Year Hindus/Sikhs Muslims Christians/others 

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Year Hindus/Sikhs Muslims Christians/others


1947 94% 5% 1%

1978 85% 14% 1,5%

2008 75% 23% 2%

2038 50% 47% 3%

2068 38% 58% 4%



In India as in Europe, the Global Islamic Ummah is continuing the ongoing demographic warfare and is seemingly successful. The India elites, just like European elites, are aiding and abetting the Muslim conquest by way of appeasement. If the development in India is allowed to continue and our Hindu Nationalist brothers do not rise up soon we will see a Muslim majority in India in 2035-2040.


For future reference; by Hindus we mean the Four Arms of the Dharma:- mainstream Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains. This is an unknown definition/concept to most Europeans; Sikhs are considered as a warrior sect of Sanatana Dharma. To a majority of Hindus; Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains are not a part of the minority but rather an integral part of Sanatana Dharma. However, anti-Dharmic, secularists and foreign media are bent upon separating each one into a separate religion. The British colonialists were the first who started to separate the four branches in order to play “divide and conquer” in which they succeeded.




1. By Saugato Banerjee


Pakistan’s demographical explosion[1]


1951 - 33,816,000 - 17.80%

1961 - 42,978,000 - 22.46%

1972 - 65,321,000 - 25.40%

1981 - 84,254,000 - 28.28%

1998 - 130,580,000 - 32.51%

2008 - 172,800,000 - 32.34%



From 33 million to 172 million in only 60 years! This is the population explosion you end up with if you allow an immigrant birth rate (fertility rate) of only 3,58 which was the 2008 estimate in Pakistan[1]. Obviously, this “official” fertility rate has been falsified and is much higher.





Middle East - Jewish/Christian demographic overview from peak - 600AD


I have been unable to find any demographic overviews illustrating Jewish/Christian numbers from year 600 AD in the Middle East (Peak numbers before Islam was established). So the following numbers are estimates created on the basis of available historical sources. It shows an estimate which tells us a lot about how Islamic imperialism caused (and still causes today) historical demographic decline in percentages of Jews and Christians in specific Middle Eastern territories.


We have managed to document several hundred Jihadi genocides against Jews and Christians, and thousands of pogroms/forced conversion campaigns but we never see the big picture through a concise historical demographic overview. I haven't seen any solid demographic curve which can easier illustrate how Jihad and dhimmitude has caused this downward spiral. Therefore, it is our responsibility to continue to develop, make adjustments to any possible errors and find more sources which can confirm the existing estimates. F example to create a demographic curve showing: year 600, 1000, 1500, 2000). By showing people the "big picture" they will realize the future results of the ongoing Islamisation in Western Europe and the psychopathic nature of the so called "Palestinian claim" of victimhood and people will begin to understand what Islam and Jihad really is. Demographical research is necessary in order to explain to people why mass deportation of Muslims is the only viable alternative.



Year 600 AD - Demographic overview in the Middle East, estimate


Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Algeria - Christians 50%, Jews 10%, other 40%

Egypt - Christians 60%, Jews 20%, other 20%

Syria - Christians 80%, Jews 10%, Zoroastrians 10%

Jordan - Christians 70%, Jews 20%, Zoroastrians 10%

Iran (Persia) - Zoroastrians 80%, Christians 10%, other10%

Iraq - Christians 50%, Jews 20%, Zoroastrians 30%

Saudi Arabia - Jews 30%, Christians 10%, Arabic paganism 60%

Yemen - Jews 30%, Christians 20%, Arabic paganism 50%

Oman - Jews 10%, Christians 20%, Arabic paganism 70%

Anatolia (Byzantine) - Christian 95%, Jews 5%

Armenia - Christian 95%, Jews 5%


African population explosion


Estimated population in Africa:



1982 - 500 000 000

2009 - 1 000 000 000

2030 - 1 500 000 000

2050 - 2 000 000 000



This population explosion is facilitated by Europe and the US through the myriad of aid programs. A great number of these new born individuals have no hope and many end up attempting to flee to Europe.






Statistics and the Islamisation of Europe


General statistics

- 65-70% of converts to Islam in Europe are females[1].


- More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland[2].


- More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined[3].


- Islamic terrorists murder more people everyday than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 50 years[4].


