ТОП 10:

Raw materials have risen steeply since our original quotation, and






we could now accept your order only at the rates quoted on the price list attached."


'And these arguments are to be thoroughly thought over and prepared before the talks,* which is more often than not un­derestimated by some inexperienced businessmen, say in our branch ministries or factories, who have just started to make business contacts direct."

"I agree. It's never late to learn. Also, there's always room for improvement."

A. "And in general you should always bear in mind business etiquette
whose main values (principles) are decency and honesty,
straitforwardness and integrity, the sense of obligation and duty."

B. "Yes. A businessmen should always be as good as his word, avoid
deceit or cheating in money matters and fulfil at any cost
obligations taken if he wants to have long-standing commercial
relations with his counterparts."

Note on the text. 1) Нужно помнить, что в цене на потребительские товары англий­ским продавцом предусматривается (сразу закладывается) торговая скидка (a trade discount), и это следует уторговывать. Такая торго­вая скидка оптовика розничным торговцам может достигать 25-35 % и выше.

Questions for discussion: 1. How can you describe the general atmosphere of the talks? Why is it important? 2. What can you say about the behaviour of those participating in the talks? 3. In which countries is it not customary to shake hands? And which is it an offence if you don't? 4. What other habits can you name that may be useful to remember? 5. How and why is it necessary to get ready for the coming com­ mercial talks? 6. What can you say about the English national character? 7. What are the three rules the American businessmen are guided by? Discuss in detail each of them? 8. What else is important to make the talks a success and why?

XVIII. После обсуждения вышеприведенных вопросов выполните следующие задания 1) Обсудите приведенные доводы при уторговании цены, добавьте свои собственные. 2) Продумайте, какие доводы можно привести при согласовании других статей контракта (время и сроки поставки, условия пла­ тежа и др.)

A. "Successful businessmen know very well that being honest is not only decent, but very profitable because mutual confidence (trust) is the cornerstone of commerce."




Agree v.

Prp. to agree to, with

e.g. I agree with what you Я согласен с тем, что вы говори-
say. те.


To agree with smb., smb.'s opinion соглашаться с кем-л., с чьим-л.

Point of view мнением, точкой зрения

To agree to a plan, an offer, a suggestion, a price соглашаться с чем-л.-на что-л.,

luggestion, а рпсе с планом, предложением, ценой

Ant. to disagree agree about smth. e.g. Have you agreed about the price yet? Syn.to come to terms, to come to an agreement agree on (upon) smth e.g. All the points have been agreed on by the end of the talks. W.comb. unless otherwise agreed (on) 2. suggest v.

Не соглашаться

Договориться о чем-л.

Вы уже договорились о цене?

прийти к соглашению, догово­риться

согласовывать что-л. К концу переговоров все пункты были согласованы. если иначе не согласовано, если иное не установлено (соглаше­нием сторон)


to suggest alterations to suggest amendments

предлагать (советовать, реко­мендовать)

Предлагать изменения

Предлагать поправки

to offer goods to offer services


3. suggestion n.

Предлагать товар - предлагать услуги


suggestion of a plan suggestion of a change

предложение (совет, рекоменда­ция)

]предложение плана предложение изменения




An offer of the goods an offer of services

Syn.a proposal (offic.) 4. negotiation (s) n.

W.comb. by means of negotiation

To carry on (conduct) negotiation (s) Syn. talks

W.comb. the negotiation of a

Letter of credit 5. negotiable a.

W.comb. a negotiable

Document (draft, letter of credit)

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