Exercise 1. Make the following sentences interrogative.

1. She’ll be here tomorrow morning.

2. Our parents will meet her at the railway station.

3. My friend will drive my brother home.

4. They will play football tomorrow.

5. My sister will be very happy to see you.

6. My father will do it easily.

7. The neighbour will lend my sister his car.

8. The children will come back late.

Exercise 2. Write questions using do you think……will……? + one of these verbs:

be back cost finish get married happen like rain

1 I've bought Mary a present. Do you think she'll like it?

2 The weather doesn't look very good. Do you.

3 The meeting is still going on. When do you ……

4 My car needs to be repaired. How much……

5 Sally and David are in love. Do……

6 'I'm going out now.' 'OK. What time……

7 The future situation is uncertain. What……

Exercise 3. Explain the difference between “Shall we” “Shall I” and “Will we” “Will I”. What do you say in these situations? Write sentences with shall I...? or shall we...? and translate them into English.

1 You and a friend want to do something this evening but you don't know what. You ask your friend. What shall we do this evening?..

2 You try on a jacket in a shop. You are not sure whether to buy it or not. You ask a friend for advice……it?

3 It's Ann's birthday next week. You want to give her a present but you don't know what. You ask a friend for advice. What……

4 You and a friend are going on holiday together but you haven't decided where. You ask him/ her……

5 You and a friend are going out. You haven't decided whether to go by car or to walk. You ask him/her……or……

6 Your friend wants you to phone later. You don't know what time to phone. You ask him/her……



Exercise 1. Write sentences beginning I think... or I don't think....

1 (Diana will pass the exam) I think Diana will pass the exam.

2 (Diana won't pass the exam) I don’t think Diana will pass the exam.

3 (we'll win the game)

4 (I won't be here tomorrow)

5 (Sue will like her present)

6 (they won't get married)

7 (you won't enjoy the film)



Exercise 1. Which is right?

1 We'll go / We're going to the theatre tonight. We've got tickets. We're going is right

2 'What will you do / are you doing tomorrow evening?' 'Nothing. I'm free.'

3 They'll go / They're going away tomorrow morning. Their train is at 8.40.

4 I'm sure she'll lend / she's lending us some money. She's very rich.
5 'Why are you putting on your coat?' 'I'll go / I'm going out.'

6 Do you think Claire will phone / is phoning us tonight?

7 Steve can't meet us on Saturday. He'll work / He's working.

8 Will / Shall you be at home tomorrow evening?


Exercise 2. Which is right?

1 I phone / I'll phone you tomorrow, OK? I'll phone is right

2 I haven't done the shopping yet. I do / I'll do it later.

5 I like sport. I watch /I'll watch a lot of sport on TV

4 I need some exercise. I think I go / I'll go for a walk.

5 Jim is going to buy / will buy a new car. He told me last week.

6 'This letter is for Rose.' 'OK. I give / I'll give / I'm going to give it to her.'

7 A: Are you doing / Will you do anything this evening?

B: Yes, I'm going / I'll go out with some friends.


Exercise 3. Which is correct?

1 'Did you phone Ruth?' 'Oh no, I forgot. I phone / I'll phone her now.' (I'll phone is correct)

2 I can't meet you tomorrow afternoon. I'm playing / I'll play tennis. (I'm playing is correct)

3 'I meet / I'll meet you outside the hotel in half an hour, OK?' 'Yes, that's fine.'

4 'I need some money.' 'OK, I'm lending / I'll lend you some. How much do you need?'

5 I'm having / I'll have a party next Saturday. I hope you can come.

6 'Remember to buy a newspaper when you go out.' 'OK. I don't forget / I won't forget.'

7 What time does your train leave / will your train leave tomorrow?

8 I asked Sue what happened but she doesn't tell / won't tell me.

9 'Are you doing / Will you do anything tomorrow evening?' 'No, I'm free. Why?'

10 I don't want to go out alone. Do you come / Will you come with me?

11 It's a secret between us. I promise I don't tell /I won't tell anybody.


Exercise 4. Which form of the verb is correct (or more natural) in these sentences? The verbs are underlined.

