Likes to stay indoors on such a cloudy and rainy weather in England.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Likes to stay indoors on such a cloudy and rainy weather in England.

a) None b) Not c) No one d) No everybody

6. Are you … very J. Rowling*, the author of the bestseller «Harry Potter

And a Secret Chamber»?

а) the b) a c) an d)

7. The Irish … great talkers.

a) was b) be c) are d) is

8. The tourists usually ... Whispering Gallery.

а) to admire b)admire c)admir ing d)are admiring.

9. If it hadn’t been for you I … Cambridge University*.

а) had never studied b)would never study c) never studied d) would never have studied

10. They have already … this ballad about Robin Hood* and they are in no

Mood to mood to do it again.

a) sing b) song c) sang d) sung

11. It is typical … any British to see drinking tea as the opportunity to relax.

а) of b) from c) for d) with

12. British people ... like displaying their emotions.

a) doesn’t b) don’t c) no d) not

13. The books by J. K. Rowling* are selling well, they ... greatly popular with the young.

а) are b) be c) is d)sellwas

14. The British … very fussy how their tea is made.

a) are b) is c) be d) were

15. The British and tea … inseparable.

а) are b) is c) was d) were

16. They took … seats at the window in the through train to Liverpool.

а) there b) they c) their d) theirs

The Twelfth Night, the church festival of Epiphany (Крещение,

Богоявление) is formerly marked … the 6 th of January as the last night of Christmas.

а) withb)atc)ind)on

18. There lived a lot of animals on the English farm: … .

а) sheeps, cow and pigs b)sheep, cow and pig c) sheep, cows and pigsd)sheep, cow and pigs

19. I’ll be waiting for you … 8 in the evening. The performance at Covent

Garden begins at 8.

а) till b) in c)to d) before

20.2.When are you going back … home from the sea voyage along the

English Channel?

а) at b) in c) to d)

21. Do you know when the train arrives … London?

а) at b) in c)to d)

22. Some things about Britain make sense only to the British, probably … is

A social social class system.

а) strange b) more stranger c) most strange d) the strangest

23. … a long time to work at the same office in the City.

а) 20 years isb) 20 years are c) 20 year are d) 20 years

24. Schoolchildren have … holiday at Easter in Great Britain.

а) a two weekb) a two weeks c) a two week’s d) the two weeks’

25. I felt … perfectly after a walk in Kensington Gardens.

a) mine b)c) me d) myself

How many sights of interest in Wales are left for the tourists’ visiting?

26. … .

а) – None. b) – Neither. c) – Nothing. d) – Not any.

27. – Does he speak German or English? – … .

а) – Either. He knows Spanish too. b) – So. He knows Spanish either.

c) – So. He knows Spanish too. d) – Neither. He doesn’t speak Spanish either.

28. The British never … friends easily with strangers.

а) made b) make c) makes d)will make

29. … seen Jack today?

а) Have anybody b)Has anybody c) Have nobody d) Has somebody

30. A … sometimes tells where their family came from.

а) person name b) person’s name c) persons name d) person name




1. I meet … every day in the House of Lords*.

a)she b) him c) hers d) his

2. All members of the British Parliament* are present at the coronation of

the the Monarch. … is out.

a)Nobody b) Each c) All d) Everyone

3. Preschool … attend kindergartens or playing groups till the age of five in


Great Britain.

а) childs b) childrens c) children d) child’s

4. I have finished my report on Electoral system in Great Britain … 8 today.

a)at b) in c) to d) by

5. … you ever heard songs of the British group «Rowling stones»?

a)Have b) Has c) Had d) Will

6. … of them is the member of the British government?

a) which b) that c) these d) whose

7. The UK … of four parts.

а) consists b) consist c) consisted d) will consist

8. English … not the only language which people use in the UK.

a)are b) were c)was d) is

9. I entered Oxford University … year.

a)next b) last c) this d) that

10. ... you … this gentleman playing cricket on the lawn? How does he look



а) do … see b) are … seeing c) did … saw d) did … see

11.The younger you are, the … is to learn foreign languages, English, for


а) more easier b) easier c) more easy d)much easy

12. Bill won’t get a scholarship if he … the exams.

а) take b) will not take c) didn’t take d) doesn’t pass

13. What are … news of today in the UK?

а) later b) the latest c) last d)laster

14. If you require a … information on the ancient history of England, use the



а) further b) farther c) furthest d) fartherest

15. Actions speak … than words.

а) more louderb) the loudest c) louder d) much louder

16. Tours to the UK are becoming … nowadays.

а) more expensive b) the most expensive c) expensiver d) the expensiviest

17. There are … performances of local theaters in Britain that have nice

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