Than any other city in Great Britain.

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Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

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Than any other city in Great Britain.

а) its b) hisc) theirs

The Ceremony of Keys takes place every night at 9.53 in the Tower of

London*. … Ceremony goes without interruption.

а) its b) that c) this

8. The English names of the months are of Latin origin. April got … name

From the Latin word «aperire», which means «to open».

а) its b) his c) this

9. English people do not like displaying … emotions.

а) its b) there c) their

10. It is considered rude to ask … about their private life in England, even if

You know them well.

а) everybody b) anybody c) somebody


*См.: Раздел V Иллюстрированный глоссарий «Социокультурной портрет Соединенного Королевства Великобритании и Северной Ирландии»

Упражнение 17. Заполните пропуски в предложениях местоимениями:

Almost 1nation has a reputation of some kind. The British is a nation of home lovers. Home is associated with motherland for them. It is reflected in 2 proverbs and sayings. They say: «There is no place like home. Home, sweet home. East or West, home is best. An Englishman's home is his castle»**. The word «home» can be translated into Russian as «дом, жилище, семья, домашний, очаг, семья».

The British prefer small two-storeyed houses with rooms upstairs and downstairs, built for one family, perhaps with a small garden. The garden is a subject of special attention, it’s usually shown to guests. Those 3 live on the British Islands are fond of growing flowers,especially, roses. The fire is the focus of the English home. It is the open fire as usual.

The British are said to be reserved in manners, dress and speech. The British value their privacy and believe that 4has a right to a private life. They do not like to discuss their private affairs. Private things may include personal relationships, family problems, health, how much they earn and 5 they do in their free time. It is considered rude to ask somebody about their private life, even if you know them well.

They are famous for their politeness, self-discipline and especially for their sense of humour. A sense of humour, an ability to see a funny side of the life is considered essential by most British people. It is considered a serious criticism of somebody to say 6they have no sense of humour. Some comedy television programmes are popular. A British comedy makes use of irony which depends on a writer or performer suggesting opposite to 7 is actually expressed. «But has he a sense of humour?» is one of the most frequent questions in Great Britain.

The British respect 8 traditions. British men are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them. Some customs are rather formal, such as the Changing the Guards at Buckingham Palace*, Trooping the Colour*, the State Opening the Parliament*. Some of them are of religious origin, for example, Christmas* and Easter*, another are not connected with religion as Burns’ Nights*.

They are held to commemoratethe great Scottish poet Robert Burns*. Eisteddfod* is the most exciting Welsh traditional festival of music and poetry in early August dated from the twelfth century.

Some new traditions have been recently born in the UK. There is a colourful demonstration of old veteran cars in the evening every year at Brighton, 9 is 60 miles from London.

On the Red Nose Day*, which takes place for one day every two years, Britain goes crazy. People all over the country (even police officers and teachers) wear red noses and do silly things. It's the day when doing really stupid things can raise loads of money for charity.

Traditions and customs in the UK play a more important part in the life of people than in 10 countries.


* См.: Раздел VI Приложение 2 «Пословицы, поговорки и крылатые выражения народов Великобритании и России Folk British and Russian proverbs, sayings and words of wisdom»

**См.: Раздел V Иллюстрированный глоссарий «Социокультурной портрет Соединенного Королевства Великобритании и Северной Ирландии»


A nation of home lovers нация любителей своего дома (домоседов)

Рroverbs and sayings пословицы и поговорки

To value ценить

A subject of special attention предмет особого внимания

Privacy (private life) частная жизнь, приватность

It is considered rude считается невежливым

British comedy makes use of irony, which depends on a writer or performer suggesting opposite to what is actually expressed. Ирония и юмор британской комедии по замыслу автора или исполнителя предполагает обратное действительному.

But has he a sense of humour? Есть ли у него чувство юмора?

To be held to commemorate проводиться в честь (память)

Doing really stupid things can raise loads of money for charity Действительно глупое поведение помогаетсобрать деньги на благотворительность.

1. a) every b) all

2. a) many b) much

3. a) which b) who

4. a) everyone b) somebody

5. a) that b) what

6. a) thatb) which

7. a) what b) somebody

8. a) them b) their

9. a) which b)who

10. a) another b) other



*Имя прилагательное– часть речи, обозначающая признак предмета.

Рис. 10. Классификация имён прилагательных

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