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Exercise I. State the function (nominal or verbal) of the gerund in the sentences below and translate the sentences into Ukrainian.

1. Talking mends no holes; winning the war is what counts. (Murdoch) 2. Fishing kills me exactly as it keeps me alive. (Hemingway) 3. Seeing and doing are two entirely different things. (Dreiser) 4. Avoiding difficulties is not my method. (B.Shaw) 5. Per­haps being conscientious was a family trait. (Hailey) 6. «Oh, well, it's no good crying over spilt milk.» (Maugham) 7. Not having money does that. (Saroyan) 8. Being adored is a nuisance. (Wilde) 9. Hav­ing a baby settled her. (Dreiser) 10. «Do you want me to go on see­ing you?» (Maugham) 11. Gatsby had intended writing him. (Fitzgerald) 12.1 remember the candles being lit again. (Ibid.) 13. He continued blinking his eyes and trying to smile. (Joyce) 14. I'm not used to living out of doors. (K.Prichard) 15. «I tell you, you're not physically capable of carrying on this fight.» (Cronin) 16. «She's aw­fully keen on getting in the Siddon Theatre.» (Maugham) 17. Then he began asking people casually if they knew her. (Fitzgerald) 18. She never thought of doing anything. (Maugham) 19. He cursed him­self for having come, and at the same time resolved that, happen what would, having come, he would carry it through. (London) 20.

«Oh, what the good of beating about the bush?» (Maugham) 21. «That's a dog that'll never bother you with catching cold.» (Fitzgerald) 22. I can count upon getting back to France at the end of my six years. (Maugham) 23. «But come, I am forgetting your reason for calling.» (P.Preston) 24. «Thanks for having us, Edward, - we've had a love time.» (M.Spark) 25. «Fancy having to go back to-night,» said Tom. 26. I don't remember seeing either of them. 27. «I don't mind telling you.» (Fitzgerald) 28. «What was the good of having a bit of influenza if you didn't use it.» 29.1 only wanted to thank you for writing to me. (Maugham) 30. Now he remembered coming down through the timber in the dark holding the horse's tail... (Hemingway) 31. «That's a trick worth learning.» (Kipling) 32. «Can you ever for­give me for doubting you?» (Lardner) 33. «I don't much care to leav­ing London.» (Dreiser) 34. Bard ... made a particular point of keep­ing himself up-to-date. 35. To Dorothy, pleased at having confounded him, it seemed a good moment to leave. (Cronin) 36. He did not remember ever having been in that room. 37. «You give that girl absolutely no credit for having any good taste ... (Salinger) 38. He insisted on coming downstairs with her and putting her into a cab. 39. «There's no objection ingoing back to that.» 40. «I wouldn't mind making an exception in your favour if it would amuse you to come.» (Maugham) 41. Nobody thought of going to bed in this room. (Fitzgerald) 42. « ... there is no use in standing here arguing about it.» 43.... she has been reduced to working as a nursemaid. (Cheever) 44. «You do not object to having your picture taken, Mr.Eden?» (Lon­don) 45. Now she loved sitting here watching it all. (K.Mansfield) 46. Michael got the chance of letting the theatre go to a French company for six weeks. (Maugham) 47.... he had a way of finding out whom the yellow car belonged to. (Fitzgerald) 48. «I'm glad to have the opportunity of falling to you, Doctor.» (Cronin) 49. She was com­pletely stunned at having left Paul's notebook on the train. (Murdoch) 50. One was not given his choice of having plums or not having plums. (Wolfe) 51. «I can't bear the thought of doing it in front of all those important people.» /I.Snow/ 52. «They were not in the habit of ex­changing embraces at odd hours of the day.» 53. There is no use in losing your temper. 54.... her heart ached not for the lost opportuni­ties, but because young man seemed to prefer playing golf with her son to make love with her. (Maugham)

Exercise II. Offer the appropriate means and ways of faith­ful translating into Ukrainian the adverbial gerunds and sen­tences containing them.

