Exercise 16 Choose the most suitable line for speaker A in each mini-dialogue 

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Exercise 16 Choose the most suitable line for speaker A in each mini-dialogue


1 A Where are you living? Where do you live?

B I’m staying with some friends for the time being.

2 A What are you thinking? What do you think?

B It's probably a good idea.

3 A Are you speaking Turkish? Do you speak Turkish?

BNo, German of course. Don't you recognise it?

4 A Are you eating that? Do you eat that?

B No, I’m not allowed to.

5 A Are you reading this magazine? Do you read this magazine?

B When I can find it, but it's hard to get hold of in this town.

6 A How do you do? How are you doing?

B Fine, thanks.



Exercise 17 Look at Brian’s schedule in Argentina. He usually has a regular schedule but today is different. Complete the sentences below. Use the present progressive or the simple present. Choose between affirmative and negative forms

7:00-8:00 run in the park get ready for a field trip
8:30-12:30 attend class go on a field trip to the museum
1:00-2:00 eat lunch
2:00-3:00 take a nap work on the family web page
3:00-5:00 work in the cafeteria
5:00-6:30 do homework call home at 5:00 sharp today!
6:30-8:30 play tennis watch a video with Eva
8:30 have dinner
9:30-10:00 write letters take a walk with the family
10:00-10:30 take a shower do homework

1 Brian always runs in the park early in the morning, but today he is getting ready for a field tri .

2 Brian usually __________________ between 8:30 and 12:30, but today he _____________________ .

3 He always ___________________ between 1:00 and 2:00.

4 It’s 1:30. He ____________________ .

5 He normally ______________________________ after lunch, but today he ______________________ .

6 Every day from 3:00 to 5:00, he _____________________ .

7 It’s 5:00, but he _________________________ now.

He ______________________________________ instead.

8 It’s 6:45, but he ______________________________ .

He ________________________________ .

9 It’s 8:30. Brian ________________________________ .

10 He always ________________________________ at 8:30.

11 After dinner, Brian usually ________________________ , but tonight he ____________________ .

12 It’s 10:15, but he __________________________ .

He _______________________________ .



Exercise 18 Some students are talking outside of a classroom. Complete their conversations. Choose between the simple present and the present progressive forms of the verbs in parentheses. Remember that some verbs are not used in progressive forms as a rule

A: Li-wu:Hi, Paulo. What __________________________?

1 (do you do / are you doing)

Paulo:Oh, I _____________________ for class to begin.

2 (wait / ’m waiting)

Li-wu:How are you? You _____________ a little down.

3(seem / ‘re seeming)

Paulo:I’m just tired. I ___________________ evenings

4 (work / ‘m working)

this semester. Hey, is that your teacher over there?

Li-wu:Yes. She ________________________ to one of

5 (talks / s‘ talking)

my groupmates.

Paulo:What’s wrong? He __________________ at her.

6 (doesn’t look / ‘s not looking)

He ________________ uncomfortable.

7 (seems / ‘s seeming)

Li-wu:Oh, That _______________ anything. In Taiwan

8 (doesn’t mean / isn’t meaning)

it’s not respectful to look directly at your teacher.


B. Taro:There’s Miguel. He _________________ to Luisa.

1 (talks / ‘s talking)

Marisa:Yes. They ________________________ a class

2 (take / ‘re taking)

together this semester.

Taro:They _________________ very close to each other.

3 (stand / ‘re standing)

____________________ they ___________________ ?

4 (Do you think / Are you thinking) 5(date / ‘re dating)

Marisa:No. I ______________ it ____________________

6 (don’t think / ‘m not thinking) 7 (means / ‘s meaning)

anything special. I _______________ from Costa Rica, and

8 (come / ‘m coming)

people ___________________ that close to each other.

9 (usually stand / are usually standing)


Exercise 19 Put the verb in the present continuous (I am doing) or the present simple (I do). Mind the negative and interrogative forms


1 Excuse me. Do you speak (you/speak) English?

2 “Where's Tom?” “He’s having” (he/have) a shower.”

3 I don’t watch (I/not/watch) television very often.

4 Listen! Somebody _______________________________ (sing)

5 Sandra is tired ___________________ (she/want) to go home now.

6 How often _________________________ (you/read) a newspaper?

7 “Excuse me but ________ (you/sit) in my place.” “Oh, I'm sorry.”

8 I'm sorry, _______ (I/not/understand). Can you speak more slowly?

9 It's late ___________________________ (I/go) home now. ______________________________ (you/come) with me?

10 What time __________ (your father/finish) work in the evenings?

11 You can turn off the radio _________________ (I/not/listen) to it.

12 “Where's Paul?” “In the kitchen _________________ (he/cook) something.”

13 Martin ______________________________ (not/usually/drive) to work. He ______________________________ (usually/walk).

14 Sue _______________________ (not/like) coffee _______________________ (she/prefer) tea.


Exercise 20 Put the verb in the present continuous (he is leaving etc.) or present simple (the train leaves etc.)


1 “_____________ (you/go) out this evening?” “No, I'm too tired.”

2 ____________ (we/go) to a concert this evening. _____________ (it/start) at 7.30.

3 Do you know about Sally? _______________ (she/get) married next month!

4 A: My parents _______________ (go) on holiday next week.

B: Oh, that's nice. Where _______________ (they/go)?

5 Silvia _________________(to do) an English course at the moment. The course _______________ (finish) on Friday.

6 There's a football match tomorrow but _______________ (I/not/go).

7 _______________ (I/go) out with some friends tonight. Why don't you come too? _______________ (we/meet) at John’s house at 8 o'clock.

