She gave him another sort of smile, just a trifle roguish; she lowered her

Eyelids for a second and then raising them gazed at him for a little with that

Soft expression that people described as her velvet look. She had no object in

Doing this. She did it, if not mechanically, from an instinctive desire to please.

The boy was so young, so shy, he looked as if he had such a nice nature, and

she would never see him again, she wanted him to have his money's worth;

She wanted him to look back on this as one of the great moments of his life.

She glanced at the photograph again. She liked to think she looked like that.

The photographer had so posed her, with her help, as to show her at her best.

Her nose was slightly thick, but he had managed by his lighting to make it

Look very delicate, not a wrinkle marred the smoothness of her skin, and there

Was a melting look in her fine eyes.


"All right (хорошо). You shall have this one (вы получите эту). You know I'm

not a beautiful woman (вы знаете, что я не красивая женщина), I'm not even a

very pretty one (я даже не хорошенькая); Coquelin always used to say (Коклен

всегда говорил) I had the beautй du diable (фр. = devilish beauty; что у меня

дьявольская красота). You understand French, don't you (вы понимаете по-

французски, не так ли)."

"Enough for that (достаточно, чтобы понять это)."

"I'll sign it for you (я подпишу ее для вас)."



Мультиязыковой проект Ильи Франка




She sat at the desk (она села к столу) and with her bold, flowing hand wrote (и

своим четким, беглым почерком): Yours sincerely, Julia Lambert (искренне

Ваша, Джулия Лэмберт).


beautiful ['bju:tIf(q)l] pretty ['prItI] sincerely [sIn'sIqlI]


"All right. You shall have this one. You know I'm not a beautiful woman, I'm

Not even a very pretty one; Coquelin always used to say I had the beautй du

diable. You understand French, don't you?"

"Enough for that."

"I'll sign it for you."

She sat at the desk and with her bold, flowing hand wrote: Yours sincerely,

Julia Lambert.




WHEN the two men had gone (когда мужчины: «двое мужчин» ушли) she

looked through the photographs again (она снова просмотрела фотографии; to

look smth. through — просмотреть что-либо до конца) before putting them

back (до того, как положила их обратно).

"Not bad for a woman of forty-six (не плохо для женщины сорока шести /лет/),"

she smiled (улыбнулась она). "They are like me (/конечно/ они похожи на

меня; like — подобный, похожий), there's no denying that (невозможно

отрицать этого; to deny — отрицать, не признавать, отпираться)." She

looked round the room (она оглядела комнату) for a mirror (/в поиске/ зеркала),

but there wasn't one (но /в комнате/ не было ни одного /зеркала/). "These

damned decorators (эти проклятые декораторы). Poor Michael (бедный Майкл),

no wonder (не удивительно) he never uses this room (/что/ он никогда не

пользуется этой комнатой). Of course (конечно) I never have photographed well



Мультиязыковой проект Ильи Франка




(я никогда не выходила хорошо на фотографиях; to photograph well — быть


She had an impulse (она испытала желание; impulse — удар, побудительная

причина, порыв) to look at some of her old photographs (посмотреть на

некоторые свои старые фотографии). Michael was a tidy (Майкл был

аккуратным), business-like man (практичным /человеком/; business-like —

деловой, деловитый, пунктуальный), and her photographs were kept (и ее

фотографии хранились: «держались») in large cardboard cases (в больших

картонных коробках), dated and chronologically arranged (/все/ датированные и

расположенные в хронологическом порядке; to date — датировать,

проставлять дату, to arrange — приводить в порядок, систематизировать).

His were in other cardboard cases (его /фотографии/ хранились в других

картонных коробках) in the same cupboard (в том же стенном шкафу).


deny [dI'naI] mirror ['mIrq] chronologically ["krOnq'lOdZIkqlI]


WHEN the two men had gone she looked through the photographs again

Before putting them back.

"Not bad for a woman of forty-six," she smiled. "They are like me, there's no

denying that." She looked round the room for a mirror, but there wasn't one.

"These damned decorators. Poor Michael, no wonder he never uses this room.

Of course I never have photographed well."

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