Task 4.5. Study the following phrases. They will help you in understanding the text.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Task 4.5. Study the following phrases. They will help you in understanding the text.

In a word - словом; from the perspective - з точки зору; to pursue subjects -займатися предметами; to land a good job - вщшукати добру роботу; this is not the case - але где не так; to progress through career - робити ycnixn у професшнш Kap'epi; to do well at - добиватися ycnixy в чомусь.

Task 4.6. Listen to the text and answer the following questions:

1. Why does it seem that writing and communication are superfluous to technical education?

2. What skills, according to the text, do scientists and engineers need to convince coworkers and clients of their worth?

3. What do communication skills mean for technical people?

4.How is good teamwork related to good communication?

5. In what form is the ultimate product of technical professionals’ work usually presented?

6. How important are communication skills as tools of success?

7. What should you do to maximize your chances for landing a good job and doing well at it?

8. Where can you apply your technical and professional communication skills?

Task 4.7. Listen to the text again and fill in the gaps with the missing words:

In fact, this is not the case. Scientists and_____________ may be technically brlliiant and

________ , but unless they can convince coworkers, clients, and________________ ot therr

worth, their _________ will be unnoticed, _____________ . and unused. In a word, if

technical people cannot_____________ what they are doing and why it is importan,, it is


they and their___________technical skills that will be superfluous. From this perspective,

communication skills are not just handy; they are ___________________for success, even

survival, in “real world”_______________ .

Task 4.8. Listen to the text again and then select the most accurate statement in each case:

1. a) Writing and aural communication are superfluous to a technical education.

b) Writing is more important than aural communication to technical professionals.

c) Both writing and aural communication skills are essential in technical education.

2. a) Good teamwork is impossible without good communication.

b) Good teamwork is possible without good communication.

c) Good individual work is impossible without good communication.

3. For many technical professionals the ultimate product of their work is

a) an aural agreement.

b) a written document.

c) improved communication skills.

4. a) A badly written document means that the person has got good communication

b) A badly written document creates bad reputation to the entire organization.

c) A badly written document doesn’t affect the reputation of the organization at all.

5. a) They recommend you to work on your communication skills even if they are
pretty good.

b) There is no need to work on your communication skills if they are good.

c) You should not try to improve your communication skills to land a good job.

Task 4.9. Listen to the text again and mark the following statements as “true” or “false”:

1. Communication skills are critical tools for success in real world environments.

2. A technical professional has no gains from improving his or her communication


3. Most scientists and engineers work in organizational settings where teamwork is


4. Good teamwork is possible without good communication.

5. Organizations never base their hiring and promotion decisions on the applicant’s

writing ability.

6. For many technical professionals, the ultimate product of their work is a written


7. A badly written document hardly ever reflects badly on the entire organization.

8. The better your communication skills are, the more chances you have to be promoted.

Students' reseach work


Task 4.10. Memorize4 the essential vocabulary and translate the sentences containing it:

1. abstract- анотащя, тези доповда -a short written statement of the most important ideas in a speech, article etc. e.g. Participants of scientific conferences are usually expected to submit abstracts of their papers in advance.

2. acquire -набувати (знания, навички, досмд), одержувати -to learn or develop knowledge, skills by your own efforts, e.g. Making presentations at the students' scientific conferences helps students acquire and perfect their communication skills, acquisition - набуття, одержання

3. annual- щор1чний - happening once a year, e.g. The Department of Foreign Languages organises annual students' conferences on urgent issues of science, engineering and humanities, the papers being presented in foreign languages, annually - щоргаю

4. arrange- оргашзовувати - to organise or make plans for smth. such as a meeting, party etc.,

e.g. Annual students' scientific conferences arranged by the Department of Foreign Languages are veiy popular with the students of our University, arrangement - оргашзащя, домовленгсть, догов1р

5. basics -основи -fundamentals, the most important and necessary facts about
something from which other possibilities and ideas may develop,

e.g. Students learn basics of research work while working on their course papers.