- EU: 50% of anti-Semitic incidents connected to radical Islam[5]


Worldwide statistics [7]



65,2% of Muslims wants: “To unify all Islamic countries into a single Islamic state or Caliphate”


65,5% of Muslims wants: “To require a strict application of Sharia law in every Islamic country”



Mainstream Muslims from Morocco to Indonesia therefore share with their co-religionists from al-Qaeda the goal (if not necessarily supporting the gruesome means) of re-establishing an Islamic Caliphate. Polling data released (April 24, 2007) in a rigorously conducted face-to-face University of Maryland/ interview survey of 4384 Muslims conducted between December 9, 2006 and February 15, 2007:


1000 Moroccans

1000 Egyptians

1243 Pakistanis

1141 Indonesians


- reveal that 65.2% of those interviewed- almost 2/3, hardly a "fringe minority"-desired this outcome (i.e., "To unify all Islamic countries into a single Islamic state or Caliphate"), including 49% of "moderate" Indonesian Muslims. The internal validity of these data about the present longing for a Caliphate is strongly suggested by a concordant result:


65.5% of this Muslim sample approved the proposition "To require a strict [My emphasis] application of Shari'a law in every Islamic country."


Notwithstanding a historical drivel from Western Muslim "advocacy" groups such as the Muslim Association of Britain, which lionises both the Caliphate and the concomitant institution of Shari'a as promulgators of "a peaceful and just society", the findings from the University of Maryland/ poll are ominous.











7. University of Maryland/




Gallup Poll '07: 82% of Americans identify with Christianity.


A recent poll sponsored by the Chicago CFR and the German Marshall Fund of the US:79 percent of Americans favoured keeping Muslims out.


Pew Research Poll 9-25: "Americans' attitudes about Muslims are more negative now than in years past." 35% of us have negative views about the smiley-face Muslims.




A recent poll: 62% of Russian youth want to deport immigrants (Muslims): "But if they stay they must obey Russian laws and customs."




2007 - A report by France’s domestic intelligence agency, published by Le Figaro, estimated last year that there were 30,000 to 50,000 converts in France.


The conversion to Islam of fragile individuals undoubtedly leads to the risk of diversion to terrorism,” the intelligence agency’s report said, adding that radical groups have recruited converts because they could cross borders easily or serve as front men for renting accommodations or providing other logistical support.


The new recruits could provide foreign-born Islamic militants with invisibility and cover, by escaping the scrutiny often reserved for young men of Arab descent.

In an interview, one French antiterrorism official said many recent converts were women, further complicating the standard profile.

Militant converts come to Islam in several ways, most notably through contact with militant Muslims while serving time in Europe’s prisons, where the Islamic population has skyrocketed. Richard Reid, the so-called shoe bomber from Britain, converted to Islam in prison.






70% increase in the Muslim population between 2002-2006 according to Irelands Central Statistics Office (CSO)




- In the Netherlands, 63 per cent of respondents thought Islam was incompatible with modern European life[1].


- Rotterdam - Nationalism markedly increased among ethnic Dutch youth. In 1999 10% said they were willing to defend Dutch identity if it was being crushed. In 2006 the percentage tripled.[2]


- In 1999, 40% of Moroccan youth strictly followed the rules of Islam, seven years later that grew to 60%. A similar movement is presented when it comes to adaptation. In 1999, a quarter of Moroccans thought they don't need to adapt, and now that went up to 40%.[2]










Opinion polls have revealed that two out of three Swedes doubt whether Islam can be combined with Swedish society[1].





Sunni Muslims living in Germany are religious to an above-average degree; 92 percent identify themselves as being religious. Among Shiites in Germany, that number lies at 90 percent, and it is 77 percent for members of the Alevite community[1].


According to a study commissioned by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, 56 percent of Germans said they believed a "clash of cultures" already existed. 71 percent said they believed Islam to be "intolerant," some 91 per cent said they associated Islam with oppression of women. Asked if there should be a ban on the building of mosques in Germany as long as the building of churches in some Islamic states is forbidden, 56 per cent agreed. There was even considerable backing for ending Germany's constitutional right of freedom of religion with regard to Islam. Asked if strict limits should be imposed on the practice of Islam in Germany to protect the country, 40 per cent said they would support such moves[2].

Polls: 59-70 support the statement; ”There are too many immigrants in Germany”[3].






