Exercise V. Define the methods in which the following geographical names below have to be translated into English.

Алабама (p.), Алабама (штат США), Азорські острови, Апандські острови, Алжир (країна і столиця), Альпи, Амазонка, Азовське море, Аральське море, р.Буг, Говерла, Арктика, Атлантика, Багамські о-ви, Бенґальська затока, оз. Верхнє, Гавайські о-ви, Ґобі (пустеля), Ґрампіанські гори, оз. Гурон, м. Данді/Дербі, р. Дунай, Кривбас, м.Едінбурґ, оз. Ейре, м. Житомир/Запоріжжя, Ірландське море, м. Кельн, Лестер, Ліворно, Лідс, Маґелланова протока, гори Маккензі, острів Мен, р. Міссурі, р. Прип'ять, м. Мюнхен, м. Новий Орлеан, р. Огайо, оз. Онтаріо, Оркнейські о-ви, Піренеї, м. Ростов-на-Дону, Сахара (пустеля), Невада (пустеля і штат), Керченська протока, Кримський перешийок, ос. Святої Єлени, Сейшельські о-ви, Соломонові о-ви, р. Темза, м. Ворик, м. Франкфурт-на-Майні, м.Аахен.

Exercise VI. Translate the names of the following English and American trade unions into Ukrainian:

1. ACTW, Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers (USA).

2. AUEW, Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers (USA).

3. AAEE, American Association of Electrical Engineers. 4. AAA, Ameri
can Automobile Association. 5. ASLEF, Associated Society of Loco
motive Engineers and Firemen. 6. NUT, National Union of Teachers
(Gr. Br.). 7. SE, Scottish Electricals. 8. TGWU, Transport and General
Workers Union (Gr. Britain ). 9. UPOW, Union of Post Office Workers
(Gr. Br.). 10. UMWA, United Mine Workers of America.
11. UAWU, United Auto Workers Union. 12. USWA, United Shoe Work
ers of America. 13. UTWA, United Textile Workers of America. 14. The
AFL - CIO, the American Federation of Labour - the Congress of In
dustrial Organizations. 15. UPS, United Parcel Service (USA).

Exercise VII. Translate the following names of Ukrainian trade unions into English. Define the method they are to be rendered:

1. Профспілка працівників будівельної промисловості України. 2. Профспілка працівників енергетичної промисловості України. 3. Профспілка працівників гірнично-рудної промисловості України. 4. Профспілка працівників м'ясо-молочної промисловості України. 5. Профспілка працівників машинобудівної промисловості України. 6. Профспілка працівників охорони здоров'я України. 7. Профспілка працівників освіти, вищої школи та наукових установ України. 8. Профспілка працівників суднобудівної промисловості України. 10. Профспілка працівників хімічної промисловості України.

Exercise VIII. Translate the names of the following English public bodies into Ukrainian:

a) 1. Amateur Athletic Association. 2. The British Field Sports Society. 3. Royal Geographical Society. 4. New Economic Foundation. 5. Greenpeace. 6. The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. 7. Boy Scouts Association. 8. British Association for the Security and Cooperation in Europe. 9. British Institute of Public Opinion (Gullop Poll). 10. British Medical Association. 11. CPDS, Centre for Political and Diplomatic Studies (Oxford). 12. IATEFL International Association for Teaching English as a Foreign Language 13. Central Office of Information. 14. Department of Education and Science. 14. Department of Employment. 15. Duke of Humphrey's Library (Oxford Univ.) 16. Inner London Education Authority. 17. London County Council. 18. London Stock Exchange. 19. (Public) Record Office.

20. Royal Exchange. 21. Royal Mint. 22. Royal National Institute for the Blind/Deaf. 23. Joint Nature Conservation Committee environmental protection (Gr. Br.) 24. European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. 25. UN Security Council. 26. CBIE Canadian Bureau for International Education. 27. The Democratic Party. 28. The Republican Party (USA). 29. The Royalist Party. 30. The Christian Democratic Party of Ukraine. 31. The Lovers of Beer Party (Ukraine). 32. The Women AdmirersParty (Ukraine).

b) Find Ukrainian equivalents for the English public bodies below and translate the sentences into Ukrainian:

