Music and and pretty decorations.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Music and and pretty decorations.

а) many b) much c) little d) a little

18. I know students usually … an advanced course on geography of Wales.

а) were taking b) is taking c) take d) was taking

19. She … difficulty with her English pronunciation.

а) had b) has been having c) have d) has

20. The flag of the United Kingdom … made of three crosses.

а) are b) is c) was d) were

21. Alexander Bell … a telephone.

а) invented b)inventc) invents d) to invent

22. Perhaps in the future I … all English-speaking countries.

а) shall visit b) will visit c) are visiting d) visited

23. The students … at the British Museum next week.

а) will work b) shall work c) would work d) should work

24. The Saxon king Alfred the Great… arts and culture.

а) encouraged b) had encouraged c) were encouraged d) encourages

25. The National Еeducational Act of 1944 … three stages of education:

Primary, secondary and further education in England and Wales.

а) would provide b) provided c) had provided d) provide

26. Before the Normans … , the use of surnames hadn’t been known in England.

а) had arrived b) arrive c) arrives d) arrived

27. The climate in the UK … generally mild and temperate.

а) are b) is c) has been d) was

28. The earliest known people of Britain … of Iberian origin.

а) has been b) are c) were d) was

29. The Celts ... to Britain from Europe.

а) migrate b) migrates c) migrated d) would migrate

30. Is there … in the garden?

a)anybody b) your friends c) people d) somebody


1. Whatever the British government … to undertake, its duty is to keep order in the society.

a)must try b) might try c) may try d) can try

2. No museum … ever … buy one painting by this English artist.

a)has … been able to b) might … have c) must … haved) can … have

3. Repertoire theaters from several counties of the UK … arrive for six days for festival.

a)can b) have to c) are to d) may

4. … you … get up early yesterday to meet the delegation at Heathrow?

a)Did … have to b) Had … to c) Have … had to d) Has … to

5. The British think they … not change their habits.

a)need b) can c) ought d) might

6. The tourists in England … follow the left-hand rules of driving.

a)may b) need to c) must d) can

7. If you are eager to have a good rest in England, you … go to the sea-side.

a) would b) should c) must d) have to

8. Now London’s councilmen … to approve the erection of a life-size statue of Charlie Chaplin … in the costume that the British-born comedian made famous in his films.

a)being asked b) asked c) are being asked d) is being asked

9. For 35 years the building of St. Paul’s Cathedral … .

а) was being erected b) is being erected c) is erected d) was erected

10. The Tower of London* was constructed … William the Conqueror in 1066 to protect the City of London.

а) on b) of c)by d) with

11. Great Britain … for 1000 kilometers from the South to the extreme North.

а) will stretch b) stretched c) stretches d)stretch

12. I am not interested in sports life in England. – … .

а) Neither am I. b) Either I am. c)Nor am I. d) Neither I am.

13. … a citizen of the UK vote till the age of 18?

a) may b) can c)must d) should

14. … be late for the ballet at the Royal Opera House, please!

а) Not dob) Don’tc) Don’t you d) Will you

15. What role … William the Conqueror … in the history of the UK?

а) had been … played b) is … played c) did .. play d) was … played

16. Do not worry! We won’t be late! The double-decker … .

а) arrives b) arrive c) is arriving d)was arriving

17. Nora … the bagpipes at this moment.

а) play b) plays c) is playing d) are playing

18. When I entered Covent Garden, the hall … already … full.

а) had … been b) is … been c) was … been d) were … been

19. Pay attention! Beefeaters …the square.

a) cross b) is crossing going c) are crossing d) were crossing

20. St. Paul’s Cathedral* … on the site of the former Saxon-Norman church.

а) stands b) stand c) is standing d) stood

21. The National Gallery in London … an outstanding collection of paintings from famous art schools.

from а) is containing b)are containing c) contains d) contain

22. I … in London at 6 p.m. tomorrow.

а) was arriving b)is arriving c) shall be arriving d) will arrive

23.9. They … the results of the last football match at Wimbledon stadium, when

We came in.

а) discussed b) were discussing c) was discussing d) discuss

24. In Scotland either Rangers, Celtic or Aberdeen usually … the cup.

а) to win b) wonc) wins d) win

25. The kilt … become popular until the beginning of the XVIII century.

а) not b) did not c ) do not d) will not

26. He … a TV programme about clans and tartans in Scotland now.

а) is watchingb)watch c) watches d) to watch

27. The fog usually … thicker in autumn in England.

а) get b) gets c) is getting d) are getting

28. … do you know about Laurence Olivier?

а) when b) what c) which d) why

29. The Tower of London … by the Yeomen Warders*, called «Beefeaters».

а) is guards b) was guard c) is guarded d) am guarded

30. The Severn is … than the Thames.

а) the longestb) longer c) the most long d) the most longest


1. Most British people speak English, but Gaelic … … in the West, in the North of Scotland and in Northern Ireland.

а) speak b) are spoken c) is spoken d) was spoken

2. Most British … Protestants.

а) are b) is c)were d) was

3. The … fabric from which the national Scottish dress is made represents the family clan the person is from.

а) checked b) checking c) check d) checks

4.2.Kilts … on special occasions such as weddings and , dances in Britain n


а) are worn b) is worn c) were worn d)wear

5. It is known that there … no English national dress at all.

а) is b) was c) will be d) are

6. The British like to have fun with … national flag.

а) they b) her c) their d)his

7.2.You … tell that you are British, because you do not care what people


а) must b) can c) may d) need

8.2.In England you … to say «Nice day, isn’t it?» about two hundred times

Every day day.

а) have to b) can c) may d)need

9. He learned to speak English … .

a) quickly b)more quickly c)most quicker d) quicklier

10.2.The EnglishIn England people think that knowing good manners at the table is …

Than the food.

a) importanterb) importantest c) more important d) more importanter

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