Put the verbs in brackets into the Future Simple. 

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Put the verbs in brackets into the Future Simple.

1) I (know) the result in a week.

2) You (have) time to help me tomorrow?

3) Do you think he (recognize) me?

4) I hope I (find) him.

5) He (believe) whatever you tell him?

6) I (remember) this day all my life.

7) Perhaps he (arrive) in time for lunch.

8) You (become) a well-qualified specialist in 10 years.

9) You (not/need) a visa if you are going to Spain.

10) The weather (be) much warmer tomorrow.

18. A salesman is trying to sell a computer. Complete what he says with will or won't.

This is an excellent machine which ___ give you many years of service. We ___ install it for you. We ___ even give you a special course to teach you how to use it. But you ___ find it difficult to learn. You ___ soon see how easy it is to store information and to type letters with this computer. Now, about the payment. We ___ ask you for immediate payment. We ___ be OK if you make a small payment now, and you can pay the rest in three months' time. We ___ send you a letter to remind you. What's more, we ___ give you a 5% reduction on the market price. And, of course, the computer ___ come to you with a two-year guarantee.

But actually, you ___ need the guarantee, because there ___ be many problems with the machine. If there are, I ___ deal with them personally.

So you want to buy it? Good! I can tell you, sir, you ___ be sorry!

All these sentences are about the future. Put the verbs into the correct form: Future Simple or Present Simple.

1) Before you _____ (leave), don't forget to shut the windows.

2) I _____ (call) you as soon as I _____ (arrive) in Tokyo.

3) Please don't touch anything before the police _____ (come).

4) Everyone _____ (be) very surprised if he _____ (not/pass) the exam.

5) When you _____ (see) Brian again, you _____ (not/recognize) him.

6) We _____ (not/start) dinner until Karen _____ (arrive).

7) _____ (you/be) lonely without me while I _____ (be) away?

8) Come on! Hurry up! Ann _____ (be) annoyed if we _____ (be) late.

Will / Be Going To

Using the words in parentheses, complete the texts below with the appropriate tenses.

1. A: Why are you holding a piece of paper? B: I _____ (write) a letter to my friends back home in Texas.
2. A: I'm about to fall asleep. I need to wake up! B: I _____ (get) you a cup of coffee. That will wake you up.
3. A: I can't hear the television! B: I _____ (turn) it up so you can hear it.
4. We are so excited about our trip next month to France. We _____ (visit) Paris, Nice and Grenoble.
5. Sarah _____ (come) to the party. Oliver _____ (be) there as well.
6. Ted: It is so hot in here! Sarah: I _____ (turn) the air-conditioning on.
7. I think he ____ (be) the next President of the United States.
8. After I graduate, I _____ (attend) medical school and become a doctor. I have wanted to be a doctor all my life.
9. A: Excuse me, I need to talk to someone about our hotel room. I am afraid it is simply too small for four people. B: That man at the service counter _____ (help) you.
10. You look frozen. Sit down by the fire and I _____ (make) you a cup of tea.


Unit 10 Ukraine: Land and People
  Vocabulary in Use Ukraine Kyiv Language Focus Perfect Tenses

Vocabulary In Use

1. Find the Ukrainian equivalents in the right-hand column for the following:

1) south-eastern part 2) natural scenery 3) state language 4) ancient legend 5) developed economy 6) water reservoir 7) therapeutical mud 8) moderate climate a) природній ландшафт b) лікувальні грязі c) південно-східна частина d) державна мова e) древня легенда f) помірний клімат g) водосховище h) розвинена економіка

2. Match the terms to their definitions:

1) peninsula 2) anthem 3) deposit 4) steppe 5) mining 6) landmark a) industry of extracting coal, ores, etc., from the earth b) wide area of land with grass but no trees c) area of land almost surrounded by water d) layer of solid matter (often buried in the earth) e) a prominent or well-known object f) a song of loyalty or devotion

3. Match the words with similar meanings:

1) level 2) moderate 3) noted 4) considerable 5) territory 6) attractions a) known b) temperate c) significant d) sights e) area f) flat

4. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate words from the list:

plain forests mountains Europe the Black Sea mineral resources steppes river

1) Ukraine is the largest country in _____.