6. carry out (on) -виконувати, проводите -to do something that needs to be organised and planned, e.g. A graduation paper is a small research project carried out by the student under the guidance of a supervisor.

7. certificate -грамота, свщоцтво, довщка, сертификат, посвщка -


1) an official paper stating that you have completed a course of study or achieved something in a particular field, e.g. The students are distinguished for their success inR&D activity and are awarded certificates and diplomas.

2) an official document that states that a fact or facts are true, e.g. After defending their Bachelor's or Master's graduation papers in English the students get certificates stating that their knowledge of English is good enough to allow them to extract information from sources written in English as well as for oral communication with English speaking specialists in their field.

certificated - дипломований, той, що мае вишу квашфшащю

to certify - шдтверджувати, зав1ряти, сертифжувати (прилад, товар тощо)

certification - шдтвердження, сертифжащя.


certified (document,product, specialist) - за1нрений документ, сертифжований (товар), дипломований (спещалют)

certified public accountant (СРА)- дипломований бухгалтер вищо! квал1ф1кацп, бухгалтер-рев1зор

8. collaboration- сшвройтництво, ствпраця - the act of working together with
another person or group to achieve something, e.g. The investigation is being made
in collaboration with a foreign company.

to collaborate - одвпрвцювати

collaborative (effort, work, project) - зроблений у сшвпращ, групою людей

9. create- створювати - to make something exist that did not exist before; to invent
something, e.g. Sometimes, for the purpose of their investigation, a research team
create innovative research techniques.

creation - створення creative - творчий creatively - творчо

10. curricular activity- програмна даялыпсть - activity related to the subjects that are taught by a school, college etc., or the things that are studied in a particular subject, e.g. All the students are involved in research directly related to curricular activity comprising course projects and individual tasks.

11. defend / support- захищати - to prove that something is right, e.g. When the student submits his/her graduation paper and successfully defends it before an examination board he/she graduates from the University.

defense -захист defender-згхиспик defensive - захисний

12. develop- розвивати, розробляти - to make a new idea, plan or product become
successful over a period of time, e.g. Scientists are developing innovative

development - розвиток, розробка developer - розробник

13. distinguish- вщзначати, видшяти - to recognize and understand the difference
between similar things or people, e.g. The best students' research works are
distinguished with certificates.

distinguished - визначний, вщомий

14. examination board- екзаменацшна комки - a group of people who are assessing students’ knowledge of the subject at the examinations, e.g. When the student submits his/her graduation paper and successfully defends it before an examination board he/she graduates from the University.

15. extracurricular activity- позапрограмна, позааудиторна доялыисть - it isn’t part of the course that a student is doing, e.g. The extracurricular activity is arranged in the form of students' scientific societies.

16. field- галузь, поле, сфера дашьност! - a particular sphere of interest, study, knowledge or thought; a subject that people study or are involved in as part of their

Students ' reseach work


work, e.g. Our students are Roing research in various fields of science and engineering.

17. guide- керувати - to show someone the right way to do something, especially
something difficult or complicated; to help someone to move in a particular direction,
e.g. Prominent scientists of the universities guide students in their research work
- кершництво

under the guidance -шд кер1вництвом

18. innovative -рацюнашзаторський, новий, перспективна, новаторський,
шновашйний - new, different and better than something that existed before, e.g.
Innovative methods and techniques are often proposed by postgraduates in their
research papers.

innovative technologies - перспективе технологи

innovate - впроваджувати HOBi перспективе ще1, методи, рацюнгшзаторсью


innovator - рацюншшагор, новатор

19. institution- заклад, оргашзащя, товариство - a large establishment or
organization that has a particular kind of work or purpose, e.g. Doing fundamental
research is one of the tasks set before any institution of higher learning,
research institution -
науково-досшдиий заклад

educational institution - навчальний заклад

to institute - засновувати, вводити, започатковувати

20. instructions- настанови -teaching that you are given in a particular skill or
subject, e.g. Before students start working on their course work, they usually
receive necessaiy instructions from their scientific advisers.

to give instructions; to instruct - давати настанови an instructor - шструктор, викладач (практик) instructive - повчальний

21. integral part(syn.: part and parcel)- невщ'емна частина - forming a necessary part of something, e.g. Effective communication is an integral part of being a good specialist. Students’ research 'work is an integral part of the educational process in Ukrainian institutions of higher learning.

