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Exercise I. Define the nature of each idiom below depend­ing on the way it is to be translated into Ukrainian:

1. an eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth; 2. custom (habit, use) is a second nature; 3. he laughs best who laughs last; 4.. let bygons be bygons; 5. like two drops of water; 6. look before you leap; 7. my little finger told me that; 8. a new broom sweeps clean; 9. no bees, no honey; no work, no money; 10. (one) can't see before one's nose; 11. (one) can't say boh to the goose; 12. to pick one's chestnuts out of the fire; 13. a prodigal son; 14. (as) proud as a peacock; 15. to return like for like; 16. to see smth. with the corner of one's eye; 17. there is no smoke without fire; 18. a tree of knowl­edge; 19. a voice in the wilderness; 20. to wipe off the disgrace; 21. to wipe one/smth. off the face/surface of the earth; 22. with open arms; 23. with a rope round one's neck; 24. whom God would ruin, he first deprives of reason; 25. it is a bold mouse that nestles in the cat's ear; 26. fire and water are good servants but bad masters; 27. he who is born a fool is never cured; 28. beauty is a fading flower; 29. a bad beginning makes a bad ending (Greek); 30. a full belly makes a dull brain; 31. the belly is not filled with fair words; 32. bread and circus; 33. fair words fat few; 34. between the devil and the deep; 35. like water off the feathers of a duck; 36. what is writ is writ; 37. no sweet without sweat; 38. first come, first served; 39. eyes are bigger than the stomach; 40. not blink an eye; 41. work like a dog; 42. walk on air; 43. work one's fingers to the bone; 44. Alpha and Omega; 45. physician, heal thyself; 46. the salt of the earth.

Exercise II. Suggest Ukrainian near equivalents for the idi­omatic expressions below. Use part b) of the exercise for the purpose:

a) 1. To kill two birds with a stone. 2. A good beginning makes a good ending (A good beginning is half the battle). 3. To kiss the post. 4. To know as one knows one's ten fingers/to have something at one's finger tips. 5. To laugh the wrong side of one's mouth. 6. To lay something for a rainy day. 7. He that diggeth a pit for another should look that he fall not into it himself. 8. To lick one's boots. 9. Lies have short legs. 10. Life is not a bed of roses. 11. To make one's blood run cold. 12. Measure twice and cut once. 13. More royalist than the king. 14. As naked as a worm. 15. Nobody home. 16. No sooner said than done. 17. Not to lift a finger. 18. An old dog will learn no new tricks. 19. Old foxes need no tutors. 20. To buy a pig in a poke. 21. To play one's game. 22. To pour water in (into, through) a sieve. 23. To praise smb. beyond the skies/the moon. 24. As pretty as a picture. 25. As handsome as a paint. 26. Not to have a penny/a sixpence/a dime to bless oneself. 27. Not to have a shirt (rag) to one's back. 28. Not to know A from B. 29. To put spokes in one's wheel 30. Pride goes (comes) before a fall/destruction. 31. To prom­ise mountains and marvels. 32. One fool makes many. 33. The voice of one is the voice of none. 34. One step above the sublime makes the ridiculous. 35. On Monday morning don't be looking for Saturday night. 36. As pale as a corpse (as ashes, death). 37. Let George do it.

b) 1. Одним ударом (махом) двох зайців убити. 2. Добре

199розпочати - півділа зробити. 3. Поцілувати замок. 4. Знати, як свої п'ять пальців. 5. На кутні сміятися. 6. Відкладати щось на чорний день. 7. Хто іншому яму копає, той сам у неї потрапляє. 8. Лизати п'яти (комусь). 9. Брехнею далеко не заїдеш (весь світ пройдеш, та назад не вернешся). 10. Життя прожити - не поле перейти (на віку, як на довгій ниві). 11. Кров у жилах холоне. 12. Сім раз відміряй (одмір), а раз відріж (утни). 13. Більший католик, ніж папа римський. 14. Голий, як бубон. 15. Не всі вдома (однієї клепки не вистачає). 16. Сказав, як зав'язав (сказано-зроблено). 27. Пальцем не поворухне. 18. Старого не перевчиш (вченого вчити - тільки час марнувати). 19. Не вчи вченого. 20. Купити (купувати) кота в мішку. 21. Танцювати під чиюсь дудку. 22. Носити воду в решеті. 22. Підносити когось до небес. 24. Гарна, як квітка (як яблучко). 25. Гарний, як червінець. 26. Не мати шеляга/копійки за душею. 27. Сорочки на плечах не мати. 28. Ні бе, ні ме, ні кукуріку. 29, Вставляти палиці комусь в колеса. ЗО. Гордість (пиха) до добра не доводить. 31. Обіцяти золоті гори. 32. Дурість заразлива. 33. Один у полі не воїн. 34. Від великого до смішного-один крок. 35. Шукати вчорашнього дня. 36. Білий, як стіна (як крейда, як полотно). 37. Іван киває на Петра.