1.1 did this by loosening all the planks, by cutting the sinews, and heating the pitch that bound them together.(S.O'Dell) 2. Finally, after having abandoned so many, he decided that he must act or return defeated. (Dreiser) 3. An 11-year girl died after being savaged by two Rottweiler dogs which she had taken for a walk. (The Guard­ian) 4. After taking off her stage make-up Julia had not done any­thing. (Maugham) 5. Mr.Bumble's conduct on being left to himself was rather inexplicable. (Dickens) 6. After a long period of writing, editing and patching up, we agreed on a final draft. (Snow) 7. In five minutes they were at the Northern Light building, and without being kept too long they were shown up to Page's office. 8. Page left for Manchester without telling Malcomb about it. 9. In uttering those words, he was conscious of a girl coming down from the common just above them. 10. The day was spent in preparing and writing the articles to the new issue. (Cronin) 11. Upon reaching the park he waited and waited and Daisy did not come. (Fitzgerald) 12. After being expelled he became a reporter to Gas World. (J.Osborne) 13. Broken edges on lawns can be fixed by removing a square of turf and replacing it in the reverse position. (The Guardian) 14. He al­ways ended up by sending her his best love and signing himself «hers very affectionately...» 15. And ReTeTffPiat fie should more pro-" foundly spend his evenings ... by going to outlying theatres and try­ing to find talent. 16. They started by breaking a cup. (J.K.Jerome) 17. Before following her in her round of seeking, let us look at the sphere in which her future was to lie. (Dreiser)18. After the summer, after being friends with Won-a-nee and her young, I never killed an­other otter. (S.O'Dell) 19. When the two men had gone, she looked through the photographs again before putting them back. 20. She consoled herself by thinking that he loved her as much as he was capable of loving. (Maugham) 21. «I don't suppose you feel much like talking about it now.» (T.Williams)

Exercise III. Find a faithful Ukrainian equivalent for each passive gerund in the sentences below and translate the sen­tences into Ukrainian.

-1. We liked neither reading aloud nor being read aloud to. 2.1 insisted on being told everything. 3. «... but damn it all, I insist on your being educated like a gentleman.» (Galsworthy) 4. Dartie on being told it was pleased enough. (Maugham) 5. «But he has no right to come without being invited,» said Tom. (Fitzgerald) 6. I am very fond of being looked at. (Wilde) 7. He had met the woman at last - the woman that he thought little about, not being given to think-


ing about women ... 8. Several times he barely escaped being caught by her brothers. (London) 9. Versh remembered laughing aloud, and the laugh being carried by the wind away from me. (Saroyan) 10. He did not like the idea of being haunted down by her. (Dickens) 11. Objection and argument finally ending in the question being allowed. (Dreiser) 12. The countries financial difficulties being unsolved un­dermines its economic stability. (F.News) 13. I remember the can­dles being lit again. (Fitzgerald) 14. He became chief of a fine ship without ever having been tested by these events. (Caldwell) 15. There followed disturbing pictures of how their respective parents or rela­tives had it on being informed of their sins. (Dreiser) 16. The court was told that the victim had given himself up to police after having been beaten with sticks by a punishment squad. (The Guardian)

Exercise IV. State the function of the gerundial complex in each sentence first and then translate the sentences into Ukrainian.