22. investigate- дослщжувати - to try to find out the truth about something such as a scientific problem,- e.g. Fundamental investigations in the fields of power engineering and electronics are of great importance in Ukraine and abroad, investigation - досшдження

fundamental investigations - фундаменталын досшдження

to make / carry out /conduct investigations - проводи™ дослдакення

investigative - дослщницький

investigator -дослщник

23. involve- залучати - to include or affect someone or something, e.g. These changes
will involve everyone on the staff. Senior students are involved in solving specific
problems an enterprise or a business has.

involvement - залучення


24. mandatory- обов’язковий -obligatory, compulsory, required, e.g. A foreign language is a mandatory subject for students in their first and second years of study at Lviv Polytechnic National University.

25. master -оволод1вати, опановувати, вивчати -to learn a skill or language so well that you understand it completely and have no difficulty with it, e.g. The main task set before the students doing research is mastering the methods of independent solution of scientific and technical problems.

mastering - опанування

26. meet world standards -вцшовщати cbitobhm стандартам -to correspond to established norms accepted in all countries, e.g. The research carried out at the University and the developments made here meet world standards.

27. paper / work / project -робота, доповщь, проект - a) a piece of writing or a talk by someone who has made a study of a particular subject; b) a piece of writing that is done as part of a course at school or university, e.g. During their studies at the University students have to present several course papers and a graduation work (project).

course work /paper/ project- курсова робота (проект) graduation paper /project - дипломна робота (проект)

28. participate- брата участь - to take part in an activity or event, e.g. Every student
of a university is expected to participate in research work in this or that way.
- участь

participant -учасник

participative - що бере участь, що може брати участь

29. per'fect- вдосконалювати - to make something perfect or as good as you are able to, e.g. At Lviv Polytechnic the students perfect their knowledge of one of the six foreign languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Latin. 'perfect - яоскокалий

30. postgraduate- асшрант - someone who is studying at a university to get a PhD (Candidate of Sciences) degree; someone who is studying after finishing a PhD, e.g. Postgraduates working for their scientific degrees are also active members of research teams.

postgraduate course - асшрантура

to take a postgraduate course - вчитись в acnipaHTypi

31. promote- сприяти, стимулювати, заохочувати - to help something to develop
and be successful; to encourage someone, e.g. The research done at Lviv
Polytechnic promotes the development of Ukrainian science.

promotion - сприяння, стимулювання, тдтримка, заохочення; шдвищення на посади просування по служб1

32. qualification- квшпфшащя - a skill, personal quality or type of experience that
makes you suitable for a particular job or position, e.g. Research work helps
students perfect their qualification.

qualified - квал1ф1кований, компетентний to qualify - KBaniibiKyBaTH, ощнювати

Students ’ reseach work

33. related to- пов’язаний з - corfhected in some way, e.g. All students are involved
in research directly related to curricular activity.

relate to- мати вщношення, бути пов’язаним з, стосуватися чогось
relation - вщношення, зв’язок, залежгасть ■ .

relative - вщносний relatively - вщносно

34. report- доповщь, повщомлення, звгг - a written or spoken description of a
situation or event, giving people the information they need, e.g. Every student has to
make at least one report at a scientific seminar.

to report- доповщати, повщомляти, звггувати a reporter - той, хто зв1туе; доповщач, репортер