8 A: How _______________ (you/get) home after the party tomorrow? By taxi?

B: No, I can go by bus. The last bus _______________ (leave) at midnight.

9 A: Do you want to go to the cinema tonight?

B: Yes, what time _______________ (the film / begin)?

10 A: What _______________ (you/ do) next Monday afternoon?

B: _______________ (I/work).

Exercise 21 Complete the sentences. Use I/me/he/him/she/her, etc


1 Who is that woman? Why are you looking at her?

2 “Do you know that man?” “Yes, I work with _______________.”

3 Where are the tickets? 1 can't find __________________________

4 I can't find my keys. Where are ___________________________ ?

5 We're going out. You can come with _______________________ .

6 Margaret likes music. _______________________ plays the piano.

7 I don't like dogs. I'm afraid of ____________________________ .

8 I'm talking to you. Please listen to _________________________ .

9 Where is Ann? I want to talk to ___________________________ .

10 My brother has a new job. _______ doesn't like _____ very much.

Exercise 22 Put each verb in brackets into either the present simple or the present continuous


I (1work) __________ in a factory which (2make)__________ plastic pipes. I (3 not like) __________ the job very much because I (4do) __________ the same things every day. I (5want) __________ to find a new job but my friend Terry (6tell) __________ me that I should stay. He (7look) __________ for a job but he can't find one, which is strange because they (8build) __________ a lot of new factories in our town. Of course, Terry (9not dress) __________ very well and he (10usually arrive) __________ late everywhere. He (11train) ___________ to be an accountant and he (12go) __________ to college every day, but his parents (13not send) __________ him any money. That's why he usually (14come) __________ round to my house to eat. But luckily he's a good cook so at the moment while I (15write) __________ this, he (16cook) __________ the dinner.



Exercise 23 Read this student’s journal. Use the present progressive or simple present of the verbs in parentheses


It’s 12:30 and I __________ (1to sit) in the library right now. My groupmates __________ (2to eat) lunch together, but I __________ (3to be not) hungry yet. At home, we __________ (4to eat) never this early. Today our journal topic __________ (5to be) culture shock. It __________ (6to be) a good topic for me right now because I __________ (7to be) pretty homesick. I __________ (8to miss) my old routine. At home we always __________ (9to eat) a big meal at 2:00 in the afternoon. Then we __________ (10to rest). But here in Toronto I __________ (11to have) a 3:00 conversation class. Every day I __________ (12almost to fall asleep) in class, and my teacher __________ (13to ask) me, “__________ (14to be bored) you?”

Of course I’m not bored. I just need my afternoon nap! This class __________ (15always to be) fun. This semester we __________ (16to work) on a project with video cameras. My team __________ (17to film) groups of people from different cultures. We __________ (18to analyze) “social distance”. That means how close to each other these people stand. According to my new watch, it’s 12:55, so I __________ (19to leave) now for my 1:00 class. Teacher here really __________ (20not to like) tardiness!

Exercise 24 Put each verb in brackets into the most suitable form, either present simple, or present continuous


I (1think) __________ of moving house, because at the moment my neighbours (2drive) __________ me crazy! I (3live) __________ in a small flat, and noise (3come) __________ through the walls very easily. They (4not seem) __________ to realise that I (5go) __________ to bed early and they (6have) __________ parties nearly every night, and (7make) __________ a lot of noise. It's after midnight now, and I (8try) __________ to go to sleep, but it's impossible. People (9dance) __________ and (10shout) __________ next door, and the floor (11shake) __________. When I (12complain) __________ to the people next door, they (13tell) __________ me that I (14not understand) __________. “We (15only have) __________ fun,” they (16say) __________ “you (17complain) __________about nothing.” They (18not understand) __________ me. That's why I (19look) __________ for a new place to live.



Exercise 25 Put in was/were or wasn't/weren't.


1 We weren't happy with the hotel. Our room _____ very small and it _____ very clean

2 George _______ at work last week because he _______ill. He's better now.

3 Yesterday _______ a public holiday so the shops _______ closed. They're open today.

4 “_______ Sue and Bill at the party?” “Sue _______ mere but Bill _______ .

5 “Where are my keys?” “I don't know. They _______ on the table but they're not there now.”

6 You _______ at home last night. Where _______ you?


Exercise 26 Write the questions. Use the words in brackets (...) in the correct order + was/were


1 (late / you / this morning / why?) The traffic was bad.

2 (difficult / your exam?) No, it was easy.

3 (last week / where / Ann and Chris?) They were on holiday.

4 (your new camera / how much?) Sixty pounds.

5 (angry / you / yesterday / why?) Because you were late.

6 (nice / the weather / last week?) Yes, it was beautiful.

Exercise 27 Put in there was / there wasn't / was there / there were / there weren't / were there


1 I was hungry but _______________________ anything to eat.

2 ____________________ any letters for me yesterday?

3 ______________ a football match on TV last night. Did you see it?

4 “We stayed at a very nice hotel.” “Did you? _______________ a swimming pool?”

5 “Did you buy any eggs?” “No, _______________ any in the shop.”

6 The wallet was empty. _______________ any money in it.

7 “______________ many people at the meeting?” “No, very few.”

8 We didn't visit the museum. _______________ enough time.

9 I'm sorry I'm late. _______________ a lot of traffic.

10 Twenty years ago _______________ many tourists here. Now there are a lot.

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