3. 59%: Financial Times/Harris Interactive, 19. februar 2007. 70%: Die Zeit, 8. mai 2008

UK Statistics


Poll: Almost 25% of British Muslims say the July 7 attacks can be justified[1]


Almost a quarter of British Muslims say the July 7 attacks, the atrocity which claimed 52 innocent lives can be justified because of the Government’s support for the ‘war on terror’.



Poll: 33% of Muslims said they disapprove of the freedoms allowed in this country (the UK) they would rather live under Sharia law[2].


Poll: 33% of Muslims said they also dream Britain will one day become an Islamic state[1].


Poll: Some 40% say Britain is a country of bad moral behaviour, while 66 per cent say British parents allow their children too much freedom. A total of 44 per cent would rather send their children to a state funded Muslim school[1].



- 86% of UK muslims consider ”my religion to be the most important thing in my life [3].

- 37% of muslims aged 16-24 say: we would prefer to live in the UK under Shariah law [3].

- 74% of muslims aged 16-24 say: we would prefer muslim women in the UK to wear the hijab [3].

- 13% of muslims aged 16-24 say: we admire Al Qaeda and understand the motives of the London bombers [3].



In a British poll from January 2007, a massive 82% disagreed (57% strongly) as to whether the government was in control of immigration. When asked if the government was "open and honest" about the scale of immigration into Britain, 80% disagreed[4].



80% of the Muslim children in Bradford, UK attends Quran school after regular school hours [5].



50% of Muslim individuals in Bradford, UK fetches a husband/wife from the country of origin via family re-unification arrangements. This has a “reversing” effect on integration. [6].



- 2009 [7]: 81% of the public are worried about the prospect of the population reaching 70million in 2028, as predicted by Whitehall statisticians. It is currently 61million.

- 78% say Alan Johnson is out of touch with people like them.

- 76% want to see net immigration - the number of migrants entering the country minus the number leaving - cut from its present level of 237,000 a year to 50,000 or less.

- Of that 76%, 32% want to see a policy of 'one in, one out' while 22% want to see no immigration at all.

- 64% of adults believe 'laws on immigration should be much tougher'.

- 9% said immigration should be halted completely.

- 7% favoured more relaxed immigration policies.

- 69% described immigration as either a 'big problem' or a 'very big problem'.


In a British poll from February 2010, a massive 70% shows their discontent with multiculturalism and Islamisation:


3 out of 5 Brits believe that the UK has become a broken country due to multiculturalism.


Voters are deeply pessimistic about the state of Britain today, believing that society is broken and heading in the wrong direction, a Populus poll for The Times has found.


Nearly three fifths of voters say that they hardly recognise the country they are living in, while 42 per cent say they would emigrate if they could.


It suggests that 70 per cent believe that society is now broken, echoing a Conservative campaign theme of the past two years, while 68 per cent say people who play by the rules get a raw deal and 82 per cent think it is time for a change.[8]






3. Policy Exchange Poll



6. Aftenposten, Oslo, Printed Edition, June 21st 2008

7. The Migrationwatch poll, conducted by ORB - Read more:



Pakistani statistics



- Pakistani Troops Pursuing al-Qaeda (Poll: Oct 2007)[1]


Do you favour or oppose the Pakistani army entering federally administered tribal areas to pursue and capture al Qaeda fighters?


Support: 44% vs. Oppose: 36%



These attitudes reflect Pakistani sympathy for Islamist goals. A substantial 60 percent [My emphasis] majority believes that "Shari'a should play a larger role in Pakistan law" than it does now. [1]



- Foreign Troops Pursuing al-Qaeda (Poll: Oct 2007)[1]


Do you think the Pakistan government should or should not allow American or other foreign troops to enter Pakistan to pursue and capture al-Qaeda fighters?


Support: 5% vs. Oppose: 80%


- Government by Islamic Principles (Poll: Jan 2008)[2]


How important is it for you to live in a country that is governed according to Islamic principles?


9 (0 = Not at all 10 = Absolutely)


- And how much do you think Pakistan is governed according to Islamic principles?


4,6 (0 = Not at all 10 = Absolutely)



So is the Pakistani public divided about the US? Apparently not. Overall about two-thirds (64%) do not trust the United States "to act responsibly in the world." Only 27 percent feel that the cooperation between Pakistan and the United States on security and military matters has benefited Pakistan. Most striking, 72 percent believe the U.S. military presence in Asia is a critical threat to Pakistan.


Iranian statistics [3]




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