Exercise 4. Write a letter to a foreign manufacturer of some article you are familiar with. Enclose an order and

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Exercise 4. Write a letter to a foreign manufacturer of some article you are familiar with. Enclose an order and

State your requirements regarding quantity, quality, appearance and delivery.



Lesson 1.



In ideal business conditions everything should be done carefully - details of offers and orders checked, manufacture of the goods carried out properly, packing and marking verified.

However in spite of all possible care and attention that is given to contracts letters of complaint happen to arrive rather frequently because of various infringements.

There are various reasons for complaints. The following kinds of claims are often made by Buyers:

1) claims arising from the delivery of wrong goods, damaged goods or substandard goods;

2) claims connected with delays of one kind or another;

3) claims owing to goods missing from delivery (i.e. short-shipment or short-delivery);

4) claims that concern errors in carrying out the order. These may be caused by mis-typing of figures, mis-reading of numbers, mis-direction of goods, wrong goods, wrong packing and so on.

Sellers most frequently make claims on Buyers because of default of payment.

As a rule a customer will not complain unless he has a good reason. If the customer's complaint is well-grounded, the settlement is comparatively easy: the error will be admitted and the responsible party will meet the claim fully or partly. In other words, the dissatisfied party will get full or partial compensation for the losses they suffered. Thus the matter is settled amicably.

Much more difficult is the case where the customer's complaint is not justified. It would be wrong policy to reject the claim off-hand.

The responsible party must carefully explain why the claim is declined and try to persuade the dissatisfied party to withdraw the claim.

Settling commercial disputes by arbitration is practiced if the parties in dispute cannot meet mutual understanding. In this case the parties may refer the matter to Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Moscow. The award of the Arbitration Commission is final and binding upon both parties.



a claim - претензия, рекламация
packing - упаковка
marking - маркировка
to verify - проверять
a complaint - претензия, жалоба
an infringement - нарушение
to infringe (a contract) - нарушать (не выполнять) условия контракта
Seller - продавец
Buyer - покупатель
damaged goods - поврежденные товары
substandard goods - недоброкачественные товары
short-shipment (short-delivery) - недопоставка
mis-direction of goods - отправка товаров по неправильному адресу
to make a claim on smb. - предъявлять претензию
to reject to decline a claim - отклонять претензию
to accept  
to acknowledge a claim - принимать (признавать)
to admit претензию
to meet  
a well-grounded claim - обоснованная претензия
a justified  
an unjustified claim     -необоснованная претензия
to withdraw a claim - отзывать претензию
default of payment - задержка платежа
responsible party - ответственная сторона, ответчик
dissatisfied party -неудовлетворенная сторона
to suffer losses - нести убытки
compensation -компенсация, возмещение ущерба
a dispute -конфликт, спор, разногласия
arbitration - арбитраж, арбитражный суд
to refer the matter to - передавать дело на рассмотрение
Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission - Внешнеторговая арбитражная комиссия
the award of the Arbitration is final and binding upon both parties - решение арбитража окончательно и обязательно для обеих сторон



Exercise 1. Translate the text from English into Russian.


Exercise 2. Translate from Russian into English:

1) Покупатели часто предъявляют претензии продавцам по поводу поставки товаров, не предусмотренных контрактом, поврежденных и недоброкачественных товаров.

2) Претензии могут быть вызваны недопоставкой товаров.

3) Во избежание претензий со стороны покупателя следует проверить упаковку и маркировку товаров.

4) Продавцы могут предъявлять претензии покупателям по поводу задержки платежа.

5) Если претензия обоснована, ответчик должен полностью или частично компенсировать убытки.

6) Сторона может отклонить претензию, если считает, что она необоснована.

7) Если сторонам не удалось прийти к соглашению, дело может быть передано на рассмотрение Внешнеторговой арбитражной комиссии при Торгово-промышленной палате.

8) Решение Арбитражной комиссии окончательно и обязательно для обеих сторон.