1. «His singing is gorgeous,» I think. (Christie) 2. Miss O'Shay's calling her to the office had been in the nature of a prepa­ration and warning. (Hughes) 3. «It's no good your flying in a tem­per.» (Maugham) 4. The most unexpected event then was her be­ing engaged to Bob. (Wolfe) 5.1 can't expect Julia's putting on shorts and coming for a sun with me in the park. 6. Her consideration was prevented by Evie's coming into the room. (Maugham) 7. «He is disturbed by my not taking part in the game.» (USA Today) 8. Tom was evidently perturbed by Daisy's running around alone. 9. I've heard of it's being made out of a stable. (Fitzgerald) 10. Tell me about this horrible business of my father wanting to set aside for another son. (B.Shaw) 11. I dread him coming into the room. (J.Osborne) 12.... there is no use in my getting excited over it. 13. «Hope you don't mind my coming?» (London) 14.1 insist on both of them coming in time. 15. Doris was awakened by the sound of her husband's splashing in the bathhouse. 16. «Perhaps you wouldn't mind her coming in?» 17. «You don't mind my asking though, do you?» 18. It's my fault, I ought to have insisted on your taking a holiday long ago.» 19. «I don't know that I should altogether ap­prove of your having animated conversations with ladies, while you're having your bath.» 20. «I couldn't bear to think of your hav­ing to throw away your good money on tips.» 21. «I am surprised at your having said it.» (Maugham) 22. «Is there any objection to my seeing her?» 23. «Don't fear of my forgetting Daisy,» said Gatsby. 24. «I wonder at Tom's allowing this engagement,» he said to Jor-

dan. (Fitzgerald) 25. We were astonished by the policeman's tak­ing down names with such correction and sweat in a little book. (Greene) 26. «I could imagine his giving a friend a little pinch of the latest vegetable alkaloid ... (C.Doyle) 27.1 remember her being sur­prised by Gatsby's gracefulness.28. «Don't fear my forgetting her. (Fitzgerald) 29. «And I don't worry about me losing a night.» (M.Puzo) 30. Speaking without thinking is shooting without aiming. (Cronin) 31. His father, not liking the idea of his going on the stage, had insisted on it. 32. She couldn't hear the thought of her wasting his life over her. (Maugham) 33. « ... there was no chance of your getting over to Apia for at least another week.» (W.Styron) 34. «The reason for your writing is to make a living, isn't it?» (London) 35. A feeling of its being too dangerous to take a step in any direction had fallen on them all. (Galsworthy) 36. Simultaneously came a tumult from the parlour, and a sound of windows being closed. (Wells) 37. Alice laughed so much at this that she had to run back into the wood for fear of their hearing her. (Caldwell) 38. «I can never do anything without your interfering.» (Maugham)

Exercise V. Translate the sentences in viva voce into Eng­lish. Use in each of them an appropriate form of the gerund.

1. Оцінка залежала від своєчасного перекладу студентом цього тексту. 2. Ми раптом дізналися про те, що він минулого тижня їздив із делегацією до Лондона. 3. Після його повернення з Лондона, він уже двічі відвідав мене. 4. Незважаючи на те, що цей аспірант молодий, він досяг значних успіхів у науці. 5. Його відвідини стали для мене приємною несподіванкою. 6. Те, що він досвідченний, не надало йому помітної переваги над молодими учасниками змагання. 7. Перебування цього письменника тоді в зеніті слави пояснюється чіткою патріотичною позицією, що звучала в його творах. 8. Уявити тільки, щоб ця вихована й культурна людина не вміла танцювати. 9. Я не пригадую жодного діяча української культури, щоб він у ті роки не переслідувався. 10. Не всі ще, на превеликий жаль, усвідомили величезну шкоду паління для людського організму. 11. Ми пишаємось тим, що українця Сергія Бубку паризька спортивна газета назвала найкращим спортсменом року. 12. Його всебічна поінформованість про плани футбольної команди не викликала здивування. 13. Студенти погодилися з тим, що їхній іспит перенесено на інший час дня. 14. Уникайте контактування із хворимі на грип під час епідемії. 15. Нам стало відомо про проведення переговорів з метою підписання вигідного для України торгівельного договору з державою-сусідкою. 16. Він розпочав колекціювання поштових марок, ще

навчаючись у середній школі. 17. Те, що ці товари поставляються багатьом західним клієнтам, є свідченням виробничого потенціалу цього оснащеного найновішим устаткуванням заводу. 18. Як вам подобається, що ім'я цього українського баскетболіста не згадується серед найвизначніших спортсменів року? 19. Збори акціонерів наполягли на тому, щоб ця вигідна підприємству угода була підписана.




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