35. research -наукове дослщження, науково-дослщний - the activity of finding
information about something that you are interested in or need to know about;
serious study of a subject, that is intended to discover new facts or test new ideas,
e.g. The students of the final year of studies are doing research for their graduation

research work, R&D- науково-дослщна робота to do research - проводит науково-дослщну роботу research team Igroup - трупа дослвдниюв research associate - науковий сшвробггник research institute - науково-дослщний шститут research institution - науково-дослщний заклад research methods - методи дослщження research project- науково-дослщний проект researcher -дослщник, науковий ствройтник research worker - науковий ствробггник

36. responsible for -вщповщальний за -in charge of, having a duty to be in charge
of or to look after someone or something, e.g. He is responsible for supervising
students' extracurricular research work at this department.

responsibility - вщповщалынсть, обов’язок

37. review- огляд, реферат - an act of carefully examining and considering a situation
or process, e.g. Tlie students doing research have to make a review of special
literature in their particular field.

to make a review - робити огляд, готувати реферат

to review - робити огляд

reviewer - оглядач, критик, рецензент, референт

38. schedule / timetable- розклад - a plan of events and activities, with their dates
and times; a list of the times of classes in a school etc. e.g. The seminars are
conducted according to the timetable.

to schedule -призначати на конкретний час according to the timetable - за розкладом

39. science -наука - knowledge about the world; a particular part of science, for
example, physics, e.g. Students are doing research dealing with up-to-date issues of
science and engineering.

Unit 4

science and engineering - наука i техника

scientist -вчений

scientific - науковий

scientific society - наукове товариство

scientific conference - наукова конференция

scientific school - наукова школа

40. set the task -ставити завдання - to decide that someone should try and achieve something, e.g. Scientific advisers set special tasks before the students being involved in extracurricular research activity.

41. submit- подавати на розгляд, для оцшювання - to give a plan, piece of writing etc. to someone in authority for them to consider or approve, e.g. When the student submits his/her graduation paper and successfully defends it, he/she becomes a graduate.


42. supervisor/ scientific adviser- науковий кер!вник - a person (teacher, scientist,
researcher) who observes, monitors, advises the research done by another person (a
student, a postgraduate etc.), e.g. The graduation paper is a small research project
carried out by the student under the guidance of a supervisor.

supervise - керувати, наглядати supervision - кервництво, нагляд

43. up-to-date- сучасний - modern or fashionable, e.g. Students' research works usually deal with up-to-date problems of science and engineering.

44. a wide scale- широкий масштаб Сшапазон) - the large size or high level of something or the large amount that something is happening or being done. e.g. Research at the University is done on a wide scale.

45. state-of-the-art- найсучасшший р1вень розвитку технши та технологи- у певнш ranysi- the highest level of technology in a field at any given time, e.g. University students get acquainted with the state-of-the-art developments in fundamental sciences.

Task 4.11. Complete the words to match the definitions provided:

an official paper stating that a fact or facts are true с__________ с_____

to be able to make the difference between similar things or _ i______ g______


teaching that you are given in a particular subject • __s____________ ns

to take part in an activity or event p______________ e

someone who is studying at a university to get a Candidate _o____ g___________

of Science degree

a skill that makes you suitable for a particular job q______ f___________

an act of carefully examining and considering a situation r______ w

or process

a person who advises and monitors the research done by s_____ r______ r

another person

Students’ reseach work

Task 4.12. Match the following phrases with their definitions:

1. an integral part a) to decide that someone should try and achieve smth.

2. extracurricular activity b) the work that is written and submitted by students to

crown their studying of a certain course ' \

3. course paper c) forming a necessary part of something

4. examination board d) to correspond to established norms

5. to set the task e) to help something develop and be successful

6. a wide scale > f) it isn’t part of the course that a student is doing

7. to meet standards g) a group of people who are assessing students’ know-

ledge of the subject at the examinations

8. to promote development h) a large size or high level of something that is

happening or being done

Task 4.13. Fillin the gaps with the words provided:

Research, to participate, investigation, qualifications, supervision, science, submitted, postgraduate, involvement, scheduled, awarded, certified, creative, developments, researched, qualified, awarded, develop, research, qualifications