NOTE: To have a complaint is annoying, but to complain without good reason will also annoy your correspondent. If you complain, make sure you get your facts right. And if you have to answer an unjustified complaint, be polite and restrained, and remember that we can all make mistakes.



Lesson 2. Claims connected with delay in delivery

Expressions used in connection with delay in delivery:

1) We shall be glad to know when we may expect delivery of the goods as they are most urgently wanted.

2) The delivery of the goods was to have taken place last month, and we have been caused serious inconvenience through the delay.

3) When placing this order with you we particularly stipulated for delivery within eight months.

4) Your delay in delivering the goods against Order No 1225 caused us considerable inconvenience.

5) We are surprised that you have not yet delivered the goods against Order No 1225.

6) We must insist on your unconditional guarantee that the goods will be delivered at the end of September.

7) We refuse to accept the goods on the ground of late delivery.



1) We are very sorry that you have to complain of delay in delivery of the goods.

2) We ask you to accept our apologies for the delay and the inconvenience you have been caused.

3) We apologize for the delay and trust that you have not been caused any serious inconvenience.

4) The delay in delivery occurred through no fault of ours.

5) The great pressure of orders for these goods has made it impossible for us to deliver the goods in August.



Exercise 1. Translate the letter from English into Russian:

July 15, 19...


Black & Co.,



Dear Sirs,


Re: Order No 235


Further to our letter dated June 30, 19... we are writing to you to express our deep concern about the delay in delivery of consignment under the above Order.


You will remember that when we sent you our Order we pointed out that timely delivery was most essential.


We are taking this opportunity to remind you that lately we have had numerous complaints from our clients who find fault with the packing of your goods.

We are sure that you are well aware of our previous claims. Therefore we expect you to take urgent steps to speed up the delivery of the above consignment and to give instructions to your packing department to take more care of inside packing of the goods.


Yours sincerely


Exercise 2. Translate the sentences into Russian:

1) When we sent you our order we pointed out that early delivery of the goods was absolutely necessary.

2) We urged on you the importance of the time factor.

3) The delivery time was clearly stated on our order and your acceptance.

4) In your acknowledgement of our order you stated that the consignment would be dispatched within two weeks and we are therefore very surprised that we have had no advice of dispatch (уведомление об отправке груза) yet.

5) We are at a loss to understand why we have not heard from you.

6) We are still without your advice of dispatch of the cameras; we are receiving urgent requests from customers and you will understand that this delay places us in an awkward position.

7) You will remember that it was agreed the goods would be shipped in time to arrive here by the end of month.

8) Our stocks may become too low for us to be able to cope with the Christmas trade.

9) We must ask you to dispatch the consignment immediately, if you have not already done so, and in any case please inform us by cable what the position is.

10) We hope to hear from you by return that the consignment is on its way.


Exercise 3. Translate the following from English into Russian:

1) Please refer to our Order No 57/12 for machine-tools which you advise would be delivered by October 27.

Unless this order arrives by November 5, we shall have to cancel, as we cannot wait any longer for delivery.

We are sure you understand our position and will take all possible steps to ensure that cancellation will not be necessary.


2) We have for acknowledgement your letter of October 31 regarding the late delivery of your Order No 57/12.

This consignment has been held up because of the earthquake; however, we assure you that we are making every effort to get your machine-tools to you and anticipate that delivery should be effected by November 5.

Please accept our apologies for this delay.


3) When we made our order for machine-tools (Order No 43/14) three months ago we did so on the understanding that delivery would be by May 14.

We have not received the machine-tools yet and would appreciate your immediate advice as to when we may expect them.

You have always kept to delivery dates before and this is the first time we have had cause to complain. We have no doubt therefore that you will do your utmost to ensure that our consignment arrives soon.



to cancel - отменять, аннулировать
cancellation - отмена, аннулирование
to take all possible steps  
to make every effort - делать все возможное
to do one’s utmost  
a hold-up - задержка
to hold-up - задерживать
to keep to delivery dates - соблюдать сроки поставки

Exercise 4. Translate the letter into Russian:

Dear Sirs:


Our Order No VF449766 of July 4, 199...


