The political parties in power.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


The political parties in power.

a)consist b) consisted c) consists d)will consist

7. In 55 BC Julius Caesar, the Roman ruler … Britain.

a)invade b) invaded c)invades d) will invade

8. Roman occupation in Britain … up to the beginning of the 5th century.

a)continues b)continued c) had continued d) will continue

9. In 1603 the son of Mary Queen of Scots James Stuart … James I of



a)became b) become c) had became d) has become

10. The Union of England, Wales and Scotland … known as Great Britain.

a)become b) will become c) is becoming d) became

11. The final identification of Scotland and England … in 1707, though

Scotland … to keep its own system of education and law.

a) took place … continues b) taked place … continues

c) was taking place … continues d) taken place … continued

12. Scotland … an independent Church being a part of Great Britain.

a) has b) have c)had d) is having

13. Ireland … England’s first colony, but even now there … problems connected with religion there.

a)was … are b) is … are c) was … were d) was … will be

14. The Houses of Parliament* called officially the Palace of Westminster,

… formally a palace for kings and queens.

a) was b) were c) are d) will be

15. By the year 2000 nine per cent of pupils … to independent schools,

Because of Because

Of not so high quality of education in state schools.

a) went b)go c) had gone d) were going

16. Some new traditions … recently … in the UK.

a) has been … born b) have been … born c) had been … born d) are … born

17. In England and Wales primary school usually … from five to eleven.

a) last b)is lasting c) lasts d) lasted

18. British Summer Time … on the 26th of March and … on the 29th of



a) begins … ends b) begin … end c) began … ended d) has began … ends

19. … the chickens before they are hatched (Цыплят по осени считают).

20.a) No count b) Doesn’t count c) Count not d)Don’t count

20. The British Library ... be a part of the British Museum, but in 1990s a new new Library was built near St. Pancreas station in London.

a) used to b)uses c) to used d) was used to

Many people from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have a stronger

Feeling of loyalty to their country than to the United Kingdom, British

people who … from Asia, Africa or the West Indies may also feel two sets

Of loyalties.

a)come b) have come c) came d) had come

The Museum of London, one of London’s newest museums (opened in


1976) … popular not only with Londoners but tourists.

a) have become b) becomes c) has become d) became

23. When Madam Tussaud … 17, she … a wax portrait of Voltaire.

a) was … made b) was … had made c) is … made d) had been … made

24. James Aldridge* … from Australia.

a) is b) was c) were d) are

25. In England everything … the other way round. You must understand that when when people say «England», they sometimes mean «Great Britain».

a) are b) is c) was d) were

26. If you describe yourself as being 172 centimeters tall, a British person … able to imagine what you are like – and in spite of the fact that the metric system … in the country years ago.

a) won’t be … was introducedb) won’t be … is introduced

c) won’t be … will be introducedd) do not … was introduced

27. «The Daily Telegraph», one of Britain’s national daily newspapers, … in 1855.

a)had started b) has started c) started d) start

28. Now those who want to live in Britain …. take a test on «Britishness» to

show their knowledge of British culture, history and laws.

a)will have to b)have to c) had to d) had have to

29. Britain is a constitutional monarchy but it … a Constitution.

a)doesn’t have b) don’t have c) won’t have d) had no

30. It’s very difficult to imagine that the British … ever agree to change from

Driving on the left-hand side of the road to driving to the right.

a) should b) shall c) will d) would

ТЕСТ № 6.


1. The national flag of Wales … called the Welch dragon*.

a) isb) are c) was d) had been

The words of England’s national song «Home, sweet home» («Дом,

родной дом) … written by D. H. Pane, the music was created by Sir Henry Bishop.

a) was b) were c) is d) are being

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