1. There is a broad consensus that the Social Security system needs reform, but little agreement on what should be done, and many of the important organizations in the debate are formulating their strategies. 2. The AFL-CIO, which has focused on Wall Street as an adversary in the campaign ahead, is seeking to protect a financial safety net for low-income workers, as well as to maintain a central role for government in public benefit programmes. 3. Even the AFL-CIO, however, favours investing Social Security money in the stock and bond markets, although it wants the money controlled by the government, and not put in the hands of private investors. 4. The Hong Kong Aircrew Officers' Association said pilots had been complaining of a loud buzzing in their ears that forced them to quickly change to another frequency to maintain contact with air-traffic control. 5. The strike was called by the Histadrut Trade Union Federation to protest tax increases, budget cuts and privatization plans of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government. 6. The meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) ended Friday in Copenhagen. 7. The Ukrainian Union of Businessmen became a member of the International Organization of Employers (ЮЕ). 8. Abraham Katz, president of the U.S.Council for International Business and deputy chairman of the ЮЕ executive committee, noted at the meeting that the success of reforms in Ukraine is defined by the level and speed of investments, both domestic and foreign. 9. Residents of the Bukit Gombak public housing estate in the central part of the main island of Singapore have a powerful inducement to end their support for the opposition and vote for the candidate of the governing People's Action Party. 10. Janice Shields of the U.S.Public Interest Research Group and Chris Privett of the American Society of Travel Agents, blamed airline pricing policies for the wide range of prices, saying «there may be up to 100,000 fare changes a day». 11. Mr. Rajavi married Maryam,

a metallurgical engineer who had been a student leader in Tehran, and together they established the National Liberation Army, the military wing of the National Council of Resistance, a coalition of Iranian opposition groups abroad. 12. The International Monetary Fund's 2nd European Department mission to Ukraine yesterday conducted meetings with the government officials. 13. The European Union - Ukraine joint committee ended its four-day meeting in Brussels. The Ukrainian delegation was led by Roman Shpek, the head of National Agency for Reconstruction and Development (NARD). 14. 86 percent of the apartments in the high-rise blocks of Bukit Batok are being built and sold at much less than free-market rates by the government's Housing and Development Board. 15. Vancouver International Airport operated at only 10 per cent capacity Sunday and was struggling to get planes moving Monday. 16. National Railway trains were at a standstill, according to the Canadian Wheat Board, which sends most of its grain by train to the port of Vancouver.

Exercise (/.Translate the names of companies (corporations) below and define the method they are to be rendered:

a) 1. Allied Breweries. 2. British Aircraft Corporation. 3. British
Leyland Motor Corporation. 4. British National Oil Corporation.
5. British Overseas Airways Corporation. 6. British Shoe Corporation.
7. Educational Supply Association. 8. Elswick-Hopper Cycle & Motor
Co. 9. General Electric Co. Ltd. 10. Ashanti Goldfields Company Ltd.
(Ghana) 11. Philips Records Co. 12. Radio and Allied Industries Co.
13 Rugby Portland Cement. 14. Standard Telephones and Cables.
15 Triplex Safety Glass Co. 16. Typhoo Tea Ltd. Co. 17. ABC (Ameri
can Broadcasting Company). 18. CBC (Columbia Broadcasting Sys
tem). 19. NPR (National Public Radio).

b) Suggest the methods of translation into Ukrainian of
the names of English and foreign companies in the sentences

1. Ask a middle-aged working man in the north of England what he and his friends contemplated doing when they left school 20 years ago and you get only two answers: They would work in the shipyards or the coal pits, for companies with names like Swan Hunter, British Shipbuilders, Cammell Laird and British Cod. 2. Ask a secondary-school graduate now where he or she is likely to wind up working and you will hear very different-sounding names: companies called Samsung, Daewoo, LG Electronics, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Woo One, Tatung or maybe Poong Jeon or Sung Kwang. 3. It is a sign of one of the most dramatic changes in modern industrial

history: the growing dependence of Britain, a rich country that once ruled a great empire, on South Korea and Taiwan, once poor, developing countries, to solve the chronic problems of unemployment left behind when the coal mines and the shipyards closed.

Exercise X. Suggest all possible ways of approach to translating into Ukrainian the following titles of newspapers, magazines (journals):

1. Contemporary Review (literary-political monthly, Lnd.). 2. Contemporary Life (British farmer's weekly). 3. Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph (and Morning Post), The Economist (all of conservative orientation). 4. Daily Mirror, Daily Sketch. 5. The Evening News, The Star, Evening Standard (Conservative dailies, Lnd.)., Scotsman (Edingb.), Yorkshire Post, Financial Times (Conservative), The Times (Lnd.). 6. Punch (satirical and humorous weekly), 8. The Guardian International. 9. Mainichi Shimbun (Japan). 10. Hong Kong Standard. 11. Korea Times (South Korea). 12. Ottawa Citizen (Canada). 13. Australia News. 14. USAToday. 15. Kyiv Post (Ukraine).