The goods ordered under this number arrived today in good condition, and your invoice has been checked and found correct.


However, we have to point out that these articles were ordered subject to their arriving here by the end of August. Since they did not reach us until September 14, we have been hard pressed to meet our commitments to our own customers.


As you will no doubt understand, a recurrence of this situation could well result in our customers placing orders elsewhere, and this is a risk we are unwilling to take. We must, therefore, insist that you observe delivery deadlines for future orders.


Yours sincerely


Exercise 5. Translate from Russian into English:

Москва, 15.11.97


Наша ссылка 12/56/78

Англия, Лондон

Виктория-стрит, 69

фирме Грин энд Ко


Уважаемые господа!


Несмотря на наши неоднократные телеграммы, мы все еще не имеем от Вас сообщения о дате выхода Вашего судна в море.

Эта досадная задержка в подаче Вами судна лишает нас возможности выполнить контракт и влечет за собой большие непроизводительные расходы по хранению такого огромного количества зерна.

Мы, к сожалению, вынуждены Вас предупредить, что в случае неполучения от Вас к 20-му с.м. телеграммы о направлении надлежащего судна в порт погрузки, мы будем считать себя свободными от всяких обязательств по контракту, и все расходы и убытки, связанные с нарушением контракта (расходы по хранению и страхованию, разница в цене и т.п.) будут целиком отнесены на Ваш счет.

Надеемся, что Вы поймете всю важность вопроса и примете все зависящие от Вас меры, чтобы дать нам возможность ускорить выполнение контракта.

В ожидании Вашего скорого ответа





ñîîáùåíèå î äàòå âûõîäà ñóäíà â ìîðå - sailing notice
ïîðò ïîãðóçêè - port of loading, loading port
íàðóøåíèå êîíòðàêòà - breach (infringement, violation) of a contract
- to place smth. to smb.'s charge;
îòíåñòè ÷òî-ëèáî íà ÷åé-ëèáî ñ÷åò - to place smth. to the debit of smb.'s account;
- to charge smth. to smb.'s account
äîñàäíûé - regretful
íåïðîèçâîäèòåëüíûå ðàñõîäû - unproductive expenses, dead costs
çåðíî - grain

Exercise 6. Translate the following:

Уважаемые господа!

Наш заказ № 143, направленный Вам 1 июня, должен был быть доставлен к сегодняшнему дню, но нет никаких признаков товара, хотя наш банк получил документы и мы располагаем Вашим уведомлением об отправке груза.

Мы обещали нашим заказчикам поставить товар до 5 июля и сейчас мы поставлены в очень неловкое положение, когда мы вынуждены сообщить им, что пока не имеем товара в своем распоряжении.

Просим сообщить нам причину задержки.

С уважением

Dear Sirs:

We acknowledge receipt of your letter of July 5 regarding the non-arrival of your consignment of textiles.

We have been in touch with our forwarding agents, who inform us that your three cases were unloaded in error at Hamburg and are waiting transshipment to your port.

Agents there have been instructed to send the cases forward by the earliest shipping opportunity, which we understand to be the m.v. BATTENBERG, e.t.a. your port July 10.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to both you and your customers through this error.

Yours sincerely



forwarding agents - экспедиторы
to be in touch - связываться с кем-либо
transshipment - перегрузка, перевалка
e.t.a. (estimated time of arrival, expected time of arrival) - ожидаемое время прибытия
Lesson 3. Claims connected with delivery of damaged or substandard goods  

Expressions used in connection with damaged or substandard goods


1) We regret to inform you that the examination of the goods shipped by M.V. "Vera" against Contract No 1250 has shown that they are not in accordance with the contract specification.

