Taking on a job during summer vacations means both earning some extra money and acquiring experience. 

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Taking on a job during summer vacations means both earning some extra money and acquiring experience.

What does he mean by saying that?

22. measure - витрювати - to find the size, extent, volume, degree etc., e. g. You can
measure the strength of electric current with a special device.

measurement - (вишрювання) - the act or the process of finding the size, quantity or degree of something , e.g. The metric system of measurement units is used in our country.

23. perform - виконувати, здшснювати - to do a piece of work or something that you
have been ordered to do; to work, e.g, In this lab, students perform remote
verification of various parameters of the process.

performance - виконання, здшснення, робота- doing something, e.g. The performance of the whole system depends on the performance of its separate parts.

24. process - обробляти, опрацьовувати, шддавати аналізу - to treat, to deal with
information (on a computer), e.g. How long will it take the computer to process this
amount of data?

processing - обробка, опрацювання - the process of dealing with information, e.g.

Whichpart of the computer performs data processing?

25. provide - забезпечувати, надавати - to give or supply something to somebody, e.g. The Department provides students with all the facilities necessary for successful study.

26. purpose - мета, цшь, призначення- a result which is desired to obtain, e. g. To train highly qualified and creatively thinking experts is the main purpose of our university.

21. quantity - величина, кшьюсть - magnitude, value, the property of things which can be measured, e.g. There are constant and variable quantities.

28. record - записувати, запис - to preserve for use, by writing or in other ways, for example on a disc, magnetic tape, film etc., e.g. The results of the experiment should be recorded in the journal.

29. simulate - моделювати - to imitate, model, e. g. Working on their course and diploma projects students do calculations, simulate processes and design new devices or constructions.

simulation - моделювання- a situation in which particular condititions are created artificially in order to study something, e.g. Simulation of production processes with the help of a computer enables engineers to find and eliminate drawbacks in these processes.

30. solve - виршгувати, розв’язувати - to find an answer to a problem (question,
difficulty, etc.), or a way of dealing with it, e.g. You will have to solve technical
problems of the production process.

solution - виршення, розв’язання - a way of solving a problem; dealing with a difficult situation; an answer, e.g. They suggested several solutions to this problem.


31. software- програмне забезпечення - programs and data used when operating a computer, e.g. In addition to hardware a computer must have software to control and operate the hardware.

32. technique- метод, cnociS - a method, a particular way of doing something, e.g. Here students master basic experimental techniques.

33. transfer- а) передавати - to move something from one place to another; b) (передача) instance of moving; conveying, e.g. The information can be transferred by means of computer networks.

The fourth-year students get acquainted with systems and means of data transfer and data conversion.

34. value- величина, цшшсть - a) the numerical part of a measurement of a quantity;
b) quality of being useful, e.g. The work in the laboratory will be of great value to
you in your further research activity.

Task 2.5. Revision of the essential vocabulary of the previous unit. FiU in the gaps with the proper forms of these words:

1. apply(застосовувати); application(застосування)

a) The_____ of harmful production technologies should be banned.

b) Here students learn how to_____ their theoretical knowledge to practice.

2. create(створювати); creative(творчий)

a) The first electronic computing machine was_______ in Kyiv in the 1950s.

b) Graduates of the university are both competent and______ experts in their field.

3. deal(dealt, dealt) with(мати справу з)

These lab exercises____ measurement of different quantities.

4. equip(оснащувати, обладнати, устаткувати); equipment(оснащения,
обладнання, устаткування)

a) How many computers is this study room_____ with?

b) All the laboratories of the institute are provided with modern_______ .

5. install(встановлювати); installation(установка)

a) You will have to____ this program on your computer.

b) There are several______ for carrying out experiments in this lab.

6. skill (навичка, майстершсть, умшня)

In this lab students can perfect their computer______ .

Task 2.6. Complete the words to match the definitions given:

1. physical units and components that make up a computer h _r d________

2. leadership, direction, supervision g u _ _ a __ .

Ukrainian names in world science

3. an apparatus set in position for use s t _ 1_______

4. what is needed or is provided to carry out a particular _q__________ P__nt

purpose or function

5. smth. carried out successfully ac____ e_,_me_

6. a method or a particular way of doing smth. t e____ n___ u _ '

7. to move smth. from one place to another t____ n _ f _ _

8. a result which is desired to obtain p___ P_____

9. to put a piece of equipment in place i n _ _ a.