Exercise XI. Translate the following sentences containing the titles of American news media into Ukrainian:

1. American newspapers get much of their news from two news agencies - AP (Associated Press ) and UPI (United Press International). 2. The record for a Sunday paper in the United States is held by The New York Times. One issue on a Sunday in 1965 contained 946 pages, weighed 36 pounds, and cost 50 cents. 3. In 1986 a total of 9,144 newspapers (daily, Sunday, weekly, etc.) appeared in 6.516 towns in the United states. 4. Most of the daily newspapers are published, rain or shine, on Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the Fourth of July (Independence Day). 5. Among the twenty newspapers with the largest circulation only two or three regularly feature crime, sex, and scandal. 6. The paper with the largest circulation, The Wall Street Journal, is a very serious newspaper indeed. 7. The Wall Street Journal can be found throughout the country. Yet, one wouldn't expect The Milwaukee Journal to be read in Boston, or The Boston Globe in Houston. 8. Three of the better- known American newspapers The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times not only collect but also sell news, news features, and photographs to hundreds of other papers in the U.S.and abroad. 9. In one famous example, an expose of the CIA in The New York Times, also appeared in 400 other American newspapers and was picked up or used in some way by hundreds more overseas. 10. «Picked up» is not quite right. Such stories are copyrighted and other newspapers

must pay for their use. 11. Some American papers are of international excellence, namely: The Christian Science Monitor, The (Baltimore) Sun, the St. Louis Dispatch, The Milwaukee Journal. 12. In a large international survey of newspaper editors, The New York Times was ranked by most as world's top daily. 13. Among the largest daily U.S.newspapers (1986) also are: (New York) Daily News, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Post, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, The Chicago Sun Times, (The Long Island) Newsday, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe. 14. There are more than 4,000 monthly, and over 1,300 weekly magazines in the USA.15. Quite a few of them have international editions, are translated into other languages or have «daughter editions» as National Geographic, Reader's Digest, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Time, Newsweek, Scientific American, and Psychology Today. 16. Some American periodicals treat serious educational, political, and cultural topics at length. The best-known of these include The Atlantic Monthly, Harvard Educational Review, Saturday Review, Consumer Reports, The New Republic, National Review, Foreign Affairs, Smithsonian (published by the Smithonian Institution in Washington, D.C.), and, of course, Family Circle, Woman's Day, or National Enquirer.

Exercise XII. Translate the titles of the following Ukrainian and foreign newspapers, magazines and journals into English:

A. «Народна газета», «Українське слово», «Слово
Просвіти», «Освіта» «Голос України», «Урядовий Кур'єр»,
«Київська правда», «Літературна Україна», «Комерсант»,
«Молодь України», «Демократична Україна», «Сільські вісті»,
«Народна армія», «Київські Відомості», «Независимость»,
«Чорноморський моряк», «Шевченків край» (Звенигородська
райгаз.), журнали: «Дзвін», «Березіль», «Україна», «Вітчизна»,
«Дніпро», «Київ», «Всесвіт», «Слобожанщина» (письм. журнал,
Харків), «Холодний Яр» (письм. журнал, Черкаси), «Сучасність»
(літ.-політ. журнал), «Мовознавство», «Іноземні мови», «Слово і
час», «Іноземна філологія» (Львівський університет), «Теорія і
практика перекладу» (КНУ-т ім.Т.Шевченка).

B. Foreign Newpapers: «Жіцє Варшави»; «Парі Суар»
(Франція), «Франкфуртер Альґемайне», «Зюддойче Цайтунґ»
(Німеччина), «Паезесера», «Ґазеттаделло спорт», «Ла Републіка»
(Італія), «Известия», «АргументьІ й фактьі»» (Росія), «Борба»
(Югославія), «Правда» (Словаччина).

Translate the following names of news agencies into English: Агентство Великої Британії Рейтер (Ройтер), агентство Франс-Прес, Новості/АПН, Укрінформ, ДІНАУ Укрінформ, «Карпати» (Україна), агентство ПАП (Польща), агентство Ніппон судзін (Японія), агентство Сіньхуа (Китайська Нар. Респ.), Дойче Нахріхтена^ентур (Німеччина), С1-ЕН-ЕН, Ассошіейтед Прес (США).

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