Exercise 1: Read and translate the expressions used in orders.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Exercise 1: Read and translate the expressions used in orders.


Exercise 2: Translate the following letters:


Dear Sirs:


We are in receipt of your letter of May 14, and shall be glad if you will buy for our account the quantity B.O.P. Darjeeling Tea mentioned by you at Rs. 3 per kg payable at 30 days, and send us about one third of it by rail and the rest you keep in godown on our behalf.

Please effect insurance against fire at purchase rates plus 20% and retain the same at our disposal.


Yours sincerely,


Reply to above:


Dear Sirs:


We are glad to receive your acceptance of our offer, and note that you have decided to buy this parcel of B.O.P. Darjeeling Tea. We hope you will be satisfied with the quality in consideration of the price, and assure you that in any future business it will be our endeavour to give the best possible service and the quality goods.

This day we have dispatched 25 cartons of tea at your account and risk through passenger train. The remaining cartons have been kept in the godown as per your instructions. We have also taken out the insurance of the goods and the policy is with us to be forwarded to you if you wish so.

Enclosed here is our account for this bargain.


Yours sincerely,






account - счет
for smb.’s account - за счет кого-либо
at Rs. 3 per Kg - по цене 3 рупии за килограмм
payable at 30 days - с оплатой в течение 30 дней
a godown - склад товаров
to effect - осуществлять
purchase rate - зд.: стоимость товара
to retain - сохранять, удерживать
at disposal - в распоряжении
it will be our endeavour - мы приложим все усилия, мы сделаем все возможное
to dispatch - посылать, высылать
to forward - направлять, отправлять
as per - в соответствии
to take out the insurance - страховать
a bargain - сделка, покупка
a parcel - партия (товара)



NOTE: The most common means of transportation used for delivery of the goods are: road transport: van - фургон; lorry - грузовик; truck (Am.) - грузовик; container - контейнер; rail transport: passenger train - пассажирский поезд; goods train (cargo transport) - товарный поезд; freight-liner (freight-train) (Am.) - товарный поезд; sea transport: carrier (ship, vessel, craft) - судно; cargo carrier (cargo ship, freight ship, freight boat) - грузовое судно; tanker (oil ship) - танкер; dry-cargo ship - сухогруз; ferry - паром; hovercraft - судно на воздушной подушке; hydrofoil boat - судно на подводных крыльях; container cargo ship - контейнеровоз; barge - баржа; lighter - лихтер; air transport: plane - самолет; helicopter - вертолет. Common words concerning packing are as follows: bag - пакет; bale - кипа, тюк; barrel - деревянная бочка, бочонок; box - ящик (из дерева или металла); bundle - связка, пачка, жгут; can (Аm.) - консервная банка; carboy - балон, бутыль; carton - картонная коробка; case - прочный ящик (иногда скрепленный рейками); cask - бочка; container - контейнер; crate - решетчатая тара; drum - цилиндрический контейнер; hogshead - большая бочка; keg - бочонок (емкостью до 10 галлонов); sack - куль, мешок; tin - консервная банка

Exercise 3: Insert the missing prepositions where necessary and translate into Russian:

1) The price ... which the equipment was ordered ... was fixed and not subject ... any alterations.

2) As the goods were bought ... f.o.b. terms, the Suppliers placed them ... board ... steamer ... their expence. They also had to pay the port and dock dues ... the cargo.

3) According ... the contract, payment is to be made ... cash ... London ... 45 days ... the dispatch ... Rossimport ... all the shipping and technical documents.

4) As you had not delivered the goods ... the 1st July, you are to pay us agreed and liquidated damages ... delay ... delivery.

5) The damages were calculated ... the rate ... 0.5 per cent ... week ... the value ... the equipment.

6) The Buyers informed the Sellers that they would reject ... the goods if the delay ... delivery should last ... twelve weeks.

7) We shall be obliged if you will inform us ... the readiness ... the equipment ... inspection ... least ten days ... advance.

8) Rossimport informed the Suppliers that the damage ... the goods was due ... inadequate packing.

9) Taking ... account your client's requirements, we agree to prepare the goods ... your final inspection ... our works ... August.

10) We shall be glad to hear whether the changes ... the specification proposed ... us are acceptable ... you.


Exercise 4. Fill in the missing words and translate the letter:

Our order ... 50 "Marie" dresses ... various colours and sizes is ... with this letter. You will see ... the order that ... is required ... 1 May ... the latest.

Will you please quote us ... 1000 "Audrey" dressing gowns, and ... us know whether you have these models ... stock.


Exercise 5: Write a letter based on these notes:

thanks for order (No., date) - goods dispatched (ship, date due) - invoice enclosed - goods carefully selected - packed crates - safe arrival - excellent value - hope good sales - rely on us - at your service.



Lesson 2


Expressions used in orders

1) Your order is receiving immediate attention and you can depend on us to effect delivery at Southampton well within your time limit.

2) We have taken special note of your packing instructions and these will be strictly observed.

3) We note that the goods are to be collected at your works by your forwarding agent, and we shall accordingly notify Carter & Sons when the order is ready to be called for.

4) We cannot guarantee delivery by next Friday as your order was received too late for this week’s dispatch, but we are sending your goods by rail, and they will reach you more quickly that if we waited for the next van delivery.

5) We have not yet had precise shipping instructions and are holding your order until these arrive.

6) As you do not give any special instructions for forwarding, we are passing your order to our forwarding agents in the usual way.

7) As you need the goods so urgently we have arranged transport by road to the port. This will make shipment by S.S. Lincoln possible.

8) To avoid storage charges at the port, we are holding your goods here pending arrival of your forwarding instructions.