10. ability to do smth. expertly and well _ k___ 1


Task 2.7. Match the following words and phrases with their definitions:

1. to deal with, to be concerned, to treat a) software

2. ability to hold, contain b) capacity

3. basic rules or principles c) to provide

4. to be meant for d) )o master

5. to give or supply something to somebody e) to tolve

6. to lead, direct, supervise f) to oandle

7. programmes and data used when operating a computer g) datg

8. facts, things certainly known, information h) to guide

9. to find an answer to a problem or a way of dealing with it i) fundamentals

10. to become completely skilled j) to.be intended

Task 2.8. Match each word in Section A with one of the similar meaning in Section B:


1. to achieve

2. acquainted 3.to be intended


4. to assess

5. to master

6. purpose

7. to be engaged in

8. data

9. capacity lO.according to

Task 2.9. Match each word Section B:


1. to create

2. to install


1. to learn

2. to evaluate 3.aim


4. in relation to

5. ability

6. to gain

7. to be designed

8. familiar

9. information

lO.to be occupied with

In Section A with one of the opposite meaning in


1. to lose

2. output


3. software 3. worthless

4. to begin 4. out-of-date

5. modern 5. to ruin

6. power 6. to dismantle

7. to obtain 7. to be indifferent about smth.

8. to be interested in smth. 8. hardware

9. input 9. weakness

10. valuable 10. to complete

Task 2.10. Complete each sentence with a correct form of the given word using proper suffixes -ing, -ment, -ance, -ed, -or, -(c/a/t) ion, -s :


a) Unfortunately, the student made several mistakes in his .

b) Have you got a pocket_ ?


a) The scientists suggested several__ to this problem.

b) We didn’t know about his having_ this problem.

3. perform

a) Data transfer can be_ by computer networks.

b) The results of the investigation depend on the _ of lab devices.


a) We saw several__ for verification of measuring devices in this lab.

b) Before being__ in the computer, the program should be checked for viruses.


a) The function of data_ is carried out by microchips.

b) The Central___ is a heart of any computing system.

Ukrainian names in world science

Task 2.11. Do the crossword-puzzle translating the words given below into English:



  Across   Down
1. виконання, здшснення, робота 1. обробляти
2. дослщжувати 10. означати
3. обчислювати 16. виршгення
4. створювати 17. основи
5. передавати 18. мета, призначення
6. записувати 19. виконувати
7. досл1дження 20. досягнення
8. вилярювання 21. кер1вництво
9. пщприемство 22. забезпечувати, надавати
10. опановувати 23. оцшювати
11. досягати 24. програмне забезпечення



12. оперувати, працювати з

13. моделювати

14. набувати

15. дат, шформащя


25. метод, cnoci6
26. емшсть, потужшсть
27. ознайомлювати
28. обробка
29. моделювання
30. вести, керувати
31. апаратне забезпечення
32. прилад
33. величина, цшнють
34. виршгувати
35. вилйрювати

Task 2.12. Participles. Look through the table, read and translate the examples below it and then choose proper forms to fill in the gaps in the sentences:





  Participle I ParticipleII
Active Passive
Non-Perfect testing being tested Tested
Perfect having tested having been tested

Testing the installation, the engineer found several defects in its design.

Having tested the installation, the engineer wrote a report.

Being still tested, this installation cannot be used in the production process.

Having been tested two months ago, this installation is widely used in the

production process.

• The engineer switched off the installation tested.

1.___ acquainted with the instruction, the students started doing the laboratory exercise.

a) being got; b) having got; c) having been got.
2.___ by the experienced specialist, this device measures pressure with high accuracy.

a) adjusting; b) having adjusted; c) having been adjusted.
3.___ calculations, he made several mistakes:

a) doing; b) being done; c) having been done.
4. You should be very careful,_ with electrical devices.

a) having dealt; b) being dealt; c) dealing.

Ukrainian names in world science


5. The apparatus was damaged, while_____ in the study-room.

a) having installed; b) being installed; c) installing.

6. In the laboratory he saw a group of students_____ out an experiment.

a) carrying; b) having been carried; c) being carried.
7.___ , the informaiion was stored in the computer.

a) having been processed; b) having processed; c) processing.
8. for measuring low temperatures, this sensor cannot be used in the high-

lernperature environment.

a) intending; b) having intended; c) being intended.
9.___ this problem, you will be able to complete your course projec..

a) being solved; b) having solved; c) solved.
10.____ this substance, one should be careful.

a) heated; b) having heated; c) heating.
11. The data can be____ in table 5.

a) finding; b) found; c) finds.
12.____ some parts of the device, they managed to repair it.

a) replaced; b) to replace; c) having replaced.
13. The resulting mixture was filtered under_____ pressure.

a) reduced; b) is reduced; c) having reduced.

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