Exercise III. Suggest Ukrainian single word equivalents for the following English phraseological and set expressions:1. all for naught; 2. a shot in the blue; 3. a simple innocent; 4. to sink to destitution; 5. the small of the night (the small hours of the night); 6. soft in the brain (head); 7. Before you can say Jack Robinson; 8. mother's strawberry/mark; 9. breathe one's last; 10. by word of mouth; 11. tender years; 12, to the end of time; 13. to the purpose; 14. white liver; 15. will and testament; 16. with a bold front; 17. with a faint heart; 18. with a good grace; 19. with one's tongue in one's cheek; 20. a young Tartar; 21. you try us; 22. as the crow flies.

Exercise IV. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian. De­fine the ways in which the idioms in them are to be translated.1. «I feel on the top of the world. I feel like a million dollars.» (Maugham). 2. The sole object of their lives is to be always playing with fire. (O. Wilde) 4. Joe felt he wanted putting himself into George's shoes. (J. Brian) 5. Don't talk rot. (D. Cusak) 6. «Don't think I am trying to pry into your affairs», - went on the politician. (T. Dreiser). 7. «The other chap, Profond, is a queer fish. I think he's hanging round Soames' wife, if you ask me!» (J. Galsworthy) 8. Little Jolyon was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. (Ibid.) Keep your eye upon him in the meanwhile, and don't talk about it. He is as mad as a March hare. (Ch. Dickens) 10. The proof of the pudding is in its eating. (S.Maugham) 11. A bird in the hand was worth two in the bush. (Ibid.) 12. Walter knew which side his bread was buttered. (Ibid.) 13. Why not cure unemployment by a National Slum Clearance effort, and kill the two birds with one stone. (J.Galsworthy) 14. However, I must bear my cross as best as I may: least said is soonest mended. (B. Shaw) 15. Oh, well, it's no good crying over spilt milk. (S.Maugham) 16. Her absence had been a relief. Out of sight was out of mind! (J. Galsworthy) 17. «He'll never set the Thames on fire»,-said Soames. (Ibid.) 18. «Silly little thing to try to put a spoke into my wheel.» (S.Maugham) 19. The apple of discord had, indeed, been dropt into the house of Millbornes. (T. Hardy) 20. The poor man's alarm was pitiful. His bread and butter was at stake. (J. London) 21. «I shall let sleeping dogs lie, my child». (J. Galsworthy) 22. The boy is very dear and the apple of her eye. (Ibid.) 23. You've landed yourself in a help­less mess. And I wash my hands of you. (A.Cronin) 24. You know the expression: «She has made her bed, she must lie on tf.»(lbid.) 25. «After all, the proof of the pudding's in the eating». 26. «Yes, I couldn't make head or tail of it.» 27. «You can twist her round your little finger.» 28. «Oh, I don't care a hang about that.» 29. «He says you just eat out of his hand». 30. «By God, if you had, that old hag would have had you out of the play, you're in now before you could say knife». 31. «She almost wished he wasn't going tomorrow so that she could have the pleasure of turning him out bag and bag­gage». 32. And to dare to treat her like that, a twopenny halfpenny little man in the city.» 33. «Poor lamb, he must be as poor as a church mouse». 34. Oh, well, in for a penny, in for a pound.» 31. «I never slept a wink all night for thinking of you,» he said. 35. «It's quite obvious that you don't care two straws for me.» 36. «That was quite another pair of shoes». 37. «After all sh*e must be tolerant, he was only a boy, and if you must cross your t's, she was old enough to be his mother». 38. «Wish me luck», he whispered, as he turned from her to enter the lift. It's almost too good to be true.» 39. «She had never seen him in evening clothes before. He shone like a new pin». 40. «...she wanted him to have his money's worth». (S.Maugham) 41. Ask them - for pity's sake to stop the gramophone (A.Cronin)

Exercise V. Compare each English idiom with its corre­sponding Ukrainian equivalent below. Other all possible ways in which they can be translated.

