Yesterday was a typical working day for Sharon. Write what she did or didn't do yesterday.

1 She get up at 7 o'clock.

2 She……a big breakfast.

3 She……

4 It……to get to work.

5 ......at 8.45.

6 …...lunch.

7 ……at 5 o'clock.

8 ……tired when……home.

9 ……a meal yesterday evening.

10 ……out yesterday evening.

11 ……at 11 o'clock.

12 ……well last night.


Exercise 7. Put one of these verbs in each sentence:

buy catch cost drink fall hurt sell spend teach throw win write

1 Mozart wrote more than 600 pieces of music.

2 'How did you learn to drive?' 'My father …… me.'

3 We couldn't afford to keep our car, so we …… it.

4 I was very thirsty. I …… the water very quickly.

5 Paul and I played tennis yesterday. He's much better than me, so he …… easily.

6 Don …… down the stairs this morning and …… his leg.

7 Jim …… the ball to Sue, who …… it.

8 Ann …… a lot of money yesterday. She …… a dress which …… £100.

Exercise 8. A friend has just come back from holiday. You ask him about it. Write your questions.

1 (where/go?) Where did you go?

2 (go alone?)

3 (food/good?)

4 (how long / stay there?)

5 (stay / at a hotel?)

6 (how/travel?)

7 (the weather/fine?)

8 (what / do in the evenings?)

9(meet anybody interesting?)

Exercise 9. Complete the sentences. Put the verb into the correct form, positive or negative.

1 It was warm, so I took off my coat. (take)

2 The film wasn't very good. I didn't enjoy it very much. (enjoy)

3 I knew Sarah was very busy, so I……her. (disturb)

4 I was very tired, so I……to bed early. (go)

5 The bed was very uncomfortable. I……very well. (sleep)

6 Sue wasn't hungry, so she…… anything. (eat)

7 We went to Kate's house but she……at home. (be)

8 It was a funny situation but nobody……(laugh)

9 The window was open and a bird……into the room. (fly)

10 The hotel wasn't very expensive. It……very much. (cost)

11 I was in a hurry, so I……time to phone you. (have)

12 I was hard work carrying the bags. They …… very heavy. (be)



Exercise 1. Complete these sentences with the verb in the negative.

1 I saw Barbara but I didn't see Jane.

2 They worked on Monday but they……on Tuesday.

3 We went to the post office but we……to the bank.

4 She had a pen but she……any paper.

5 Jack did French at school but he……German.

Exercise 2. Write questions with Did ...?

1 I watched TV last night. And you? Did you watch TV last night?

2 I enjoyed the party. And you?

3 I had a good holiday. And you?

4 I finished work early. And you?

5 I slept well last night. And you?

Exercise 3. What did you do yesterday? Write positive or negative sentences.

1(watch TV) I watched TV. OR I didn’t watch TV.

2 (get up before 7 o'clock) I ……

3 (have a shower) ……

4 (buy a magazine) ……

5 (eat meat) ……

6 (go to bed before 10.30) ……


Exercise 4. Write questions. Use:

arrive cost go go to bed late happen have a nice time stay win

1 A: We went to New York last month.

B: Where did you stay?

A: With some friends.

2 A: I was late this morning.
B: What time……?
A: Half past nine.

3 A: I played tennis this afternoon.
B: ……?
A: No, I lost.

4 A: We came home by taxi.
B: How much……?
A: Ten pounds.

5 A: I had a nice holiday.
B: Good. Where……?
A: To the mountains.

6 A: I'm tired this morning.
B: ……?
A: No, but I didn't sleep very well.

7 A: The window is broken.
B: How……?
A: I don't know.

7 A: We went to the beach yesterday.
B: ……?
A: Yes, it was great.


Exercise 5. Put the verb in the correct form - positive, negative or question.

1 We went to the cinema but the film wasn't very good. We didn't enjoy it. (enjoy)

2 Tim……some new clothes yesterday — two shirts, a jacket and a pullover. (buy)

3 '……yesterday?' 'No, it was a nice day.' (rain)

4 The party wasn't very good, so we……long. (stay)

5 It was very warm in the room, so I……a window. (open)

6 'Did you go to the bank this morning?' 'No, I……time.' (have)

7 'I cut my hand this morning.' 'How……that?' (do)

Item 13.3 Past Simple (regular and irregular verbs)

Exercise 1. Write the past simple / past participle of these verbs. (The past simple and past participle are the same for all the verbs in this exercise.)

  1. make made
  2. cut cut
  3. get
  4. bring
  5. pay
  6. enjoy
  7. put
  8. buy
  9. catch
  10. sit
  11. watch
  12. leave
  13. understand
  14. happen
  15. hear


Exercise 2. Write the past simple and past participle of these verbs.

