Wear their oldest clothes, and and the country becomes dark and sad.

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Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Wear their oldest clothes, and and the country becomes dark and sad.

a)Sundays b) Sundaies c) Sundies d) Sundayies

18. In Wales* there are more … than people.

a)sheeps b) sheep c) sheepies d) sheepes

19. Other ... have «citizens», but in England people are legally described as «subjects» of Her Majesty the Queen.

as «subjectsa) countris b) countrys c)countries d) countres

20. In Northern Ireland* … start schooling at the age of 4.

a)kidren b) kids c) kides d) kidies

More and more immigrants arrive to Britain annually. There’s one street

in London in London about 300 meters long where all … are run by Indians, Arabs and etc.

a) businessis b) businesses c) businessess d) businessies

The surname of the British Royal family is Windsor, this might sound

British, but the British, but the Royal fFamily’s ancestors were of German origin: Queen


(1819-1901) was born in Britain, but but her mother and her husband were both

the … .

a) Germen b) German c) Germans d) Germens

23. Once a year it is a strange custom for … to cook flat cakes in a frying pan,

And runand run down the street, throwing the pancakes into the air, and catching

Them in

The pan.

a) woman b) women c) womans d) weman

24. Last century English … usually ate at home, but nowadaysdays they go out

For a meal a meal not at special times at least once a week.

a)families b) familis c) familes d) familys

In England in the bathrooms there are two taps instead of one because of

pressure the difference of pressure: hot water is heated in a tank on the … of houses,


Water comes from the pipe in the street.

a)roofs b) roof c)roves d) rovies

26. People say that … are cold and reserved.

a)the English b) the Englishes c) the Englishs d) the Englishren

27. The British have different … , gardening is the oldest one.

a)hobbys b) hobbies c) hobbes d) hobbis

28.1.The world’s largest and most well-known … (Oxfam, Amnesty International,

28. Save the Children Fund) began in Britain.

a)charities b) charity’s c) charitis d) charites

According to British superstitions, Aa black cat crossing your path will bring

29. you a good deal of ... British superstitions say.

a) luck b) lucks c) luckes d)luckis

30. Trafalgar Square* is a place of pilgrimage for visitors who usually feed


pigeons and make … of Nelson’s Column and the National Gallery.

a) photoes b) photos c) photois d) photoies

ТЕСТ № 3.


1. … island of the British Isles* of is Great Britain.

a)The biggest b) Biggestc) Most big d) Most biggest

2. In Wales the mountains are rocky and difficult to climb, … mountain is



a)highest b) higher c) the high d) the highest

3. The Highlands of Scotland are among … mountains in the world.

a) old b) the oldest c)the old d) oldest

4. … river in Great Britain is the Severn.

a)Largest b) The largest c) Large d) The large

5. The Severn* (350 km) is … than the Thames (346 km).

a)large b) largest c) larger d) more large

6. The Thames* is … and … … river in Great Britain.

a)the busiest … the most important b) busiest … most important

c) the most busiest … the most important d) the busyest … the most important

7. Britain* is just under 500 hundred kilometers across its ... part.

a)wider b) widest c) more wide d) most widest

8. Population density is ... in England and ... in Scotland*.

a)highest … lowest b) high … low c)the highest … the lowest d) higher … higher

9. Roman influence during Roman occupation of Britain was… in the

South, while in while in the North and West the country remained untouched.

a)greatest b) greaterc) great d) greatiest

10. The City*, … part of London, is the commercial center of the country.

a)the old b) the oldest c) oldest d) old

11. The West End* is … and … part of London, the symbol of wealth and



a)the rich … the most beautiful b) the richest … the beautiful

c) the richest … the most beautiful d) richest … the most beautifulest

12. … hotels, restaurants, shops and clubs are situated in the West End.

a)The most expensive b) The expensiver c) The more expensive d) The expensivest

13. One of … treasures of Westminster Abbey* is the oaken Coronation Chair.

Made in 1300.

a)the greatest b)great c) the most greatest d) the most great

14. Londoners have … affection for St. Paul’s Cathedral*.

a)a particular b)a more particular c) the most a particular d) particularier

15. St. Paul’s Сathedral* is … Protestant Church in England.

a)the largestb)the large c) the most large d) more large

16. The Tower of London* is one of the first and … castles built after the

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