1. like teacher, like pupil; 2. let the dead bury the dead; 3. he who keeps company with the wolves, will learn to howl; 4. the morning sun never lasts a day; 5. to keep a body and soul together; 6. murder will out; 7. of all birds give me mutton; 8. one could have heard a pin drop; 9. one today is worth two tomorrows; 10. one rotten apple decays the bushel; 11. people who are too sharp cut their own fingers; 12. pie in the sky; 13. pigs grunt about everything and noth­ing; 14. pitch darkness; 15. to play a dirty (mean, nasty) trick on one; 16. to point out a mote in one's eye; 17. to poison the fountains of trust; 18. a pretty penny; 19. a pretty little pig makes an ugly sow; 20. to keep one's tongue between one's teeth; 21. to make it hot for one; 22. to make mince meat/to make meat of smth.; 23. more power to your elbow; 24. to pull one's leg; 25. every dog has his day; 26. this is too thin; 27. to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds; 28. a saint's words and cat's claws; 29. one's sands are running out; 30. never bray at an ass; 31 .to find a mare's nest; 32. sounding brass; 33. to talk through one's hat; 34. to talk a dog's (horse's) hind leg off; 35. to touch bottom; 36. company in distress makes sorrow less; 37. tit for tat; 38. tomorrow come never; 39. weeds want no sowing; 40. we got the coach up the hill; 41. what's Hecuba to me/to you; 42. when bees are old they yield no honey; 43. the wind in a man's face makes him wise; 44. scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. 45. To kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

Exercise VI. Translate in viva voce the following phraseo­logical/idiomatic expressions, proverbs and saying into Eng­lish. Define the ways in which their meaning can be faithfully conveyed:

1. який Сава, така й слава; 2. що було, то загуло; 3. з ким поведешся, того й наберешся; 4. на світі нема нічого вічного; 5. ледве зводити кінці з кінцями; 6. шила в мішку не сховаєш; 7. найкраща риба -ковбаса /гарна птиця ковбаса; 8. тихо, яку вусі /чути,, як трава росте; 9. не відкладай на завтра те, що можна зробити сьогодні; 10. одна паршива вівця всю отару поганить; 11. хто сміється, тому не минеться; 12. краще жайворонок у руці, ніж журавель у небі; 13. людям язиків не зав'яжеш; 14. темно, хоч в око стрель; 15. підвезти воза /підкласти свиню; 16. чуже бачити аж під лісом, а свого й під носом не помічати; 17. підірвати довір'я до себе; 18. грошей добру копійку /грошей дай Боже; 19. всі дівчата, мов квітки, а звідки погані баби беруться; 20. тримати язик за зубами/ ні.пари з уст; 21. дати прочухана /нагріти чуба; 22. не лишити каменя на камені; 23. ні пуху, ні луски; 24. морочити комусь голову; 25. козак не без долі /і в наше віконце ще загляне сонце; 26. білими нитками шито; 27. служити і вашим, і нашим; 28. м'яко стеле, та твердо спати; 29. недовго (комусь) ряст топтати; ЗО. не водись з дурнем; 31. попасти пальцем у небо; 32. пусті слова /балачки; 33. верзти нісенітницю; 34. наговорити сім мішків /кіп гречаної вовни; 35. узнати/спізнати, по чім ківш лиха; 36. в гурті і смерть не страшна /поділене горе - півгоря; 37. око за око/зуб за зуб; 38. обіцянка-цяцянка, а дурному радість; 39. дурнів не орють, не сіють (а вони самі родяться); 40. знайте нас: ми кислиці - то з нас квас; 41. а яке мені діло/ моя хата з краю; 42. був кінь, та з'їздився; 43. біда вимучить, біда й навчить; 44. рука руку миє. 45. Зарізати курку, що несла золоті яйця.

Exercise VII. Choose in part B of the exercise below the corresponding English equivalents (відповідники) for the fol­lowing Ukrainian idiomatic/phraseological expressions and sub­stantiate the way in which you decided to translate them.

