Buying ballistic Kevlar fabric 

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Buying ballistic Kevlar fabric


There are several distributors across the world offering ballistic Kevlar fabric. There are several types of fabric, thick and thin. The fabric used in the Interceptor system (US military, Afghanistan/Iraq forces) consists of 30-34 layers of a very thin type of Kevlar fabric. I have been unable to confirm this but I believe 12 layers of the “thicker” Kevlar is equivalent to level IIIA. I was unable to acquire that specific fabric (thin version) but managed to find a Chinese, a European and a US distributor of other brands. Other variations of Kevlar fabric are considerably thicker than the Interceptor Kevlar and thus require fewer layers to create level IIIA protection. Ill describe the fabric I ended up purchasing (sold directly from the distributor or via the distributors ebay account):



Seller: Infinity, site:


Kevlar® 29 Style 745 Bullet Resistant Fabric. It is made from DuPont(TM) Aramid Yarn and woven into a fabric on weaving looms. It is used primarily in the Safety & Personal Protection Markets. It can be found and used in a number of personal protection applications including but not limited to: Bullet Resistant Vests, Car Armor, Cockpit Door Armor, Bullet Resistant Panels and many non-ballistic Industrial uses.


SPECIFICATION: Fabric Specs: Weight: 14oz. Sq.yd... Width: 50 inch width... Denier: 3000... Weave: Plain... Thickness: 24.1 (mils) 0.61 (mm)... Breaking Strength: Length & Width Directions(Length}: 1600 (lbf/in) (Width): 1800 (lbf/in)... Thread Count: 17 x 17


Kevlar can be sewn into multiple plies and is not needle resistant, it can be glued using a polyurethane based glue, it can also be used with Epoxy resins and vacuum bagged in laminating applications. KEVLAR FABRIC - It is perfectly legal to own, possess, transport or ship Bullet Resistant Kevlar fabric in all 50 U.S. States and the EU. As such; anyone can legally buy ballistic Kevlar fabric and create/sew their own level IIIA armour.


End note: Obviously, it takes multiple plies/layers of this fabric to make something bullet resistant. I strongly suggest buying Kevlar Scissors from the same site as normal scissors will not do the job properly.



I bought the following ballistic material from one supplier: or their subsidiary: (10 yards/9 meters of Kevlar fabric) and or their subsidiary: (flexible level IIIA Kevlar composite plate)


I bought 1 flexible composite plate with black rubber lamination measuring aprox: 1,4 x 1,4 meters. I told them to cut it into 4 pieces in order to reduce shipping cost from 600 to 150 USD. Price of the composite plate: aprox 700 USD.


I also bought 10 yards (35 USD per yard) of ballistic Kevlar fabric. You actually get a lot more fabric than a square yard as the width of the fabric is 1,27 meters and is delivered on a roll. 8 yards was enough for 4 layers of DAPS (deltoid protector + axillary protector) fortification/enhancement, ballistic girdle/belt (protecting hips and butt - 12 layers), 2 knee protectors (14 layers) and 2 boot protectors (12 layers)


Dying nylon fabric (for dying camo colored ballistic outer pouches)


You will often find that you are only able to acquire camo colored items, in which case you will have to dye the items black. I did the mistake of importing “black spray-on dye” from the UK, which proved to be worthless. Keep in mind that all body armour Kevlar hard shells/pouches are made of nylon, which do not absorb normal water based fabric dye intended for cotton based fabric. You will need to choose one of the two following options in order to dye nylon fabric:



1. Buy specialized nylon die which is applied through hand wash or machine was process. This process can be quite messy.


2. Simply buy large permanent markers (spirit based) and order additional refill.



I chose option 2. And due to the fact that I failed to plan the dye phase properly I ended up buying 12 large black permanent markers (spirit based). 12 markers was enough to dye 6 items (1 vest, 4 DAPS pieces, 2 axillary + 2 deltoid protection outer pouches and a couple of other smaller pieces. 12 permanent markers retail for 112 Euro. If you plan accordingly you only need to order 1 large black permanent marker + refill which will cost you 20 Euro.