2) The goods shipped by you in execution of our Contract No 1500 do not correspond with the sample on the basis of which the Contract was signed.

3) We have received serious complaints from our clients with regard to the machine shipped by you against Contract No 142.

4) We regret having to complain of some grave defects in the machine delivered by you in execution of our Order No 1682.

5) We have examined the goods in the damaged cases and find that we cannot use them.

6) The goods are inferior to the sample.

7) Failing your acceptance of our offer the claim will be submitted to Arbitration.

8) We are making a claim on you for inferior quality of the goods as follows...

9) We opened at random a number of cases which showed no sign of damage on the outside and found that the contents were badly damaged.

10) We estimate that the damage amounts to...



1) We regret to hear that the goods dispatched in execution of your Order No... have not met with your approval.

2) We are sorry that you have had trouble with the Grinding Machine delivered against your Order No...

3) We suggest that the consignment be examined by experts.

4) We have carefully examined your complaint and find that it is apparently due to a misunderstanding.

5) We cannot accept your claim for the following reason:...

6) We cannot be responsible for any damage incurred during the transport.

7) We hope that you will be satisfied with this explanation and withdraw your claim.

8) In the opinion of our expert, $... would be a fair compensation.

9) We feel sure that you will withdraw your claim after a closer examination of the goods.



a sample - образец (товара)
at random - наугад
damage - зд.: ущерб, сумма ущерба
misunderstanding - зд.: недоразумение
a fair compensation - достаточная компенсация
NOTE: Note that the following synonymic expressions may be used in the meaning "во время (в процессе) транспортировки": during transportation, during transport, in transport, in transit.


Exercise 1. Translate the text from English into Russian:

Dear Sirs:

Following your letter of October 7, we are disappointed to learn that your customers have in any way had an unhappy experience with the quality of our leather.

You complain that it does not meet the Specifications on the basis of which the Contract was concluded. You enclose results of visual examination and laboratory tests indicating the poor quality of the product. We have carefully studied the material and find your claim justified.

We hope that the complaint will be discussed during our personal meeting and we shall consider to what extent we shall satisfy your claim.

On the other hand we would like to remind you that throughout the period since February we have most carefully fulfilled the orders which we had from you under very adverse conditions and at considerable loss to ourselves.

We have always understood that you were good enough to place great importance to continuity in out mutual relationship. We shall be sorry to know that you are proposing that our association is now ended.

Sincerely yours


Exercise 2. Give the English for:

по контракту; не соответствовать спецификации; выполнять контракт; вынуждены сообщить Вам; образец, на основе которого был заключен контракт; мы получили серьезные претензии от наших клиентов; осмотр товаров показал; признавать претензию обоснованной; мы с огорчением узнали; мы предъявляем Вам претензию по поводу низкого качества товаров; качество товаров не соответствует качеству образца; сумма ущерба составляет; с сожалением мы узнали; товар был поврежден в пути; достаточная компенсация.


Exercise 3. Translate the letters:

1) Dear Sirs:

The 100 electric motors we ordered on July 12 (Order No 734) arrived yesterday. However, on opening the cases we found that 12 motors had been damaged by seawater and seem to be a complete write-off.

We have arranged for Lloyd's surveyor to investigate the extent of the damage and we shall forward his report, together with our claim, as soon as the survey has been held.

In the meantime we would ask you to dispatch a further consignment of 50 motors as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely


2) Report by Surveyor:


Date: July 24, 1997

Place: Warehouse No 10,

Keppel Harbor,


For: The Singapore Import Agency,

Kanton Building, Singapore

Insurance Policy No 16/2193



I inspected the consignment of 100 electric motors shipped from Tokyo by m.v. MITSUO MARU on July 15, and found twelve of these motors unserviceable owing to the action of salt water over a period of between four to eight days.