A. 1. виїденого яйця не вартий; 2. я не я, і хата не моя/ моя хата з краю; 3. купається /плаває, як вареник у маслі; 4. як тільки язик повертається; 5. як сніг на голову; 6. лупцювати, як Сидорову козу; 7. (дивитися) як цап /баран на нові ворота 8. спіймати облизня; 9. чув дзвін, та не знає, не він; 10. як чугуївська верства (високий); 11. чого я там не бачив; 12. спасти на думку; 13. отримати прочухана; 14. рости, як із води; 15. здоров'я -найдорожчий скарб; 16. розбити глек із кимсь; 17. розв'язувати руки комусь; 18. сім п'ятниць на тиждень; 19. кашу маслом не збавиш; 20. водити за ніс (когось); 21. морочити комусь голову / піддурювати когось; 22. від долі не втечеш/у всякого своя доля; 23. клепки не вистачає (комусь); 24. верзти нісенітницю; 25. справи йшли як по маслу; 26. з вірогідного джерела/ з вірогідних джерел, із свіжих рук; 27. буря в склянці води; 28. гроші /гаманець, або життя; 29. не їла душа часнику, не буде й смердіти.

В. 1. is not worth a straw; 2. it does not concern me/it is not business of mine; 3. one lives in luxury/on the fat of the land; 4) how dare(s) one say so; 5. to come plump upon one/ to come like a bolt from the blue; 6. to beat the life out of one; 7. to look/ be astounded, to be very surprised; 8. to fail face/be a complete failure; 9. that is mere hearsay/rumor; 10. (as) tall as a maypole; 11. I've nothing lost there; 12. to bring back (call) to memory; 13. to grow (take) one's gruel; 14. to overgrow; 15. good health is above wealth; 16. to have a quarrel with one/to break off with one; 17. to give rein/to give full scope (swing) to one; 18. to keep changing one's mind; 19. plenty is no plague; 20. to pull (one) by the nose; 21. to pull one's leg; 22. every bullet has its billet; 23. (one) has not all his buttons/one has a screw loose, one is a little wanting, one is not right up there; 24. to talk nonsense/bunkum; 25. things went swimmingly/without a hitch, work like butter; 26. straight from the horse's mouth/ straight from the tin; 27. a storm in a tea-pot/tea-cup (Am. a tea-cup/tea-pot tem­pest); 28. to stand and deliver; 29. people throw stones only at trees with fruit on them.

Exercise VIII. Suggest suitable Ukrainian versions for the following English proverbs, sayings and catchwords (крилаті слова та вирази):

1. actions speak louder than words; 2. all that glitters is not gold; 3. work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; 4. a bad workman always blames the tools; 5. barking dogs seldom bite; 6. beauty is only skin deep; 7, creaking gate hangs long; 8. don't cross the bridge until you come to it; 9. don't put the cart before the horse; 10. the early bird catches the worm; 11. every dog has his day; 12. forbidden fruit is sweetest; 13. if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well; 14. its easy to be wise after the event; 15. it's never too late to mend; 16. it never rains but it pours; 17. more haste less speed; 18.no gain without pain; 19, necessity is the mother of invention; 20. never look a gift horse in the mouth; 21. no news (is) good news; 22. one swal­low doesn't make a summer; 23. out of sight, out of mind; 24. paddle your own canoe; 25. the proof of the pudding is in the eating; 26. the road to hell is paved with good intentions; 27. the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (The Bible); 28. still waters are deep; 29. time and tide wait for no man; 30. too many cooks spoil the broth; 31. when the cat's away the mice will play; 32. where there's a will, there's a way; 33. while there's life, there's hope; 34. you can't run with the hare and hunt with the hounds; 35. you may lead a horse to water, but you can not make him drink; 36. man proposes and God dis­poses; 37. give a man a fish and he eats all day. Teach him catch fish and he eats for a lifetime; 38. education makes people easy to lead but difficult to drive, easy to govern but impossible to enslave; 39. good advice comes from the aged; 40. an old man is like a child; 41. early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise; 42. there is no place like home; 43. one today is worth two tomorrows; 44. a man is old as he feels, a woman is old as she looks; 45. many a good cow has a bad/evil calf; 46. one's eyes drop millstones; 47, a forgetful head makes a weary pair of heels-; 48. great talkers are all little doers; 49. a great ship asks deep water/s; 50. great weeds grow apiece; 51. to have not a penny to one's name/ to have not a shirt to one's back; 52. keep your mouth shut and your ears open; 53. spare the rod and spoil the child; 54. a sparrow in the hand is better than the pigeon on the roof; 55. a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush; 56. birds of a feather flock together; 57. the ass is known by Its ears; 58. a bird is known by its note, and a man by its talk; 59. a bitten child dreads the dog; 60. a burnt child dreads the fire/a scalded cat/dog fears cold water; 61. the face is the index of the mind; 62. a fair'face may hide a foul heart; 63. far from eye, far from heart/seldom seen, soon forgotten; 64. to fear as the devil fears the holy water; 65. to fiddle while Rome is burning; 66. one's fingers are (all) thumbs; 67. fish begins to stink at the head; 68. fools will be fools; 69. a fool when he is silent is counted wise; 70. friends may meet but mountains never; 71. friends are thieves of time; 72. God helps those who help themselves; 73. man is known by the company he keeps; 74. a good Jack makes a good Jill; 75. every god has his way; 76. fine feathers make the bird; 77. don't have too many irons in the fire; 78. while there's life there's hope; 79. the wish is father to the thought; 80. a word is enough to the wise; 81. a rolling stone catches no moss; 82. Rain at seven, fine at eleven.

