Deportation policy (preventive measures) 

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Deportation policy (preventive measures)


When the time is right and the new government (or Military Tribunal) are confident they can handle deportations the following suggestions should be considered.


All Muslims will be given the following choice:


Willing terms of Deportation


All Muslim individuals agree to leave the country voluntarily and peacefully. Each individual will (at departure) receive a onetime fee (compensation) equivalent of 1 kilogram of gold (10 kg for a family of 10).


For a population of 1 million, this would be 1 000 tons of gold at a total cost of around 15,6 billion Euros.



Unwilling terms of Deportation


Muslim individuals who refuse to leave voluntarily and peacefully will be forcefully deported (by the national military aided by the national police force) and will not receive any compensation.

Economical/social impacts of mass deportations

Economical impact once a cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regime falls and an Islam free territory (Country) is established?



Illustrative example (after deportations);



Population: 10,4 million

Muslim population: 1990: 500 000, 2008: 1 million (10%)



1 million Muslims


100 000 are retired (+70 years)

250 000 are aged 41-69

250 000 are aged 21-40

400 000 are aged 1-20


Individuals paying tax: 300 000-400 000

Individuals not paying tax: 600 000-700 000


Social economic results after deporting 1 000 000

A few particularly affected professional groups:

80% of taxi drivers are Muslims

60% of public transportation workers are Muslims

20% of health care workers are Muslims

50% of the restaurant industry is Muslim

Negative effects:

Short term economic effects would be disastrous. Problems to maintain public transportation systems, taxi industry paralysed.



Positive effects:



50% Less unemployment subsidies

40% less subsidies to correctional institutions

30% less subsidies to kinder-garden type organisations

30 less subsidies to schools

20% less subsidies to colleges, universities



Inflow of immigrants from ethnic Europeans in neighbouring countries and from Muslim dominated cities and countries throughout Europe.


Mosques and Islamic cultural centers are to be demolished or converted.

Crime would go down by more than 50%


Economic sanctions from Muslim countries:


Expect boycott and sanctions from all Islamic countries:



Economic sanctions from non-Muslim countries:


Expect 100% economic boycott from the EU and all non-Muslim countries except Russia, India, China and Serbia (possibly certain other East European countries depending on the amount of Pressure from the Western Establishment.


Short term terrorist/Islamist attacks (before and during deportations):


Guaranteed, as a majority of Muslims will refuse to be deported. It is expected that they will rally, entrench and resist.



Long term Jihadi terrorist threats:


Minimal to none as there are no Muslims left in the country.




Recommendations for future cultural conservative/nationalist regimes when forming and developing government


No controversial societal reforms, which could result in public outrage/forming of violent anti-nationalist movements etc., should be initiated until the country is completely secured and stabilised (reform/consolidation of the police forces and the military) and before incotrinated groups have been able to learn and familiarise themselves with the full truth about cultural Marxism/multiculturalism.


When the country is secured, the process of reforming it may begin gradually (f example by following the principles/agenda put forth by the pan-European nationalist movements/governments). Know that winning the peace will be a lot more difficult thatn winning the war so complete and thourough doctrines must be developed as early as possible. It may prove beneficial if several countries follow the same policies as these countries must have a pan-European plan to fend off any ideological attacks from the remaining EUSSR/USASSR cultural block;



News agencies and/or related Media companies (private and public)



Foreign ownership of news agencies and/or related media companies


Foreign ownership of news agencies and/or related media companies should be prohibited. Exceptions can be made if the foreign entity is considered ”friendly” (cultural conservatives).



Re-organising of news agencies and/or related media companies


Administration, Board of directors and staff must be screened thoroughly. Background checks must be done for all individuals. Individuals who have historically supported a multiculturalist view should be replaced and/or re-educated by cultural conservatives. This includes all journalists/editors/ publishers. Alternatively, a minimum of 50% has to sympathise with cultural conservative political principles.


Arrest any category A, B or C traitors.



Dealing with foreign or partial-foreign news agencies and/or related media companies


F example foreign companies with broadcasting rights in given country (TV, satellite, radio, and internet).


Demands will be presented. Study how the current Chinese or Russia handles these issues. Certain foreign news agencies and/or equivalent media companies will be considered hostile political entities (political propaganda centers).



Re-organising the educational sector

Universities, colleges, high school, secondary and primary schools etc.


Administrations, Board of directors and staff must be screened thoroughly. Background checks must be done for all individuals. Individuals who have historically supported a cultural Marxist/multiculturalist view should be replaced by cultural conservatives and/or re-educated.


Furthermore, School/university curriculums must be revised thoroughly.


Arrest any category A, B or C traitors.


Cultural conservative/nationalist reforms during and after phase 3



1. Prevent Islamic influence and repel all current Islamic elements in Europe.

2. Initiation of European cultural renaissance (With emphasis on Educational and cultural reforms).

3. Militarily assist cultural conservative movements in neighbouring countries.

4. Assist with coups in neighbouring countries and consolidate forces (with friendly new cultural conservative governments).



The current political systems will be reformed (emphasis on converting current Western European political systems to constitutional democracies (certain “managed areas”). This will include reforms on the following fields:




Culture (Religious and cultural reforms). Islam will be reclassified as a totalitarian, genocidal and racist political ideology (on par with national socialism and multiculturalism) and subsequently banned.



- Multiculturalism, an anti-European hate-ideology

- National Socialism, an anti-Jewish hate-ideology

- Islam, an anti-Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist hate-ideology



All traces of current and past Islamic influences in Europe will be removed. This includes mosques and Islamic cultural centers. All Muslims will be deported from European territory.


Individuals who converted to a ”friendly religion/ideology” in phase 1. and 2. and who accepted the assimilation requirements will be considered European citizens. All individuals of the Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish or otherwise ”friendly faiths/ideologies will be regarded as friends/allies/brothers and sisters of all Europeans and may not be subject to the same assimilation demands now or in the future.



Secondary goals


Disallow current and future European political Russo-phobic activity. This includes disallowing the current anti-Russian activities lead by several EU countries (the UK and Nordic countries in particular).


These anti-Russian activities has been ongoing for more than 100 years and peaked during the British Prime Minister Disraeli’s reign (when the UK agreed to protect the Islamic Ottoman Empire from Russia receiving Cyprus in return).


We acknowledge that integrating Russia and the ”former” EU will be challenging (due to decades of anti Russian propaganda in certain EU countries) but we will succeed providing that Russia accepts our demands.


Emphasis will be put on cultural and educational reforms in order to complete this objective. Historical information concerning past European anti-Russian political leaders will be revised. It is essential in this process that past opportunistic traitors such as Disraeli are labelled as traitors to all Europeans and that we conclude, cheer and acknowledge the fact that Russia did indeed play the primary role in crushing the Islamic Ottoman Empire, liberating millions of Europeans from Dhimmitude and thus deserves the gratitude of all Europeans.


Opportunistic anti-European activities such as those of the Disraeli government (and similar regimes) will be condemned as traitorous acts. Any Christian country that allies itself with a Muslim country against a Christian cousin should in the future be considered as an enemy of all Christian countries.


Once political and military control has been secured in at least one of the following countries we will initiate our secondary goals:



- France

- Germany

- United Kingdom



When one of the above ”key” countries are liberated from the grasp of the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites we will continue to support our European brothers to eliminate the rest of the MA100 (Multiculturalist Alliance)


Any European cultural conservative country (with the exception of the above) should be very careful to initiate any hostile acts (deportations etc.) unless it has the support of any of the above (or Russia).




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