Charges against all cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites of Europe (category A and B traitors) 

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Charges against all cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites of Europe (category A and B traitors)



“A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury.”


John Stuart Mill


Individual criminal responsibility:


A person who planned, instigated, ordered, committed or otherwise aided and abetted in the planning, preparation or execution of a crime referred to in the following articles shall be held individually responsible for the crime.

The official position of any accused person, whether as Head of State or Government or as a responsible Government official, shall not relieve such person of criminal responsibility or mitigate punishment.


The fact that any of the acts referred to in the following articles was committed by a subordinate does not relieve his superior of criminal responsibility if he knew or had reason to know that the subordinate was about to commit such acts or had done so and the superior failed to take the necessary and reasonable measures to prevent such acts or to punish the perpetrators thereof.

The fact that an accused person acted pursuant to an order of a Government or of a superior shall not relieve him of criminal responsibility, but may or may not be considered in mitigation of punishment in the future (depending on the accused persons current and future acts of repent).



The accused


Charges brought against cultural Marxist/multiculturalist/suicidal humanist/capitalist globalist politicians, primarily from the alliance of European political parties known as ”the MA 100” and EU parliamentarians. The accused are also elected and non-elected parliamentarians, their advisors and any public and/or corporate servant who has been and still are indirectly or directly implicated in committing the following acts.


The accused are also individuals from various professional groups (but not limited to): journalists, editors, teachers, lecturers, university professors, various school/university board members, publicists, radio commentators, writers of fiction, cartoonists, and artists etc. The accused includes many individuals from other professional groups such as: technicians, scientists, doctors and even Church leaders. In addition, individuals (investors etc) who have directly or indirectly funded related activities. It’s important to note that the stereotypical ”socialists”, collectivists, feminists, gay and disability activists, animal rights activists, environmentalists etc are to be considered on an individual basis only. Not everyone who is associated with one of these groups or movements is to be considered a cultural Marxist/multiculturalist.


The accused are individuals who have deliberately used their influence in a way which makes them indirectly or directly guilty of the listed charges. Many of these individuals will attempt to claim ”ignorance” of the crimes they are accused of.


The charges

1a. Aiding and abetting to cultural genocide against the indigenous peoples of Europe.


Cultural genocide is a term used to describe the deliberate destruction of the cultural heritage of a people or nation for political, military, religious, ideological, ethnical, or racial reasons[1].


According to the ”United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”[2] the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites of Europe (all category A, B and C traitors) are committing cultural genocide against the Indigenous Peoples of Europe.


“United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” adopted by General Assembly Resolution 61/295 on 13 September 2007.

According to each part of this declaration; Europe is the victim of cultural genocide on par with that of Tibet.





1b. Aiding and abetting a foreign invasion/colonisation of Europe by allowing systematical Islamic demographic warfare (by the Global Islamic Ummah)


The cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites of Europe are committing high treason by allowing and justifying past and current deliberate Islamic invasion/colonisation of Europe by Muslim states and the rest of the Global Islamic Ummah through the use of demographic warfare (by allowing mass Muslim immigration and allowing and tolerating average Muslim birth-rates of 3-4). These actions committed are coordinated efforts aimed at our Islamisation and the elimination of our freedoms. Europe is thus subject to a foreign invasion and aiding and abetting a foreign invasion in any way constitutes treason.



2a. Contributing to deliberately disallow Europe’s indigenous peoples from exercising the right to resist the Islamic invasion/colonisation through demographic warfare.



2b. Contributing to institutionalised persecution, discrimination, harassment, illegal monitoring, incarceration, torture and/or mental/physical abuse of any and all individuals who attempt to resist or oppose the Islamic invasion/colonisation of Europe through demographic warfare and/or cultural genocide.


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