1. break broke broken

2. begin

3. eat

4. drink

5. drive

6. run

7. take

8. speak

9. go

10. write

11. give

12. come

13. throw

14. know

15. forget



Exercise 1. Gerardmer is a small town. Look at the information in the box and write sentences about Gerardmer with There is/are.


a castle? Yes (one)
any restaurants? Yes (a lot)
a hospital? Yes (one)
a swimming pool?     Yes (one – small, one - large)
any cinemas? Yes (two)
a school? Yes (three or four)
any hotels? Yes (one)


Exercise 2. Write sentences with There are ... . Choose from the boxes.


seven nine fifteen twenty-six thirty fifty letters days players days planets states September the solar system the USA a week a rugby team the English alphabet  


Exercise 3. Are there any things from the list in your bag?

Book, pen, pencil, workbook, chewing gum, mobile phone, wallet, key, money, photo, scissors, eraser, lipstick, mirror, ruler, purse, passport, marker .


Exercise 1. Write ten sentences about your town (or a town that you know). Use There isn't/aren't.

Exercise 2. Put in there isn’t/ there aren’t

1) …… any big trees in the garden.

2) …… any good films on TV tonight.

3) …… any money in my wallet.

4) …… many accidents on this road.

5) …… any e-mails for you today.

6) …… many people in the restaurant.

7) …… any apples in the fridge.

8) …… many children in their family.

9) …… enough salt in my soup.

10) …… any fresh air in the room.


Exercise 3. Translate into English.

1. B этой комнате нет сломанных стульев.

2. В квартирах на первом и втором этажах нет балконов.

3. Не смотря на то, что в старых домах нет центрального отопления, они довольно теплые.

4. Эта книга не для детей – в ней совсем нет картинок.

5. Хотя в старом офисе нет кондиционера, там прохладно.

6. В школьной библиотеке нет интересных книг.

7. В этом году в наших группах нет новых студентов.

8. Я думаю, в этой статье нет полезной информации.

9. В твоей статье нет фактов необходимых для работы.

10. Мне кажется, в этой комнате недостаточно места для 10 человек.



Exercise 1. Ask questions on the sentences about Gerardmer (unit 14 item 1 exercise 1).

Exercise 2. Ask questions about the things in your classroom. Start your sentences with How many.

Exercise 3. Translate into English.

1. Есть ли новые сведения об этом ограблении?

2. Есть ли новые студенты в твоей группе?

3. Есть ли красивые сумки в новой коллекции Prada?

4. В этом журнале только скучные статьи?

5. Много ли новых слов в этом тексте?

6. В твоей комнате есть какие-нибудь растения?

7. В Москве много новых кинотеатров?

8. Есть ли дикие животные в этом лесу?

9. Есть ли сахар в чае?

10. В этом блюде есть рыба или мясо?



Exercise 1. Read the first sentence and then write a sentence beginning There....

1 The roads were busy today. There was a lot of traffic.

2 This soup was very salty. There……in the soup.

3 The box was empty……in the box.

4 The film was very violent……

5 The shops were very crowded……

6 I liked this town - …… to see.


Exercise 2. The room is empty now but there were a lot of things in it last week. What was there?

A. Write sentences with There was/ There were using the following information.

1) Three armchairs

2) A sofa

3) Two lamps near the sofa

4) A TV

5) Nice pictures on the walls

6) Curtains

7) A table in the middle of the room

8) A flower on the table

9) A carpet

B. Write sentences with There wasn’t/ There weren’t using the following information.

1) A clock

2) A shelf

3) Some books

4) Three photos

5) A video on the TV

6) A lamp near the door

7) Some flowers on the window

8) Some toys on the floor

9) A wardrobe


Exercise 3. Ask questions on the sentences from the previous exercise (unit 14 item 4 exercise 2 (A, B) )




Exercise 1. The room is empty now but there will be a lot of things in it next week. What will be there?

A. Write sentences with There will be using the information from the exercise 2 (A) (unit 14 item 4)

B. Write sentences with There will not be using the information from the exercise 2 (B) (unit 14 item 4)


Exercise 2. Ask questions on the sentences from the previous exercise (unit 14 item 5 exercise 1 (A, B))

Exercise 3. Put in there will be. Some sentences are questions (will there be... ?) and some are negative (there won’t be).

1. Do you think …… a lot of people at the party on Sunday?

2. The manager of the company is leaving, so …… a new manager soon.

3. I’m going away tomorrow. I’ll do my packing today because ……time tomorrow.

4. The weatherman says …… some rain tomorrow afternoon.

5. …… any interesting people at the exhibition?

6. If your parents come late …… free chairs for them – we are expecting a lot of people.

7. I think …… a lot of interesting films at the festival.

8. If they put a traffic light on the road …… less accidents.

9. …… a lot of new students in our group next year?

10. The teacher says …… a lot of new subjects next year.


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