1. This book has been very well ....

2. The whole issue is still under ....

3. All graduation papers must be ... by Monday.

4. He did his ... work in sociology.

5. Einstein was ... the Nobel Prize for his work in quantum physics.

6. He came up with a really ... solution to the problem.

7. We will ... a few of these points in the seminar.

8. In the learning process the student’s emotional ... is of great importance.

9. Taras is a ... student in our lab.

10. Everyone in the class is expected ... in these discussions.

11. Oksana had excellent academic ..., but no work experience.

12. We work under the Chief Engineer’s ....

13. The computer is one of the marvels of modern ....

14. The meeting has been ... for 2 o’clock.

15. She was ... asateacherin 1998.

16. There have been significant computer ... during the last decade.

17. I’m doing some ... for an article about student life.

18. It’s a complex engineering matter and I don’t feel ... to give an opinion.

19. The University ... her a scholarship.

20. Ira has all the right... to become a good manager.

Task 4.14. Complete the following sentences using the appropriate forms of the following verbs:

to develop, to participate, to arrange, to do, to perfect, to master, to guide, to defend, to involve, to distinguish,-to award, to submit, to investigate


1. The students _____ in research right from their first year of studies at our


2. Research work helps students_____ their professional skills.

3. Every student of the University______ in research work in this or that way.

4. All the students____ research directly related to curricular activity.

5. When the student successfully __ his/her graduation paper before the

examination board, he/she becomes a graduate.

6. The extracurricular research activity______ in the form of students’ scientific


7. At Lviv Polytechnic students _____ their knowledge of one (or several) of six

foreign languages taught at the Department of Foreign Languages.

8. The students ____ methods of independent solution of scientific and technical


9. Supervisors usually _____ the research done by the students working at their

course or graduation papers.

10. The best students_____ for their success in R&D activity and_____ certificates

and diplomas.

11. The students must______ their graduation papers to the reviewers to look them

through and make comments in advance.

12. Urgent problems of modern business______ by senior students and postgraduates

of the Institute of Economics and Management.

Task 4,15. Do the crossword puzzle translating the following words into English:


  Across   Down
1. icrarr 10. вщповщальний
2. сприяти 17. позапрограмний
3. творити 18. невщ'емний
4. творчий 19. анотащя
5. KepiBHHirreo 20. створення
6. пов’язаний 21. нести
7. оргашзовувати 22. настанови
8. набувати знания 23. реферат
9. доповщь 24. основи
10. наукове дослщження 25. обов’язковий
11. учасник 26. щор1чний
12. подавати на розгляд 27. залучати
13. галузь 28. досконалий
14. кватфжащя    
15. оволоД;вати    
16. захист    

Students ’ reseach work
























































1. 1 * *H =^1 ^ - ч * •Iff)» .A
. E   ^E   l l l l l     EEEE    
■» i               + *'    
E     МММ ~T i . , .
  --           >   U ' ;
m Ш   1 1 1      
    \   V  
  i 1 1         * / i фь
Ш               El  
Ш           t i t 5  
' .1 8   I i ,   ' I
Wp&f       *     1 1    
J'%"   1 II 1            
    *     n    
' > ч—               1 1  
            I i  
    Mll| I    
    i 1 T ^  

Task 4.16. Read the words and decide which of them do not belong to each group of four items. Comment on your choice:

1. participate/ be involved/ reflect/ be incorporated;

2. lab exercise/ yearly project/ academic year;

3. institution/ establishment/ project/ university;

4. provide/ defend/ submit/ educate;

5. carry out/conduct/meet/perform;

6. lectures/ devices/ apparatuses/ visual aids;
1. chemistry/ mechanics/ electronics/ science;

8. advanced/ qualified/ general/ distinguished;

9. foreign/ Japanese/ urgent/ international;

10. perfect/ improve/ create/ graduate.

Unit 4

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