Exercise 9. Make sentences from the words in brackets. Use the present perfect or past simple.

1(it / not / rain / this week) It hasn't rained this week.

2 (the weather / be / cold / recently) The weather……

3 (it / cold / last week) It……

4 (I / not / read / a newspaper yesterday) I……

5 (I / not / read / a newspaper today) ……

6 (Ann / earn / a lot of money / this year) ……

7 (she / not / earn / so much / last year) ……

8 (you / have / a holiday recently?) ……

Exercise 10. Put the verb into the correct form, present perfect or past simple.

1 I don't know where Amy is. Have you seen (you/see) her?

2 When I……(get) home last night, I……(be)

very tired and I……(go) straight to bed.

3 Your car looks very clean……(you/wash) it?

4 George……(not/be) very well last week.

5 Mr Clark……(work) in a bank for 15 years. Then he gave it up.

6 Molly lives in Dublin. She……(live) there all her life.

7 '……(you/go) to the cinema last night?' 'Yes, but it

……(be) a mistake. The film……(be) awful.

8 My grandfather……(die) 30 years ago. I……

(never/meet) him.

9 I don't know Carol's husband. I……(never/meet/him).

10 A: Is your father at home? B: No, I'm afraid he……(go) out.

A: When exactly…… (he/go) out? B: About ten minutes ago.

11 A: Where do you live? B: In Boston.

A: How long……(you/live) there? B: Five years.

A: Where……(you/live) before that? B: In Chicago.

A: And how long…… (you/live) in Chicago? B: Two years.

Exercise 11. Write sentences about yourself using the ideas in brackets.

1 (something you haven't done today) I haven't eaten any fruit today.

2 (something you haven't done today)

3 (something you didn't do yesterday)

4 (something you did yesterday evening)

5 (something you haven't done recently)

6 (something you've done a lot recently)



Exercise 1 . Write a question for each situation.


1 John looks sunburnt. You ask: (you / sit in the sun?) Have you ever been sitting in the sun?

2 You have just arrived to meet a friend who is waiting for you. You ask: (you / wait / long?)

3 You meet a friend in the street. His face and hands are very dirty. You ask: (what / you /do?)

4 A friend of yours is now living in Baker Street. You want to know 'How long……?' You ask: (how long / you / live / in Baker Street?)

5 A friend tells you about his job - he sells computers. You want to know 'How long……?' You ask: (how long / you / sell / computers?)

Exercise 2. Read the situations and complete the sentences.

1 The rain started two hours ago. It's still raining now. It has been raining for two hours.

2 We started waiting for the bus 20 minutes ago. We're still waiting now.

We……for 20 minutes.

3 I started Spanish classes in December. I'm still learning Spanish now.

I……since December.

4 Ann began looking for a job six months ago. She's still looking now.
……for six months.

5 Mary started working in London on 18 January. She's still working there now.
……since 18 January.

6 Years ago you started writing to a penfriend. You still write to each other regularly now.
We……for years.

Exercise 3. Put the verb into the present continuous (I am -ing etc.) or present perfect continuous (I have been -ing etc.).

1 Maria has been learning (learn) English for two years.

2 Hello, Tom. I……(look) for you all morning. Where have you been?

3 Why……(you/look) at me like that? Stop it!

4 We always go to Ireland for our holidays. We……(go)

there for years.

5 I……(think) about what you said and I've decided to take your advice.

6 'Is Ann on holiday this week?' 'No, she……(work).'

7 Sarah is very tired. She……(work) very hard recently.

Exercise 4. Complete the sentences with for or since.

1 Jill is in Ireland now. She arrived there three days ago. She has been there for three days.

2 Jack is here. He arrived here on Tuesday. He has……

3 It's raining. It started an hour ago. It's been……

4 I know Sue. I first met Sue two years ago. I've ……

5 I have a camera. I bought it in 1989. I've……

6 They are married. They got married six months ago.


7 Liz is studying medicine at university. She started three years ago.

She has ……

8 Dave plays the piano. He started when he was seven years old.

Dave has ……

Exercise 5. Read the situations and write questions from the words in brackets.

1 John tells you that his mother is in hospital. You ask him:

(how long / be / in hospital?) How long has your mother been in hospital?

