Demonisation and Use of Language 

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Demonisation and Use of Language



"There are certain facts and stories from Korea that editors and publishers have printed which were pure fabrications... Many of us who sent the stories knew they were false, but we had to write them because they were official releases from responsible military headquarters and were released for publication even though the people responsible knew they were untrue."


Robert C Miller, United Press correspondent during the Korean War.



Nationalists/conservatives are always portrayed in a de-humanising manner.

Dissident views are undermined by demonising the people or organisations that have these views.


Smear campaign describing right wing dissidents as “Fascist Geert”, etc. is common on a pan-European, national and local level. The views of patriots/nationalists are always undermined by depicting them as freaks (negative highlights from their past will be used, or will be created).


Certain phrases are used to hide or distort dissident views. Dissident views are described as extreme and those who hold these views as extremists. Others are labelled as racists, fascists, Nazis, conspiracy theorists, militants or other disparaging names. Their views are meant to be ignored and are rarely argued against coherently.


When persecution is undertaken and intensified in the future by the Western European multiculturalist regimes, the opponents are demonised and the action justified by using a phrase such as: War on Fascism


Forces resisting the illegal Western European multiculturalist regimes are described as terrorists or right wing extremists. The phase indigenous resistance, resistance fighter is never as this would indicate a general resistance to the multiculturalist regimes.


B. The Western European multiculturalist regimes subsidise multiculturalist newspapers


People should be aware of the methods used by the Western European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes covertly subsidises its propaganda channels; the MSM (mainstream media). The so called “free press” in Western Europe is a myth and has never existed, despite our regimes unwavering efforts to tell us that this is the case. In many (if not all) Western European countries, only newspapers who support multiculturalism receives subsidy by the national regime and this has often been the case since the ideology of cultural Marxism/multiculturalism was implemented in the 50s, 60s or 70s (depending on country). For Norway and Sweden it has existed since the 70s.


The following overview documents how the multiculturalist regime in Norway subsidises multiculturalist propaganda newspapers (MSM) under an arrangement which can only resemble that of the former USSR. And yet, the Western European regimes dare calling themselves democratic. All newspaper opposing or critical of multiculturalism has by default lost any opportunity to receive the same subsidies resulting in a scenario where they struggle to provide efficient distribution for their products and thus for the marketing of their world view. The end result of this policy is that all media companies feel inclined to adapt to and adopt a multiculturalist view (a majority adapted to and adopted the “state view” during the 70s and 80s). These state subsidy arrangements is one of several reasons why there are now extremely few newspapers in Western Europe who are critical of multiculturalism. In many countries, such as Norway and Sweden, there isn’t a single newspaper representing the cultural conservatives…! The following guide illustrates how the Norwegian cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regime undemocratically subsidises the MSM to ensure that they remain loyal and forward the globalist/cultural Marxist/multiculturalist world view of the Norwegian Labour Party. I have not been able to create similar overviews for all Western European countries but I know similar practices exist in several countries.



The following overview illustrates how the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites of Norway fund their propaganda channels:


Newspapers in support of cultural Marxism/multiculti Daily Distribution (2009) Direct Subsidy (2009 - Euro) Indirect Subsidy* (1999 - Euro)
VG 262 374   26 875 000
Aftenposten 243 188   15 750 000
Dagbladet 105 255   15 125 000
Dagsavisen 31 400 4 800 000 1 750 000
Bergens Tidende 83 086   5 250 000
Adresseavisen 75 835   4 625 000
Bergensavisen 29 300 4 200 000 1 750 000
Vårt Land 27 000 4 500 000 1 500 000
Stavanger Aftenblad 65 298   3 625 000
Smaller publications in support of multiculti and other left wing extremist publications receiving direct or indirect financial support from the cultural Marxist/multicultural regime of Norway    
Nationen 16 000 3 125 000  
Klassekampen 11 400 2 625 000 (Marxist extremist views)  
Rogalands Avis 12 500 1 500 000  
Dagen 10 700 1 250 000  



Newspapers in opposition to the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist world view


  Norge IDAG Lost subsidy in 2008 Conservative Christian newspaper Not applied as they will never be approved


* - indirect subsidy means that the newspapers do not have to pay sales tax on their products.


