Exercise №2. Translate the following sentences with the words in brackets.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Exercise №2. Translate the following sentences with the words in brackets.

1.Я надаю перевагу симфонічній музиці перед камерною.

( symphonic- симфонічна, chamber-камерна ).

2.Гра акомпаніатора на фортепіано була чудовою.( accompanist-акомпаніатор).

3.Ти вмієш грати на флейті чи на кларнеті? Ні, я граю на скрипці.

( flute-флейта, clarinet-кларнет, fiddle- скрипка).

4. Цей піаніст отримав друге місце на конкурсі.( to win the second

prize- отримати друге місце).

5.Наступного тижня Таїсія Повалій дасть свій сольний концерт.

( to give a recital- дати сольний концерт).


Exercise №3. Answer in one word.

How do we call a person who plays:

1. the guitar;

2. the accordion;

3. the violin;

4. the harp;

5. the piano;

6. the flute;

7. the organ;

8. the mandoline;

9. the balalaika;

10. the clarinet;


Exercise №4. Explain the meaning of the following words in English:

composer, recital,conductor,accompanist,overture,polonaise,jury,opera;



Exercise №5. Make up your own dialogues on the topic


Charlotte Bronte was the daughter of the curate. Her mother died in 1821, leaving five daughters and a son.Four of the daughters were sent to a boarding- school.In 1831-32 Charlotte Bronte stayed at another boarding – school, from which she returned with a teacher’s licence.She became a governess and in 1842 went with her sister Emily to study the French language at a school in Brussels, where she was employed as a teacher of English.

Charlotte’s first novel was “The Professor”. It wasn’t published until 1857, after her death. Her second novel “ Jane Eyre” was published in 1847 achieved success.In 1848 her brother died till the end of the same year her sisters Emily and Ann died because of tuberculosis.Charlotte alone survived of the six children.She went on writing.She produced “ Shirley” and “ Villete” despite her sorrows.All her works appeared under the pen- name of Currer Bell.

“Jane Eyre” was Charlotte Bronte’s most popular novel.There is an atmosphere of harsh realism about the pictures of everyday life.

Her novels are marked by psychological realism as well. In her novel “ Shirley” she managed to describe an important stage in provincial English middle-class life.

Charlotte Bronte’s last work is “Emma”, a fragment of which was published after her death.

She married in 1854 and died in 1855 at the age of 39.


Answer the following guestions:


1. How many children were there in Bronte’s family except for her?

2. What profession did Charlotte acquire after finishing the boarding school in 1832?

3. What was her first novel? When was it published?

4. Could you innumerate all Bronte’s novels? Which of them is the most popular?

5. Whom did Charlotte depict in her novel “ Shirley”?

6. What was her pen-name?

7. How can you characterize Bronte’s works? In what style are they written?

8. Have you ever read her works? What character did you like most?



Exercise № 1. Translate the next sentences into English:

1.Шарлотта Бронте- відома англійська новелістка 19-го століття.

2.Коли Шарлотті було 5 років, померла її мама.

3. Хоча Ш.Бронте отримала професію вчителя, вона надавала перевагу

написанню новел.

4.Її сестри Емілі та Анна померли від туберкульозу.

5.Шарлотта була єдиною дитиною в сім”ї, яка вижила.

6.Бронте написала кілька романів, з яких „ Джейн Ейр”-найвідоміший.

7.Усі її романи – реалістичні,де вона зображає буденне життя

провінційних людей того часу.

8.При написанні своїх творів вона проникала в людську психологію.



Exercise №2. Put questions to the following sentences:


1. Charlotte Bronte’s novel “ Jane Eyre” brought her fame.

2. In Brussels Charlotte was employed as a teacher of English.

3. She wrote her works under the pen-name Currer Bell.

4. Bronte’s first novel was published only after her death.




We can’t overvaluethe role of Lesya Ukrainka in Ukrainian literature, who together with Ivan Franko and Taras Shevchenko are considered luminaries of it.

She was born on February 25,1871 in Novgorod-Volynsky in the family of educated people. Lesya’s father was a lawyer,but he was pretty well awareof literature and her mother was a Ukrainian writer, known as Olena Pchilka.There were six children in the Kossaches’ family.One of her sisters was married to M.Drahomanov, a scientist and public figure, who played a significant role in Lesya’s life.

