ТОП 10:

Horns'. We want you to pay for the first shipment in advance

and for the balance of the order --"

"Just a minute, Mr Balashov, not so fast, not so fast."

"Are you against advance payment?"

"I didn't say that. Are you going to grant us credit?"

"If you mean effecting payment by drafts, yes. And by US

dollar drafts at that."

"When will they fall due? I mean what kind of drafts will you
draw on us?" _

"We'll draw on you two or three months drafts. Does that suit you?"

*Yes, we'd prefer drafts at 90 or more days." "You're welcome. You didn't say anything about advance payment."

Argument is not worthwhile is it?"

"No, it is not. But you're not going to lose anything, Mr Cramer. The advance is only 10% of the total value of the tractors and we'll be giving you a Letter of Guarantee issued by the USSR Vnesheconombank (the Bank for Foreign Eco nomic Affairs - that's how it's called now), Moscow, to the effect that the advance money will be refunded in case of any failure on our part. That's a fact".

"Will that be a separate document apart from the contract itself?"

"No, it'll be an integral part of the contract in the form of its appendix."

; "That's good." "Shall we consider the terms of payment settled then?

: "I think so. That was the last but not the least point for today's discussion, wasn't it? And it's lunch time already Could I invite you all to our canteen? It's not bad at all, I can assure you."

: "Thank you. Oh, I didn't know until now I was that hungry.

: "I'm hungry as a hunter2 myself. It's proof that talks like any hard labour take a lot of energy. But fine words butter no parsnips".3

: fc (laughing) "I agree. It's no use preaching to a hungry man."4 "Shall we go now?"

: "Well, perhaps, we'll wash our hands first".

: "Naturally,5 well find the place on our way to the canteen."

: "Off we start then. After you, 6Mr Cramer."

otes on the text:

Let's take the bull by the horns. Давайте возьмем быка за рога. Взять быка за рога, т.е. действовать напрямик, действовать ре­шительно.

I'm hungry as a hunter соответствует в русском языке: "Я голо­ден, как волк." (hunter - охотник).

Fine words butter no parsnips - Соловья баснями не кормят. ("Прекрасные слова не добавят масла в пастернак."). It's no use preaching to a hungry man - Соловья баснями не кор­мят (Без толку читать проповеди голодному человеку"). Naturally. - Конечно! Безусловно! Синонимом является слово "Certainly." В этом случае нельзя, неправомерно употреблять "Of course", так как это означает "само собой разумеется: разве вы в этом сомневаетесь?!" И употребление "Of course" в таких ответах звучит поэтому очень грубо. Это довольно типичная ошибка русских учащихся, изучающих английский язык и пола­гающих, что взятый из словаря перевод слова "конечно" - "of course" можно употреблять в ответах на вопросы, типа: "Сап you do it today? " или "Have you done it yourself?" и т.д. Однако no указанной выше причине нужно избегать употреблять здесь "Of course". Более вежливо и правильно ответить: "Yes, I think I can". - Да, конечно." и "Naturally" - "Конечно. Безусловно." 'Пример правильного употребления "Of course" (не в ответах!): "Of course, unloading is for the Sellers1 account" Само собой раз­умеется, что разгрузка производится за счет продавца." After you. - После Вас . Это выражение употребляется, когда вы пропускаете другого человека пройти вперед перед вами, осо­бенно женщину, что является обязательным по этикету и соот­ветствует в русском языке: "Проходите, пожалуйста!"


The contract of sale stipulates/apart from the object of the Igreement (the goods)/ the price and the terms of delivery (price and Irunsport clauses), which constitute the framework of the subsequent Igreements on financing, insurance and transport.

In accordance with the responsibilities of the parties in respect of le expenses of delivery and the risks of accidental damage to or loss 1 the goods there may be various terms of delivery.

Details of mutual obligations of counterparts referring to terms of plivery are given in the official issue of the Incoterms, 1980, which Mcrrmnes the meaning and effects of certain transport clauses used in llcrnational trade. Over past years certain transport clauses have been apted to the demands caused by container transportaion, the so­iled Combiterms.

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