Source: Numbers for direct/indirect subsidies are from 1999, daily publishing numbers are from 2009 but are not far from 1999 numbers



This above financial compensation, referred to as “press subsidy” (pressestøtte) is only given to certain companies after approval by the Norwegian Department of Culture, or more specifically: the Norwegian Media Authority (Medietilsynet) which council consists of cultural Marxist/multiculturalist members.


It is well known among Norwegian right wing political “dissidents” that the specific committee in this department has a very hostile view on all entities in opposition to multiculturalism. The only right wing newspaper, Norge IDAG (Christian) lost their subsidy in 2008, because the cultural Marxist committee in the Department of Culture decided that it was “best this way”.


I have not had the capacity to research all Western European countries when it comes to public subsidy of newspapers/news agencies in support of multiculturalism but I assume that equivalent systems have been set up by the other Western European regimes. Protecting their press/propaganda hegemony is one of their primary goals and is a concealed form of dictatorship rule which is unknown to 90% of patriotic Europeans.


The MA 100 alliance will do everything in their power to prevent the truth from coming out.



Pro Muslim media strategies


The following article from the Norwegian News corporation, VG, dated November 20th is a typical example of so called “free journalism” in Western Europe. The article shows two vandalised Muslim graves, allegedly perpetrated by Jews.



Jewish settlers vandalised mosque in Hebron – 20.11.08



What’s typical with these articles is that they are quite carefully chosen by an unknown journalist in VG and are often just taken from larger news databases, in this case NTB. The journalist hasn’t signed this article so it is impossible for us to track which individual was responsible for this action but he obviously got the approval of VG management.



This propaganda warfare has been ongoing for decades in Western Europe.



Now, when we check the Islamist database over Jihadi attacks that day located here:



it shows that 28 individuals were killed in 5 different Jihadi attacks that day.


Let’s summarise the attacks:



Date Country Area Killed Injured Comment
2008.11.20 Pakistan Swat     A local man is murdered by the Taliban for helping a Chinese engineer escape abduction.
2008.11.20 Pakistan Bajaur     A suicide bomber enters a rival mosque and takes out nine innocents.
2008.11.20 Afghanistan Khost     A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates outside an office building, sending eight Afghans to Allah.
2008.11.20 Iraq Kut     Sunni extremists invade a home and kill five residents, including children.
2008.11.20 Iraq Mosul     Two women are among five people murdered by terrorists while sitting in their vehicle.



Those were only the Muslim atrocities documented by that website alone. You can most likely add that a 100-200 native Europeans were either murdered, raped, beaten or robbed by Muslims living in Europe that day but these kind of attacks are not politically correct to report.



The fact that Western Journalists again and again systematically ignores serious Muslim attacks and rather focus on the Jews only adds to the stockpile of proof that all Western journalists support the EU’s Eurabia project, their enemy (based on coverage) is the Israeli and also often the Russian government.


Western European journalists, editors and publishers are guilty of facilitating Muslim crime (Jihad) by underreporting it.



These few examples of pro-Muslim propaganda illustrates that the Western European population are spoon fed with inaccuracies every single day. There are thousands of similar cases on a yearly basis. Obviously, not all articles about Islam are positive, but there is a disproportional balance that indirectly or directly protects Islam. Jihadi attacks are systematically covered up, ignored or toned down by Western journalists. There are more than 50 Jihadi terrorist attacks per month (on civilian targets, mostly non-Muslims). Yet, we only hear about one or two of these, usually accompanied with a similar dose of anti Israel/Russian propaganda to create an illusion that non-Muslims are just as “bad” as all the Muslim nuts combined.



Jihadi attacks per month


50 Jihadi attacks on non Muslims (Usually on native Europeans and in Thailand, Philippines, China, Dagestan, Chechnya, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Algeria). Several examples are classical Jihadi beheadings (not in Europe). Not to mention the outreach of contemporary slavery of Christians, Hindus in Muslim countries. There are thousands of examples of non-Muslim slaves in Muslim countries (who are slaves because they refuse to embrace Islam) and Western journalists are systematically ignoring it. Furthermore, there are several hundred thousand Christians and Animists in Sudan who have been systematically killed in the greatest modern Jihad in the 21st century, with funding of Saudi Arabia and even the US. Why do the journalists refuse to document these atrocities?


The answer is simple. Telling the truth would undermine multiculturalism (the Islamisation of Europe).


Western journalists and the UN are ignoring the biggest Jihadi genocide of modern times and usually only focus on the Congo conflict instead (the Ummah isn’t involved here so it’s a “politically correct” issue).




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