Apart from Drahomanov, a lot of other outstanding people gathered in their family.Among them were the composer Lysenko, theplaywright M.Staritsky and the poet I.Franko. Lesya was growing up under the influence of such distinguished public.These cultural figures contributed much to her becoming a poet.

Lesya was a very apt child: at the age of four she learned to read, at nine she wrote her first poem “ Hope”, at 13 – her first poem was published in Lviv magazine “ Zorya”(“ Lily of the Valley”).

As we know, all her works were written under the pen-name Lesya Ukrainka,but her real name was Larisa Kosach.

Though she had a marked inclination for studying, Lesya obtained education at home because of poor health.Her first steps in writing coincided with the first symptoms of disease she suffered from- tuberculosis of bones.For this reason, Lesya Ukrainka visited Vienna,Crimea,Georgia,Italy,

,Egypt in order to be treated.

In 1883 she was undergone the operation.At that time she was plungedin reading, studying literature,art,geography as well as foreign languages.

Due to her books of verse “On Wings of Songs”, “Responses”, “Thoughts and dreams”, Lesya Ukrainka became one of the leading poets of the 19th century.Alongside with writing poems, she turned to playwriting.When at school we admired reading her “Forest Song” and “ Stone Host”.

Taking into account the fact that Lesya had a good command of at least 5 foreign languages, she wrote both poetry and prose in these languages.

She was fond of the revolutionary ideas of Shevchenko’s poems and continued developing them in her poetry.Lesya Ukrainka wanted to express in bright images the idea and main tendencies of her time.

The illness progressed, she spent most of her time in hospitals and on August 1,1913 Lesya Ukrainka died.But she will stay immortal in the hearts of the Ukrainian people, the belonging to whom she showed in her works.



Unfamiliar words:

to overvalue- переоцінювати

luminary- корифей

to aware –знати, бути обізнаним

public figure-громадський діяч

significant- важливий, значущий

playwright- драматург

to contribute- сприяти


marked inclination- помітна схильність

to obtain-отримувати

to coincide-співпадати

to undergo- зазнавати

to be plunged- занурюватися

playwriting- драматургія

immortal-безсмертний, невмирущий


Answer the following questions:

1. Where and when was Lesya Ukrainka born?

2. What did her parents do?

3. Who influenced her formation as a poet?

4. She wrote her first poem at the age of 5, didn’t she?

5. What is the title of her first published poem?

6. Why didn’t Lesya go to school?

7. What disease did she suffer from? Was it curable or not?

8. Where did Lesya travel when she was ill?

9. Did the operation help her to get rid of the illness?

10. What are Ukrainka’s most known books of verse?

11. Did she write any plays?

12. Who was an example for her to follow in poetry?

13. When did Lesya Ukrainka die?

14. Do you agree to the thought that Lesya Ukrainka and Charlotte Bronte have much in co


Exercise №1. Translate the next sentences into English:

1. Леся Українка народилася в сім”ї освічених людей.

2. На становлення Лесі Українки як поетеси вплинуло багато відомих людей того часу та середовище, в якому вона росла.

3. Значну роль в її житті відіграв Драгоманов.

4. Леся була надзвичайно обдарованою дитиною та не ходила до школи через хворобу та відсутність викладання українською мовою.

5. Справжнє ім”я Лесі Українки- Лариса Косач.

6. Дівчина писала твори під псевдонімом Леся Українка,щоб показати свою приналежність до українського народу.

7. Першим віршем, якого Леся написала в 9 років був вірш „ Надія”.

8. Вірш „Конвалія” був надрукований в львівській газеті „Зоря”, коли Лесі було тільки 13 років.

9. Через свою хворобу Леся побувала в багатьох місцях: в Криму, Грузії,Італії,Австрії.

10. Леся Українка займалася не тільки поезією, а й драматургією.

11. Її „ Лісову пісню” знають всі.

12. Леся Українка була багатогранною особистістю-писала літературні твори, займалася музикою, була поліглотом.



Exercise №2. Put questions to the following sentences:


1.Drahomanov, Staritsky,Lysenko,Franko contributed a lot to Ukrainka’s formation as a poet.

2.Her most popular books of verse are “ Thoughts and dreams”, “ On wings of songs”, “ Responses”.

3.Lesya suffered from an incurable disease- tuberculosis of bones.

4.She knew Spanish,Enlish,German,Italian,French and wrote literary works

in these languages.

5.In many of her verses she went on describing the revolutionary ideas of Shevchenko.



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