One against all – cultural conservatives are quarantined and demonised 

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One against all – cultural conservatives are quarantined and demonised


Even if a moderate right wing political party (against all odds) manage to gain certain influence by avoiding cultural Marxist/multiculturalist attacks they will not be able to accomplish anything unless they get more than 50% of the votes. It is quite common for pro-multiculturalists to agree on a “cordon sanitaire”, a well known and fundamentally un-democratic containment policy used by the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist political parties to “quarantine” cultural conservative parties in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and several other countries. Though in French the term originally denoted a barrier implemented to stop the spread of disease, its use in English is almost always metaphorical and political, and refers to attempts to prevent the spread of an ideology deemed unwanted or dangerous.


A “cordon sanitaire” has been agreed upon by the establishment against the Swedish party: Sweden Democrats, in France against the National Front and several other countries.


The most successful anti-Islamisation party in Europe; the Norwegian Progress Party (22% last election) has achieved absolutely nothing during the last eight years. They have presented hundreds of new bills and suggestions related to Islamisation and re-introducing cultural conservative policies but more than 95% of them have been rejected (due to the fact that all the other parties support multiculturalism and an appeasement approach).


EUSSR political terror and persecution


An increasing number of people will come to realise that a democratic victory in Europe is not possible. The “Austria/Haider incident” is a good illustration. As soon as a government is elected which opposes the “EU’s Eurabia project/European multiculturalism” they are immediately and effectively neutralised. In Austria’s example, EU imposed 7 months of sanctions and rallied the worlds cultural Marxist/multiculturalist media organisations. There is ample evidence by reviewing the coverage during these events that the EU leaders and the European mainstream media deliberately launched a campaign of psychological warfare with the strategy of terrorising the Austrian population in order to achieve the goal of turning them against their leadership. The Austrian population was effectively coerced into changing their views as it is unbearable to be portrayed as “a country full of Nazis” by the world press.


Quick summary


1. We are subject to cultural Marxist/multiculturalist institutionalised ideological coercion and brainwashing through government institutions. Private institutions are forced to conform to the same cultural Marxist/multiculturalist principles.


2. More or less every media organisation is propagating cultural Marxist/ multiculturalist principles. “Free press” in Western Europe does not exist. The mainstream media has been hijacked by cultural Marxists/multiculturalists and are not acting in the interest of Europeans and Europe. There is no freedom of speech in Europe. If you don’t cheer and embrace your own annihilation you are a racist bigot, an enemy of the establishment and must be suppressed, ridiculed, undermined and persecuted. This policy of oppression and persecution has been ongoing since the creation of multiculturalism in the 50s, 60s and 70s.


Political, cultural and media elites are colluding against the interests of free indigenous Europeans.


3. The cultural Marxists/multiculturalists systematically import millions of voters which increases their political position from year to year. It is simply not possible to compete democratically with regimes who import millions of voters.


4. Right wing political parties fight an up-hill battle and every single bill and suggestion is ultimately rejected. This leaves the cultural conservatives (anti-multiculturalist) parties in Western Europe with zero influence. As such, the right wing parties indirectly contribute to pacify the cultural conservatives of Europe by giving them false hope. Instead of telling their sympathisers to give them their vote they should admit to everyone and announce publicly that the democratical struggle has been lost and that all cultural conservatives should initiate armed resistance against the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist establishment.


A new era has come - the time for dialogue is now over

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”


John F. Kennedy

The cultural Marxists have for more than 50 years disregarded the will of the majority of Europeans. The time for dialogue is now over. The time for armed resistance has come.

The most basic human right is to defend oneself against deliberate cultural attacks or even an institutionalised cultural genocide of unprecedented historical proportions. It’s not just a right but a duty for all Europeans to defend oneself against such atrocities through armed struggle. We call upon you, fellow Europeans. Stop complaining and instead fight by our side.


We, the patriotic Europeans, will continue to effectively revolt against the “Nazis of our time”; the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites, who are leading us to the cultural slaughterhouse by selling us into Muslim slavery.

Yes, we have lost the democratical struggle to defend Europe from deliberate cultural annihilation. As more people realise this we will see an increasing number of Europeans joining our ranks to fight by our side.


Many brothers and sisters have fallen already, the pioneers, the brave heroes, and the first to pick up their guns. We are the legacy of these first “unknown” pioneers. We did not want this but we are left no choice. Armed struggle is the only rational approach.


We, the free indigenous peoples of Europe, hereby declare a pre-emptive war on all cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites of Western Europe.


And we have a very clear message for you:


We know who you are, where you live and we are coming for you. If not today, then tomorrow, if not in 10 years, then in 50 years. We are in the process of flagging every single multiculturalist traitor in Western Europe. You will be punished for your treasonous acts against Europe, and Europeans. We will ensure that all category A and B traitors, the enablers of Islamisation and the destroyers of our cultures, nations and societies, will be executed and your property expropriated.


It will take us up to 70 years to win, but there is no doubt in our minds that we will eventually succeed. Quite ironically, the ongoing Islamisation that you so actively facilitate will be your downfall. Soon enough, the desperate cries of the European masses will indicate that your Multiculturalist regimes are near their end.


The Western European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes will fall before 2083, of that you can be certain.



Explanation of the European Civil War - Phase 1, 2 and 3



Phase of Dialogue, 1955-1999


- From the creation of EU’s Eurabia project in combination with the implementation of cultural Marxism (European multiculturalism) in 1955 to the NATO bombing campaigns of Serbian forces in 1999 authorised by criminal Western European and US leaders.



European Civil War, Phase 1 – 1999-2030

- Islam, 2-30% based on country

- Open source warfare, military shock attacks by clandestine cell systems.

- Further consolidation of conservative forces.

European Civil War, Phase 2 – 2030-2070

- Islam, 15-40% based on country

- Consolidation continues, more advanced forms of resistance groups.

- Preparation for pan-European coup d’états.

European Civil War, Phase 3 – 2070-2083


- Islam, 30-50% based on country

- Pan-European coup d’états. Cultural Communism/multiculturalism defeated in the first European country followed by the rest.

- The implementation of a Cultural Conservative political agenda begins.

- Execution of cultural Marxist/multiculturalist category A and B traitors initiated.

- Deportation of Muslims initiated.



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