I learnt that the cases containing the damaged goods had been stowed at the bottom of Hold No 3 and that a considerable amount of water had been found in this hold. I inspected the hatch-covers and found that the hatch concerned had been covered with a very old tarpaulin, and it was obvious that water had got in by this means. The ship's log confirmed that the weather during the first four days after leaving Tokyo had been stormy with a great deal of rain.

The twelve motors examined are a complete write-off, and their value is 420; however, to this will have to be added 19 to cover the cost of freight of the replacement motors being sent from Tokyo. The total compensation will therefore be 439.




a write-off - товары, подлежащие списанию
to write off - списывать (товар)
surveyor - страховой инспектор
a warehouse - склад
a hold - трюм, трюмовой отсек
a hatch - люк
to stow - размещать в трюме или на палубе судна
tarpaulin - брезент
a ship’s log - судовой журнал
replacement - замена

Exercise 4. Translate the letter into Russian:

Dear Sirs:

We acknowledge your letter of November 1 regarding the shortage of wolfram your customer advise you on the parcels ex vessel "Stabrovsky". We regret we must decline your claim as the material was delivered on board FOB in the condition as described in the Bills of Lading, which stated that the bags had been repaired. If, in fact, any bags were damaged in loading this would have been noted by the ship's captain and the Bills of Lading would have been claused accordingly. This was not the case and therefore any loss or damage could only have occurred during the voyage or in discharge in Russian port or in transit to final destination.

We accordingly return your debit note and supporting documents in order that you can lodge this claim with the shipping company or your insurers.

Yours sincerely



a debit note - дебит-нота
ex vessel - с борта судна; доставленный судном
NOTE: FREE ON BOARD (... named port of shipment) "Free on Board" means that the seller fulfils his obligation to deliver when the goods have passed over the ship's rail at the named port of shipment. This means that the buyer has to bear all costs and risks of loss of or damage to the goods from that point.

Exercise 5. Translate the following:

Dear Sirs,

We refer to our Order No 134/A of March 19 for 10/20 litres tins of "Olive Green Synthetic Enamel".

The goods have only just been received, after a delay of 7 days, for which no explanation have been given. Further, one of the tins contains a dark green shade though this is unsuitable, we shall retain it in order to save you inconvenience and expense, but we must insist that in future you devote more care to the execution of our orders.

Yours faithfully


Reply to above:


Dear Sirs,

We have your letter of April 1 and note with regret that you are dissatisfied with the execution of your Order No 134/A of March 19. We apologize for the delay and trust that no serious inconvenience has resulted.

Your order was unfortunately overlooked in the pressure of business, but we assure you that every effort will be made in future to guarantee delivery in accordance with your requirements.

We appreciate the indulgence you have shown in having the unsuitable colour tin, but trust that you will give us an opportunity to supply you with further goods.

Yours sincerely

Exercise 6. Translate the sentences from Russian into English:

1) Если Вы не можете гарантировать поставку товара в конце июля, мы будем вынуждены аннулировать заказ.

2) Мы снова вынуждены жаловаться на задержку в выполнении наших заказов, которая причиняет нам значительные неудобства.

3) Мы получили Ваше письмо от 15 мая и очень сожалеем, что Вам приходится жаловаться на задержку в поставке машин по контракту № 1215.

4) Просим Вас принять наши извинения за задержку и заверения, что мы делаем все возможное, чтобы ускорить выполнение Вашего заказа.

5) Подтверждаем получение Вашего письма от 5 мая, в котором вы жалуетесь на задержку поставки машин по


Exercise 7. Translate the letter from Russian into English:

Уважаемые господа!


Кас. Вашей рекламации от 7 марта

Мы тщательно изучили Вашу претензию и вынуждены отклонить ее по следующим причинам.

Перед отгрузкой из Одессы товар был осмотрен Вашим представителем, который установил, что качество товара полностью соответствует описанию и спецификации, приложенным к контракту, о чем свидетельствует прилагаемый к настоящему письму акт осмотра, подписанный Вашим представителем.