Exercise IX. Offer corresponding Ukrainian versions for the following English proverbs and sayings:

A. speak of devil and he will appear; to teach the dog to bark; you can not wash charcoal white; velvet paws hide sharp paws; he that will strive, must rise at five; life is not all cakes and ale; little thieves are hanged, but great ones escape; physician, heal thyself rule with the rod of iron; like teacher, like pupil; like master, like land; like father, like son; like master, like servant; like author, like book; like mistress, like maid; like priest, like people; as the tree, so the fruits; as old clock crows, so doth the young; like begets like; as is trie gardener so is the garden; like carpenter, like chips; as is the workman, so is the work; like likes like; like draws to like; like cures; like sayings.

B. Offer English semantic analogies/equivalents for the Ukrain­ian proverbs and sayings below. Use part A for the purpose where necessary.

Який учитель, такий і учень; який господар, таке й поле; яка хата, такий тин/ який батько, такий син; який автор, така й книжка; який, піп, така й парафія/ зі злої трави - лихе сіно; тернина грушок не родить; яке коріння, таке й насіння; яблуко від яблуні недалеко падає; яка пряжа, таке й полотно; по роботі пізнати майстра, який Яків - стільки й дяки; який пастух, така й череда, які сбмі, такі й сани; яка грушка, така й юшка; рибак рибака впізнає

205здалека; видно пана по халявах; який їхав, таку й здибав/стрів; малі злодії попадаються - великі вириваються.

Exercise X. Translate the story below into Ukrainian. Use the list of idioms below where necessary for the purpose.

Up, Up and Away

On Monday, out of the clear sky,the local travel agent tele­phoned Janice to tell her that she had won two tickets to the Albu­querque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico.

Janice and John, her husband, had always wanted to go bal­looning at the festival, but they thought that such a trip was beyond their reach.She was walking on airwhen she telephoned John to tell him the good news. At first, John thought that Janice was joking and full of hot air,but when he realized that she was not building castles in the air,his annoyance vanished into thin air.As soon as John came home from work, Janice and John eagerly talked about the trip. Soon their plans grew by leaps and bounds.Janice's head was in the cloudsall the time because she was anticipating the trip and her first balloon ride.

Two weeks before the trip, Janice was rushed to the hospital. After examining her, the doctor burst her bubblewhen he said that she would need an operation. The doctor's decision went over like a lead ballon.Janice was devastated. Now their balloon vacation was up in the air.She knew that without the free tickets, the cost of the trip would be sky high.But Janice was lucky. The operation was not serious, and she begged the doctor to let her go on the trip. One week later, Janice and John took their dream trip. They were on cloud nineas their balloon rose into the blue sky. Janice smiled and thought: sometimes it pays to reach for the sky.

Idioms to the story:

1. The sky's the limit - there is upper limit;

2. Out of the clear blue sky - suddenly; without warning;

3. Go sky high - go very high;

4. Walk on air - be very happy; euphoric;

5. By leaps and bounds - rapidly;

6. Full of hot air - talking nonsense;

7. Go fly a kite - go away and stop bothering me;

8. Burst one's bubble - disillusion someone;

9. Have one's head in the clouds - be unaware of what is going on;

10. Up in the air- undecided; uncertain;

11. Out of thin air - out of nowhere; out of nothing; high;

12. Vanish into thin air - disappear leaving a trace;

13. On cloud nine - very happy;

14. Reach for the sky - aspire to something; set one's goals

15. Beyond one's reach - more than one can afford;

16. Under a cloud of suspicion - be suspected of some­thing;

17. Go over like a lead balloon - not well received by


18. As high as a kite - very happy;

19. Breath of fresh air - new, fresh, and imaginative ap­proach;

20. Build castles in the air-daydream; make plans that never

come true.

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