Societies, contribution, granted, discovery, encourage, successful, prosperity, 

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Societies, contribution, granted, discovery, encourage, successful, prosperity,


1. Illia Mechnykov made a great__ to biology. 2. Roentgen was awarded the Nobel

Prize for the___ of Xrray.. 3. Ivan Puluy was a prominent physicist__ , linguist and

philosopher. 4. Many scientific__ appeared in our country in the 19th century. 5. The

inventor has been__ a paten.. 6. Thss Ukrainian scientist made a__ career abroad.


7. The state should__ the work of scientists and fund their research. 8.New inventions

and discoveries are regarded as a barometer of a country’s economic.

Task 3.10. Complete the sentences with the derivatives of the given words using proper suffixes

(-or, -(t) ion, -ing, -ive, -ed):


a) Arkhyp Liulka was a__ of a turbo-jet engine.

b) The idea of__a base in orbit round the Moon belonged to Yuriy Kondratiuk.

c) The __work of Stepan Tymoshenko in the field of mechanics resulted in

publishing the manual which is still used at higher schools.


a) Hryhoriy Sharpak was awarded the Nobel Prize for the___ ofa new nuclear

particle detector.

b) To obtain a patent, an_ should submit his/her application to the Patent Office.

c) Having __a vacuum lamp, Puluy demonstrated it at the World Electrical-Engineering Exhibition in Paris.

3. investigate

a)___ the phenomenon, Puluy received photoprints by means of the invisible rays in


b) He failed to publish the results of his_.

c) The scientific legacy of our prominent countrymen has not been properlyyet.

Task 3.11. Do the crossword puzzle using the definitions below:

Ukrainian names in world science




1. to come or bring back into existence

2. achieving one’s aim

3. producing or using new ideas

4. many-sided

5. to think about, to be of the opinion, regard

6. to invent, to produce smth.

7. compatriot


8. acknowledgement

9. to do well, to be successful, flourish

10. help, profit

11 .to join with others in gining ideas, helh etce acknowledge, to accept smth/smb


13. ttoive eope, courage er confidence to

Task 3.12. Match the words in section Awith their antonyms in section B:



1. native

2. succcess

3. divided

4. to create

5. famous

6. decisiveness

7. to encourage

8. to enrich

9. to appear


10. to manage to do something

11. mental

12. better

13. to appreciate

14. particular



1. indecision

2. unknown

3. to discourage

4. physical

5. to impoverish

6. to fail to do something

7. to disappear

8. to underestimate

9. worse


10. foreign

11. united

12. to ruin

13. failure

14. common


" /rfJ


!*■ »"Г

»£**£ trt


Task 3.13. Choose the proper forms to Ш in the gaps:

1. Unfavourable historic events made a lot of Ukrainians______ their homeland.

a) to leave; b) leave; c) to be left.
2.___ this engine, Arkhyp Liulka carried out a lot of experiments.

a) having been created; b) being created; c) creating.

3. She wants me____ a scientific report on this subjec..

a) to make; b) to have been made; c) makes.

4. They knew his research____ successfully.

a) to have been completed; b) to complete; c) to be completing.


5. They consider him__an outstanding scientist.

a) was; b) is; c) to be.

6. We think his discovery__ the world science. .

a) to be enriched; b) to have enriched; c) to have been enriched.

7.,__ the experiments, he published the results.

a) completed; b) having completed; c) having been completed.

8. He is said__Rector of Bologna University.

a) to have been; b) was; c) be.

9. He was reported__ his right to this discovery a month ago.

a) to have been claimed; b) to be claimed; c) to have claimed.

10. At that time he was known_a new nuclear particles detector.

a) designs; b) to be designing; c) to have been designed.

11. He is supposed__ this phenomenon for ten years or so.

a) to have been investigating; b) to be investigated; c) to investigate.

12. This manual seems__ in the 19th century.

a) to print; b) to be printed; c) to have been printed.

13.___ in the 1940s, transistors are widely used in electronics.

a) inventing; b) having been invented; c) having invented.

Task 3.14. Choose proper forms to fill in the gaps:

1. ... the temperature we slow down the reaction.

a) to decrease; b) having decreased; c) decreasing. 2.1.Puluy is known ... linquistically gifted,

a) to be; b) being; c) to have been.

3. The experiment... in the article attracted my attention.

a) describing; b) described; c) being described.

4. He entered the room without... her.

a) noticed; b) noticing; c) having noticed.

5. You can’t make me ... that all these stories are true.

a) to believe; b) believe; c) believing.

6. Rubber is said ... from America.

a) to have brought; b) brought; c) to have been brought.

7. ... all the exams he left for Lviv.

a) passing; b) having passed; c) being passed.

8. Some elements ... resulted in new elements.

a) combined; b) combining; c) being combined.

9. The experiment resulted in ... valuable data.

a) obtained; b) being obtained; c) obtaining.

10. The test... in our lab is very important for our work,
a) carrying out; b) was carried out; c) carried out.

Ukrainian names in world science

Task 3.15. Match the beginning of each sentence in column A with its ending in column B:

1. Because of his negligence I.Puluy postponed

2. This job involves

3. He looks forward to 4.I don't really mind


5. The scientists suggested

6. The results of this experiment need

7. His indecision prevented him from

8. We appreciate

9. His rivals resented

10. To gain breathtaking results they


a. making thorough investigation.' -

b. his being the Nobel-prize winner.
с working incessantly in this field.

d. publishing the results of his scientific

e. checking.

f. having a new view of this question.

g. making acquaintance with this academician.
h. realizing his pioneer ideas.

i. his joining my investigations.

j. your helping us with the inquiry into this



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