В виду этого мы не можем признать Вашу претензию о предоставлении Вам 50% скидки со стоимости товара на том основании, что качество его якобы ниже качества образца, на основании которого был заключен контракт.

По всей вероятности товар был поврежден в пути или во время выгрузки. Поэтому рекомендуем Вам обратиться с претензией к Страховому обществу.

С уважением,

"Интертрейд Лтд."



ïî ñëåäóþùèì ïðè÷èíàì - for the following reason
- inspection certificate,
àêò îñìîòðà survey report,
report of survey
âûãðóçêà - unloading, discharge
- to submit a claim to smb.,
îáðàòèòüñÿ ñ ïðåòåíçèåé to lodge a claim with smb.,
to make a claim on smb.
Ñòðàõîâîå îáùåñòâî - Insurance Company
ÿêîáû - allegedly

Exercise 8. Make up a text of a claim in English and in Russian for the following situation:

Вами была получена партия книг по заказу № 436 с задержкой в 15 дней. Осмотр упаковок, выбранных наугад, показал, что большая часть партии повреждена морской водой. Исходя из этого, вы требуете предоставления вам скидки со стоимости партии в 30%, которая составила бы достаточную компенсацию. Вы предупреждаете, что в случае непредоставления вам скидки дело будет передано в арбитраж.



Lesson 1.

Contract is an agreement, enforceable by law, between two or more competent parties (legal entities) to perform or not to perform a specific act or acts for a consideration. A contract may be verbal or written. An offer released by a party becomes a contract, when accepted by the other party. Acceptance may be either in writing or by performance, unless the purchase order requires acceptance thereof to be in writing, in which case it must be thus accepted. Contracts financed with public funds are generally made in writing.

In foreign trade transactions a contract is drawn up to give legal expression to the intentions of the partners and to guarantee that the obligations contained in the contract will be fulfilled.

According to the purpose and contents, contracts can cover: goods, services, licenses, patents, technology and know-how.






January 15, 19...




"Machexport Ltd.", Moscow, hereinafter referred to as the Seller, and British Asbestos Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the Buyer, hereby agree as follows:

1. The Seller has sold and the Buyer has bought asbestos of Russian origin on FOB terms from one of the Baltic ports at the Seller's option. The grades, price and quantity are stated below:



Grade Quantity in metric tons Price per metric ton in US dollars Time of delivery
      in 2-3 lots within 2nd and 3rd quarters of 19... starting in the first half of May


The price of the goods is understood to be per metric ton, packing included, FOB one of the Russian ports. The quantity is understood to be up to 5% more or less, at the Seller’s option.

2. Within 5 days after the receipt of the Seller's notification by cable that the goods are ready for shipment the Buyer shall open by cable with the Bank for Foreign Trade, Moscow, an irrevocable, confirmed and divisible Letter of Credit in favour of the Seller for the full value of the goods. The Letter of Credit is to be valid for 90 days, with the right of extension if required by the Seller. The payment for the goods is to be made in US dollars for 100% of the invoice value of Asbestos on presentation to the Bank for Foreign Trade, Moscow, of the following documents: Invoice in 3 copies, Seller's Certificate of Weight, Set of Bills of Lading.

In the event of devaluation of the US dollar on or before the date of payment under the present Contract both parties have the right to renegotiate the price of the goods.





hereinafter referred to - в дальнейшем именуемый
hereby agree as follows - заключили настоящий контракт о нижеследующем
on FOB terms - на условиях фоб (франко-борт)
at the Seller’s option - по выбору Продавца
grade - сорт
in metric tons - в метрических тоннах
a lot - партия (товара)
the price is understood to be per metric ton - цена понимается за метрическую тонну
notification that the goods are ready for shipment - уведомление о готовности товара к отгрузке
Letter of Credit - аккредитив
irrevocable - безотзывный
confirmed - подтвержденный
divisible - делимый
extension - продление
Certificate of Weight - грузовой сертификат
devaluation - девальвация
to renegotiate - повторно обсуждать



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