2 You meet a woman who tells you that she teaches English. You ask her:

(how long / teach / English?)……

3 You know that Jane is a good friend of Carol's. You ask Jane:

(how long / know / Carol?)……

4 Your friend's brother went to Australia some time ago and he's still there. You ask your friend: (how long / be / in Australia?)……

5 Tim always wears the same jacket. It's a very old jacket. You ask him:

(how long / have / that jacket?)……

6 You are talking to a friend about Alan. Alan now works at the airport. You ask your friend: (how long / work / at the airport?)……

7 A friend of yours is having driving lessons. You ask him:

(how long / have / driving lessons?)……

You meet somebody on a train. She tells you that she lives in Glasgow. You ask her: (always / live / in Glasgow?) ……


EXERCISE 1. Put the verb in the right form

1. I washed my hands because they were dirty. (wash)

2. Somebody has broken this window. (break)

3. I feel good. I …… very well last night. (sleep)

4. We……a very good film yesterday. (see)

5. It……a lot while we were on holiday. (rain)

6. I've……my bag. (lose) Have you …… it? (see)

7. Rosa's bicycle was …… last week. (steal)

8. I……to bed early because I was tired. (go)

9. Have you..... …… your work yet? (finish)

10. The shopping centre was ……bout 20 years ago. (build)

11. Ann……to drive when she was 18. (learn)

12. I've never …… a horse. (ride)

13. Julia is a good friend of mine. I've …… her for a long time. (know)

14. Yesterday I …… and …… my leg. (fall / hurt)

Exercise 2. Complete these sentences. Choose from the list and put the verb into the correct form.

cost drive fly wake up win MAKE meet sell speak swim tell think

1. I have made some coffee. Would you like some?

2. Have you..... …… John about your new job?

3. We played basketball on Sunday. We didn't play very well but we ……

4. I know Gary but I've never ……his wife.

5. We were …… by loud music in the middle of the night.

6. Stephanie jumped into the river and …… to the other side.

7. 'Did you like the film?' 'Yes, I …… it was very good.'

8. Many different languages are …… in the Philippines.

9. Our holiday …… a lot of money because we stayed in an expensive hotel.

10. Have you ever ……a very fast car?

11. All the tickets for the concert were …… very quickly.

12. A bird……in through the open window while we were having our dinner.

Exercise 3. Which is right?

1Mark -is-/ has been in Canada since April. has been is right

2 Jane is a good friend of mine. I know / have known her very well.

3 Jane is a good friend of mine. I know / have known her for a long time.

4 'Sorry I'm late. How long are you / have you been waiting?' 'Not long. Only five minutes.'
5 Martin works / has -worked in a hotel now. He likes his job very much.

6 Linda is reading the newspaper. She is / has been reading it for two hours.

7 "How long do you live / have you lived in this house?' 'About ten years.'

8 'Is that a new coat?' 'No, I have / I've had this coat for a long time.'

9 Tom is / has been in Spain at the moment. He is / has been there for the last three days.

Exercise 4. Read the situations and write two sentences using the words in brackets.

1 Tom started reading a book two hours ago. He is still reading it and now he is on page 53.
(read / for two hours) He has been reading for two hours.

(read / 53 pages so far) He has read 53 pages so far.

2 Linda is from Australia. She is travelling round Europe at the moment. She began her tour three months ago.

(travel / for three months) She……

(visit / six countries so far) ……

3 Jimmy is a tennis player. He began playing tennis when he was ten years old. This year he is national champion again - for the fourth time.

(win / the national championship four times)……

(play / tennis since he was ten)……

4 When they left college, Mary and Sue started making films together. They still make films.

(make / ten films since they left college) They……

(make / films since they left college)……

Exercise 5. For each situation, ask a question using the words in brackets.

1 You have a friend who is learning Arabic. You ask:

(how long / learn / Arabic?) How long have you been learning Arabic?

2 You have just arrived to meet a friend. She is waiting for you. You ask:

(how long/wait?)

3 You see somebody fishing by the river. You ask:

(how many fish / catch?)

4 Some friends of yours are having a party next week. You ask:

(how many people / invite?)

5 A friend of yours is a teacher. You ask:

(how long/teach?)

6 You meet somebody who is a writer. You ask:

(how many books / write?)

(how long / write / books?)

7 A friend of yours is saving money to go on holiday. You ask:

(how long / save?)

(how much money/ save?)

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