the media companies unrestricted and ungoverned power in combination with cultural Marxists ongoing and systematical deconstruction of culture, traditions, norms and moral. The mix of this unholy alliance is lethal to a society.




How can we solve these problems? A complete guide is presented in book 3 in this compendium.


As for the fate of the hiphop industry; banning it altogether is not the optimal solution as it would cause overwhelming short term outcry and it would eliminate positive aspects as well. However, I believe significant restrictions in the rights of media companies which will include censoring negative and destructive lifestyles. An alternative is to limit such marketing to future “liberal zones”. Certain positive aspects of the hiphop movement should be allowed to survive such as break dance and positive genres of the music as long as it positively influences the self confidence of European youths and only if it can be re-defined as a European tradition and not portrayed as a ghetto/ethnic/multiculturalist lifestyle.

It is beyond all doubt that the political obstacles to solving these core issues are so comprehensive and enormous that only a revolution (initiated by a military coup) would present a climate where these issues can be properly addressed and solved.





Just outright banning the diversity/ethnic industry isn’t necessarily the way to go as it would cause too much short term outcry and discontent.


We should consider spending at least a couple of decades to reform the educational sector in order to give the new generation of youths the intellectual tools to identify certain destructive and divisive aspects of the diversity/ethnic industries. The approach towards the diversity industry should perhaps be done indirectly and not directly. Taking direct steps through banning/censoring will only contribute to give the Marxists massive ammunition and recruits. No one wants to live in a “Taliban style, puritan society without any options. An alternative is to give everyone an option by introducing a political concept known as the “cosmopolitan liberal zone”. A cosmopolitan liberal zone should consider allowing absolutely everything, even the legalisation of marijuana, gambling and prostitution. The liberal zones are perceived as zones where liberalistic anarchy reigns and more people will understand and value the positive aspects of political conservatism and people will gradually migrate “voluntarily” from the liberal zones to the conservative territories. The essential thing is to allow people to make the correct choices for themselves. Many people will feel overwhelmed and literally overdose on liberalism in the liberal zones (resulting in a scenario where they are completely turned off) and will thus understand the negative impacts of excessive liberalism (anarchy). Nevertheless, many will chose to stay and we should and must respect that. We must give an alternative to everyone. Cultural contamination from a liberal zone to a conservative zone will however not be accepted so there must be separate broadcasting networks, news reporting, commercials, entertainment for the two separate societies.




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