Task 1.22. Compose short dialogues based on the text “The Engineering Profession”. 

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Task 1.22. Compose short dialogues based on the text “The Engineering Profession”.

Task 1.23. Make a thee-minute speech on the following topics:

a. Professional qualities of a good specialist;

b. Your future speciality. What has influenced your choice;
сThe most important subjects for a would-be specialist;

d. Importance of knowledge of foreign languages for an engineer.

Remember that your speech should consist of three sections:

• Introduction: attracting listeners’ attention, welcoming the audience, introducing


• Giving information and opinions: listing advantages and disadvantages, pros and

cons, positive and negative points, acknowledging different points of view, asserting an opinion supported by evidence / examples.



Conclusion: summing up, offering gt answer ruestionss thanking people eor listening.

Task 1.24. Speak about the main duties of an engineer using the following expressions:

1. to have advanced experience.

2. to cope with main/primary tasks, to manage with ....

3. to use advanced methods

4. to be keen on

5. to be right person for the job

6. to display (show) common sense

7. to keep (bear) in mind

8. to know the staff like the palm of your hand

9. to keep pace with the time

10. to have a clear view of

11. to bear responsibility for

12. to monitor the performance

13. to co-ordinate the work of the staff

14. to establish (have, maintain) public relations

15. to solve problems.

Task 1.25. Study the following advertisements and answer the questions below.

1. What companies are advertising?

2. What are the jobs proposed?

3. What professional level of the specialists is needed?

4. What practical experience is required?

5. In what areas is experience sought?

6. What personal qualities and skills are desirable?

7. List the areas in which knowledge of foreign language is obligatory.

8. WhatisaC.V.?

Engineering profession

Marketing and Communications Professional


Severn Trent Water Limited is a water and sewage utility serving over eight million people across the heart of Britain with an annual turnover of almost £1,500 million.

An opportunity has arisen for an enthusiastic communications all-rounder to join our busy in-house Marketing depaitament. We need someone who knows how to drive a Mac (Quark); but with the drive and outgoing nature to liaise with external suppliers, advise and work on behalf of internal departments, and make a positive contribution to our marketing servisec team.

A full driving licence is essential and the ideal candidate will be educated to degree level with at least two or three years’experience in a busy client-side enviroment.

The post will be based in Birmingham and will enjoy the benefits of employment at a large, successful company. Severn Trent Water operates a no-smoking policy and is an equal opportunities employer.

Please send your CV to Rukhsana Begum,

Marketing Department, Severn Trent -----------------

Water, 2297 Coventry Road, Sheldon, ===== Birmingham B26 3PU. Please quote reference number 295.



English language school requires capable secretary to help reservations, telephone

enquires, travel bookings, dealing with European offices and general administration.

Must have a good working knowledge of French (and possibly German).

Starting salary of £17,000 p.a. + bonus/

Please send or fax CV. to

Charles Gray, Piccadilly Group 44 Ebury Street, London SW1W OLU

Fax: 0171 730 1033






Salary commensurate with experience

The Telegraph Colour Library is a major supplier of stock photography to the

advertising, media, and design industries. We are looking for candidates to fill

positions in our busy sales teams.

You should be an ambitious and self-motivated person with excellent

communication skills and an ability to work under pressure. The successful

candidate must be professional, and well organised. Sales or account handling

experience within the design, advertising or business to business industries would

be advantageous although full training will be given.

If you feel that you have the qualities to fulfil the above criteria and wish to join a

fast growing and progressive company, please forward your CV indicating your

present salary and including a daytime telephone number to Nicki Kelland,

Personnel Manager, at the address below.

No calls or agencies please. Closing date 07/11/97.

Innovation Centre. 225 Marsh Wall, London E14 9FX

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