2) Ukraine stretches from the _____ in the west to the _____ in the south.

3) Ukraine’s longest _____ is the Dnipro, which flows south to _____.

4) Ukraine is mostly a flat _____.

5) Ukraine is famous for its _____ with plantations of pine, oak, beech and birch.

6) Ukraine has 5% of the world’s _____.


READING AND speaking

Here are some opinions. Say what you feel about them (agree or disagree).

ü We, Ukrainians, love our country.

ü We would like other nations to know, understand and love our homeland.

ü It isn’t necessary to learn to speak about Ukraine in English.

ü Everybody in the world has heard about Ukraine.

ü We have nothing interesting to tell the foreigner about Ukraine.

ü We have places in this country that can attract foreign tourists.

You may find the following phrases helpful.

You agree Just so. I quite agree here. Certainly. Sure. Exactly. You are not sure Yes, but... I’m afraid I don’t agree. I don’t think you are right. I can’t agree with you there. I’m not so sure. You disagree On the contrary! Certainly not. Just the other way round.

Read the text about Ukraine.


Ukraine is situated in the south-eastern part of Central Europe and has its own territory, government, national emblem, flag and anthem.

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe (after European part of Russia). Its territory is equal to 603 700 sq km or 5.7% of the European territory. Ukraine borders on Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland. Its southern territories are washed by the Black Sea and the Azov Sea.

The population of Ukraine is about 46 mln people. Ukrainians are the largest nationality living in Ukraine, constituting 73% of the population. Russians make up another 21%, and they live primarily in cities and in Eastern Ukraine. The remaining 6% is divided between Jews, Belarusian, Moldavians, Bulgarians, and Poles.

The state language in Ukraine is Ukrainian although Russian is also widespread. Many people believe that the Ukrainian language is very melodious, the second most melodious in the world after Italian.

Natural scenery of Ukraine is picturesque. The territory of the country is mostly a level, treeless plain, called "steppe". Forests cover about 14% of Ukraine’s territory. There are the Crimean Mountains on the Crimean peninsula and the Carpathians in the west, but they are not very high. The highest mountain peak is Hoverla (2061 m) in the Carpathian Mountains.

There are almost 23,000 rivers within the borders of Ukraine. Its longest river is the Dnieper (Dnipro) which is some 966 kilometers long. Other notable rivers include the Dniester, Donets, Danube and Southern Buh. There are over 3,000 natural lakes and about 22,000 artificial water reservoirs, as well as many sources of mineral water and therapeutical mud which are used to treat many diseases.

Ukraine has a developed economy with significant agricultural and industrial sectors. It possesses rich and conveniently located natural resources. About half of its territory, especially the central and southern regions, consists of the exceptionally fertile black soil, that is ideal for agriculture. The Donets Basin in the southeast has large deposits of coal, while the east central Kryvyy Rih area is rich in iron ore. Ukraine has some of the world’s largest manganese deposits, located in south central Ukraine. There are also considerable deposits of oil and natural gas.

The largest cities in Ukraine are Kyiv, the country’s capital and economic, cultural and educational centre; Kharkiv, noted for its machinery plants and educational institutions; Dnipropetrovsk, a center of metallurgical and aerospace industries; and Donetsk, known for mining and metallurgy. Odesa, on the Black Sea coast, is the country’s largest seaport.

The climate of the country is moderate. It is subtropical only on the southern Crimean coast. Winter is rather mild, with no severe frosts but with regular snowfalls everywhere except the south. The rivers and lakes freeze in winter. Summer is quite hot and dry, with occasional showers and thunderstorms.

Answer the questions.

1) Where is Ukraine located?

2) What area does it occupy?

3) What countries does Ukraine border on?

4) What is its population?

5) What ethnic groups live on the territory of Ukraine?

6) What is the state language?

7) Are there any mountain ranges within the borders of the country?

8) What are the main Ukraine’s rivers?

9) Is Ukraine rich in mineral resources?

10) What is the climate of the country like?


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