Creating Lokis Armour System (heavyweight version) – 27 kg 

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Creating Lokis Armour System (heavyweight version) – 27 kg



Figure 1 illustrates SWAT armour (Special Weapons and Ammunitions Team) and its vulnerabilies when facing a Justiciar Knight with Lokis Armour (figure 2). Red indicate areas on the body with NO protection, yellow indicate vulnerable areas (soft armour is vulnerable to assault rifle fire), light green indicate protected areas (level IIIA with anti trauma protection should be able to withstand limited MP5 fire) while darkgreen indicate safe areas.



This is a guide to acquire/create superior ballistic armour with up to 90% frontal level IIIA to level IV coverage and 60-70% level IIIA to level IV back coverage.


This custom made/designed and partially improvised armour, also known as Lokis Armour consists of various parts (bought from multiple suppliers and brands or created from base materials) which are finally put together to form the best and most superior body armour available today.

- Provides 90% level IIIA ballistic protection frontal coverage, 60-70% back coverage.


- Provides 60% level III ballistic protection frontal coverage, 30% back coverage.


- Provides 40% level IV ballistic protection frontal coverage, 30% back coverage.



Note, to dramatically decrease weight and create a light weight version of Lokis armour just ignore the chest rig with the 4 ESAPI plates (total weight of 13 kg). By doing this, your armour (lightweight version of Lokis armour) will weigh 14 kg. If you are going for the lightweight version you should seriously consider using your Damascus FX1, Flexforce chestpiece (take of the hard shells though) to provide anti-blunt trauma protection (in which case you must buy a vest in size XL or higher so that you can fit the FX1 chest piece under your vest.


If you are unable to buy military grade armour kits, like I was, then I would highly recommend choosing the strategy I chose. Simply buy a military grade vest with as much level IIIA coverage as possible like the IDF official vest.


Lokis Armour - Weight: 27 kg

Cost for a complete set of Lokis Armour: 6000 Euro (various parts, suppliers)

Labour hours required (sewing/stitching, cutting, colouring/dying etc): 40 hours

Labour hours required in relation to acquisition of parts (waiting, researching, ordering, 5-10 different suppliers): 1-4 months

Strengths: LevelIIIA protection offerssuperior ballistic protection from handgun 9 mm rounds while level IV ESAPI plates offer protection from military grade armour piercing rounds (including 7.62/5.56 high velocity rounds.)

Weaknesses: heavy gear, impairs mobility (running)

Time it takes to equip armour: 30 minutes without assistance, 10 minutes with assistance

Western European system protector (SWAT) armour coverage:

Provides 40% level IIIA ballistic protection frontal coverage, 40% back coverage.


Provides 25% level III ballistic protection frontal coverage, 25% back coverage.

Average SWAT armour - Weight: 9 kg

Cost: 2000 Euro (one supplier)

Labour hours required (sewing, cutting, colouring/dying etc): 0 hours

Labour hours required in relation to acquisition of parts (waiting, researching, ordering, 5-10 different suppliers): 0

Strengths: moderate ballistic protection from from handgun 9 mm rounds. Inferior to AP rounds or 7.62/5.56 high velocity rounds.

Weaknesses: medium weight, impairs running somewhat

Time it takes to equip armour: 5-10 minutes

Physical requirements to wear Lokis Armour: Average male weight + 5-7 kg lean muscle mass, toned in relation to agility for wearing heavy armour. The wearer must train for the mission specific goal, fast walk/march with heavy armour for at least two hours).


Gear weight for a Justiciar Knight


Base layers


(Not included) Base layers – SkinsTM complete 2 part suit, socks, gloves, boxer: 0,6 kg

(Not included) Boots: 2 kg


Total: 2,6 kg



Pouches w. content:


Camelbak 1,5L pouch with water: 1,6 kg

Gas mask pouch w. mask: 0,5 kg

Medic pouch w. content: 0,5 kg

AEE P80 digital action camera 4 GB + phone: 0,15 kg

Knife w. holster: 0,3 kg


Total: 3,05 kg


Weapons and ammo


4 splint grenades: 2 kg

3 smoke grenades: 1 kg

Assault rifle with sights + etc (no ammo): 4 kg

Pistol with sight + (no ammo): 1 kg

7 x 28 round banana clips: 0,9 kg x 7 = 6,3 kg

4 x 28 round pistol clips: 0,81 kg x 4 = 3,24 kg


Total: 17,54



Armour and armour pouches


Layer 1 armour


IIIA helmet with IIIA visor: 3 kg

Trauma/shock resistance: FlexForce Modular Hard Shell FX-1: 3-4 kg

(Comment: you can’t rely on soft armour alone (IIIA Kevlar without any trauma/shock res) or you risk dying from internal bleeding caused by the blunt force trauma when being hit)



Layer 2 (worn on the FX-1)


Vest (Israeli – IDF, 5 kg

DAPs (US – Interceptor, Ebay): 2,26 kg

Throat protector (German, Ebay): 0,3 kg

Groin protector x 2 (US brand, Ebay + site): 1,2 kg

Custom Tailored Armour Pieces



- Waist armour (between vest and leg armour, armour applied on top of a hip pad fastened with a belt)

- Upper Leg Armour

- Shin Armour (Lower Leg Armour)

- Knee pad armour

- Lower arm armour

- Boot Armour (Bell shaped + extra pad on front)



Total weight: 3 kg


The above armour pieces are created by using flexible level IIIA ballistic composite plates fastened with nylon straps with various fastening items and additional velcro (hook & loop adhesive strips)



Layer 3 (worn on the vest)


Molle rig with ESAPI pouches: 2 kg

ESAPI level IV, XL plates (Size: 28 x 35,6 cm, 3,25 kg x 2): 6,5 kg

ESBI level IV plates (2 x side plates, 15 x 20 cm): 2 kg


Layer 4 (shield)


Small size riot shield with glued IIIA composite panel (2 x ballistic composite panels: 5 kg


Total: 34 kg



Total weight of max gear: 57 kg (125 pounds)


Note: the ideal weight of march gear is 15 kg and should normally never exceed 30 kg. Obviously, for a majority of phase 1 operations we rely on mobility and speed and should never exceed 30 kg. On certain more “static” missions however, more armour should be considered.


Complete Lokis Armour is heavy indeed but don’t forget that as a Justiciar Knight you have trained for months for one single mission. In addition a Justiciar Knight should always be in the middle of a steroid cycle and take an ECA stack capsule 20 minutes prior to the initiation of the mission (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin stack) which increases our strength and agility by 50-100% for 2 hours. A Justiciar Knight is thus better prepared than even the most hardcore SWAT operator in a majority of ways.



- We select the battleground

- We select the time of the battle

- We have the element of surprice

- We have superior armour

- We have superior weaponry

- We are more motivated

- We are prepared to die in order to complete the operation



No system protector has a chance, at short notice, to match these odds.


However, Lokis Armour alone is still limited at best. You can defeat small flanks of 1-3 system protectors. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you have to avoid being overwhelmed at all costs. Lokis Armour is ONLY superior when combined with high mobility. If you allow the system protectors to deploy snipers or send in a SWAT squad of more than 4 you will have little chance to survive the encounter so stay on the move and focus on meeting your time table. As long as you follow your time table to the second, the system protectors will not have time to deploy snipers or a SWAT team to stop you (organizing a SWAT team will take up to 30 minutes depending on various factors), thus you will only have to worry about “low threat system protectors”.



Always remember:



- We are stronger and more agile due to biological enhancers

- We have better and more powerful weapons (they are often limited to MP5)

- We have better and more powerful ammunition (they use lead, we use AP)

- We have superior armour

- We have better morale and are more motivated to achieve our objective (we are fighting to prevent the genocide of Europeans and of European culture (through multiculturalism coupled with Islamic demographic warfare), while they are “protecting a rotten, non-sustainable Marxist system. They are thus in fact protecting the Islamic colonisation of Western Europe and its traitorous category A and B facilitators”.





ESAPI = Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts (frontal/back ceramic plates)

ESBI = Enhanced Side Ballistic Inserts (side ceramic plates)

DAPs = Deltoid and Axillary Protectors (deltoid=biceps/arm, axillary=under arm/arm pit).




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