Keep in mind that the items that are dyed will cause the items to smear ink on your skin and other surfaces. This is quite annoying and a clear drawback when using permanent markers for dying vs. more complex nylon dying techniques. The result will be that you will have to wash of your skin and ruin a few t-shirts/boxers each time you try on your armour system. If I knew the ink would smear so much I would have spent more time researching the conventional nylon dying technique.


European body armour stores



German search words:


Bullet proof vest = kugelsicheren Weste

Body armor = Körperpanzer

Ballistic vest = Ballistische Weste

Body protection = Körperschutz

Tactical vest = Überziehschutzweste



Israeli stores

Chinese stores


Many Chinese body armour stores are found on



US stores


Export restrictions on all body armour to Europe. The only alternative is to travel there and buy the items yourself for personal export (Im not 100% sure whether you need citizenship or not though). As noted, it’s illegal to export body armour from the US to Europe but I can’t imagine that the fines will be very high if caught by US customs. It is perfectly legal to import body armour to Europe, Italy being the the only current exception to my knowledge.



General tips


Buy a solid level IIIA vest from one of the above stores (I would recommend the IDF Official Army vest (Israel) as it offers superior coverage, including neck/shoulders, and extra layers of Kevlar – IIIA+) and create the rest of the items yourself, as you will have a hard time ordering them.



Related tactical equipment and miscellaneous


Combat gear - base layers


Base layers include boots, gloves, boxer, socks and any “under armour” compression clothing you will want to use.





Let’s start with the boots; you need black urban assault boots (not camo or any long distance “forest boots”). The boots should facilitate the attachment of a spur/spike on the back of the boots in order to use as a weapon for anyone assaulting you from behind. Also, the boots should incorporate some anti-blunt-trauma material which will help you to withstand any gunshot hits you might suffer (the ballistic boot protector in combination with good boots will be optimal).


The following are examples of boots that will suit your needs:


ATAC Shield Boot 8” (


I chose the XPRT Tactical Boot 8" Boot due to the fact that they didn’t have the above in my size. Both offer a “Shock Mitigation System” and has received the highest of ratings. Prices range from 130 to 180 USD. I bought mine from, a great distributor with a wide range of products.





X-Socks Speed Metal or any other expensive high-tech sport socks available


Description: help cool your feet during a long, hot run with X-Sock's Xitanit conductive technology. The X-Sock Speed Metal Running Sock incorporates heat-conducting fibers, air-conditioning airflow channels, and supportive blister-reducing bands to keep your feet supremely comfortable, mile after mile. It sounds really techy-and it is. You'll also find that it makes a great difference.



Skins Compression gear


I would highly recommend Skins Long Sleeve Top and the Skins Compression Leggings





Benefits with Skins compression gear:


Will enhance your performance in training and recovery and give you an edge over your opponents (SWAT and regular system protectors).


They enhance circulation from engineered gradient compression which assists in reducing lactic acid build-up. A precision fit (choose your size from their size chart) based on your body mass index algorithm. Focuses muscle power and dramatically reduces muscle vibration. Moisture management wicking draws moisture away from your skin keeping you dry. Optimises your body temperature in warm or cool conditions. The top changes the shape of the diaphragm and encourages better posture which acts as a respiratory aid and improves performance. During aerobic activity where muscles need the body to process more oxygen a Skins top will help the wearer to breathe into the upper chest cavity and effectively take larger breaths.


Long sleeve top and leggings costs from 135 -180 Euro.



Assault Gloves


Hatch Operator Tactical Gloves SOG


Designed by and specifically for military use, this glove allows you to perform with surgical precision. The ergonomic fit and tactile sensation found in these gloves are unmatched.


- Constructed of goatskin leather palms and sewn with abrasion, cut and heat-resistant nylon thread

- Goatskin provides superior abrasion and tear resistance over cowhide or sheepskin, yet offers a comparable thickness for comfort and durability

- KEVLAR® construction provides cut resistance, heat, and flash protection

- Cut-ring stitching allows optional removal of the index finger for trigger control without unraveling the remaining edge


Defensive spikes


Boot spike


Black & Decker X61501 13 mm Countersink Bit


I successfully attatched the following “spike” on the backside, using a size 5 drill (the spike attachment pin is size 5,3 so it was a perfect match.




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