9) As we have not had the pleasure of doing business with you before, we enclose a copy of our invoice, and will be glad if you arrange payment either by banker’s draft or by opening and irrevocable letter of credit in our favour. Please also state what document you require.

10) As requested, we shall draw on you at 60 days for the amount of our invoice, one copy of which is enclosed, the draft to be accepted by your bankers as arranged.

11) Our terms are net. You will appreciate that our low prices make it impossible for us to grant any discount.

12) Our prices are ex-works; should you wish us to undertake shipping arrangements we will gladly do so, adding the costs involved to our draft on you.

13) Prices of raw materials have risen steeply since our quotation of 11 May, and we could now accept your order only at the rates quoted on the attached list. We await your confirmation before executing your order, but shall be pleased to give you priority if your reply reaches us within 3 days.


Refusing an order

1) In this instance we are unable to accept your order, as we cannot match your pattern.

2) Much as we should like to do business with you, we fear we cannot turn out brushes of reasonable quality at the price you ask.

3) Supplies of raw materials are becoming difficult to obtain and we have no alternative but to decline your order.

4) As we would not be able to promise delivery before next spring, we feel we must return your order, with our apologies and thanks.

5) We have a waiting list of several hundred for these machines and can give no guarantee of delivery this year.

6) Production difficulties force us to decline further orders for this model for the time being.

7) The political situation has caused supplies of beef to “dry up” entirely, and we are forced to discontinue the manufacture of these goods.

8) There is no demand for the material of the type you submit as a sample, and we shall not manufacture further supplies.

9) Any alteration in design would mean re-setting our machines, and the cost of this would be prohibitive unless you could place an order for some 5,000.

10) It would be impossible for us to supply this small quantity in wrappers of varying design and colour, without considerably raising the prices.

11) While thanking you for your order, we have to explain that we supply only to authorised dealers in each town, and at present we are not considering increasing the number of dealers in your area.




Exercise 1: Translate from English into Russian:

1) Thank you for your reply of 14 May regarding the cassettes we wrote to you about. Enclosed you will find our official order ...

2) Your letter of 12 October convinced me to place at least a trial order for the "Letherine" material you spoke about.

3) Once we have received your advice, we will send a banker's draft (банковская тратта) to ...

4) Although the rather low trade discount of 15% disappointed us, we will place an order and hope that this allowance can be reviewed at some time in the near future.

5) Delivery before February is a firm condition of this order, and we reserve the right to refuse goods delivered after this time.

6) We advise delivery by road to avoid constant handling of this fragile consignment (товар; партия товара).

7) The mashines must be well greased with all movable parts secured before being loaded into crates, which must be marked.

8) Your order No 6712/1 is now being processed and should be ready for dispatch by next week.

9) We are pleased to advise you that the watches you ordered - No 8815/24 - were put on flight BA 165 leaving Zurich 11.00, 9 August arriving Manchester 13.00. Please find enclosed air waybill DC 15161/3 and copies of invoice A113/3.

10) If the goods sell as well as we hope, we shall send further orders in the near future.


Exercise 2. Translate from English into Russian:

1) Dear Sirs:


We have pleasure in informing you that your order no. 844772 has been completed and is awaiting collection. The consignment consists of 5 crates, each weighting 255 kg.

Transport, insurance and freight are being arranged by our forwarding agents, AG of Antwerp. We can vouch for their expertise and efficiency.

As soon as we receive details of forwarding charges from our agents, we will send you our invoice and the shipping documents. The amount of the invoice will be charged to your account, and in future we will draw on you quarterly, as previously agreed.

We assure you that your orders will be given prompt attention, and look forward to hearing from you again.

Yours faithfully,


2) Dear Sirs,

It was pleasure to receive your order for 300 Model C ‘Reflex’ cameras and to hear of your success in disposing of the last consignment. As we advised you at the time of your last purchase, this type of camera, with its large viewfinder, has become a best-selling model, and you cannot go wrong in stocking it.

While sales throughout the world have been good, there has been a persistent demand for a lens of larger aperture than the f.3, which was fitted as standard on the Model C last year. On careful examination of this demand we came to the conclusion that the average camera-user of today wants an instrument with which he can do serious picture-making. We have therefore produced a new version of our famous camera – the model D, which is fitted with an f4.5 lens.

Model ‘0’ has replaced ‘C’, and at a price of DM 80 net to the trade, represents the finest value on the market for cameras of this type. We think you will agree that the difference in price, DM 10, between this and the old model is very small for the amazing difference in performance which is now possible. It has received an enthusiastic welcome here already.

Our new publicity campaign is due to begin in a few weeks and the ‘0’ Reflex will be adevertised extensively in national newspapers in your country as well as in technical magazines. Your stock will reach you in good time for the commencement of our campaign, so we should be glad if you would confirm the order for 300 of Model ‘Din place of the discontinued Model ‘C’.

We shall be happy to grant you an extra 5% discount for 300, and can promise you immediate dispatch. Once again we say you cannot go wrong with a Reflex. We are always at your service.

Yours faithfully


Exercise 3. Translate from Russian into English:

Уважаемые господа!


Мы подтверждаем получение Вашего письма от ... (дата) и просим Вас принять к выполнению заказ на 3 насосные машины. Мы согласны с назначенными Вами ценами.

Доставка должна быть осуществлена по вышеуказанному адресу к ... (дата). Поскольку Вы ничего не упомянули о гарантийном сроке, который обычно предоставляется при поставке машин, мы хотим указать, что просим дать двухгодичный срок гарантии, в течение которого Вы обязаны выполнять любые ремонтные работы бесплатно.

Мы будем рады, если Вы известите нас о получении нашего заказа и Вашем мнении о наших условиях.


С уважением,


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