1 Ann isn't free on Saturday. She'll work / She's working. (She's working is correct)

2 I'll go / I'm going to a party tomorrow night. Would you like to come too?

3 I think Jane will get / is getting the job. She has a lot of experience.

4 I can't meet you this evening. A friend of mine will come / is coming to see me.

5 A: Have you decided where to go for your holidays?
B: Yes, we will go / we are going to Italy.

6 There's no need to be afraid of the dog. It won't hurt / It isn't hurting you.



Exercise 5. A friend of yours is planning to go on holiday soon. You ask her about her plans. Use the words in brackets to make your questions.

(where/go?) Where are you going? (how long/stay?) …… (when/go?) …… (go/alone?) …… (travel/by car?) …… (where/stay?) ...... Scotland. Ten days. Next Friday. No, with a friend of mine. No, by train. In a hotel.

Exercise 6. Have you arranged to do anything at these times? Write (true) sentences about yourself.

1 (this evening) I'm going out this evening.

or I'm doing anything this evening, or I don't know what I'm doing this evening.

2 (tomorrow)

3 (tomorrow morning)

4 (tomorrow evening)

5 (tomorrow afternoon)

6 (next week end)

7 (next Monday)

8 (next week)

9 (next Sunday)

10(choose another day or time)


Exercise 7. Put the verb into the more suitable form, present continuous or present simple.

1 I 'm going (go) to the theatre this evening. .

2 Does the film begin (the film/ begin) at 3.30 or 4.30?

3 We……(have) a party next Saturday. Would you like to come?

4 The art exhibition……(open) on 3 May and……

(finish) on 15 July.

5 I……(not/go) out this evening. I……(stay) at home.

6 '……(you/do) anything tomorrow morning?' 'No, I'm free. Why?'

7 We……(go) to a concert tonight. It……

(begin) at 7.30.

8 You are on the train to London and you ask another passenger:

Excuse me. What time……(this train / get) to London?

9 You are talking to Ann:

Ann, I……(go) to town……(you/come) with me?

10 Sue……(come) to see us tomorrow. She............................... (travel)

by train and her train……(arrive) at 10.15. I……(meet) her at the station.

11 I……(not/use) the car this evening, so you can have it.

12 You and a friend are watching television. Yои say:

I'm bored with this programme. When……(it/finish)?


Exercise 8. Write questions. All the sentences are future.

1 (you / go / out / tonight?) Are you going out tonight?

2 (you / work / next week?) ……

5 (what / you / do / tomorrow evening?) ……

4 (what time / your friends / arrive?) ……

5 (when / Liz / go / on holiday?) ……


Exercise 9. Write 10 sentences about yourself. What are you doing in the next few days?

l I'm staying at home tonight.

2 I'm going to the theatre on Monday.


Exercise 10. Put the verb in the present continuous (he is leaving etc.) or present simple (the train leaves etc.).

1 'Are you going (you/go) out this evening?' 'No, I'm too tired.'

2 We're going (we/go) to a concert this evening. It starts (it/start) at 7.30.

3 Do you know about Sally? ……(she/get) married next month!

4 A: My parents ……(go) on holiday next week.

B: Oh, that's nice. Where ……(they/go)?

5 Silvia is doing an English course at the moment. The course ……(finish) on Friday.

6 There's a football match tomorrow but …… (I/not/go).

7 ……(I/ go) out with some friends tonight. Why don't you come too? (we/meet) at John's house at 8 o'clock.

8 A: How …… (you/get) home after the party tomorrow? By taxi?

B: No, I can go by bus. The last bus …… (leave) at midnight.

9 A: Do you want to go to the cinema tonight?

B: Yes, what time …… (the film / begin)?

10 A: What …… (you/do) on Monday afternoon?

B: …… (I/work).





Exercise 1. Complete the sentences. Use going to + one of these verbs:

eat do give wear lie down stay watch walk wash


1 My hands are dirty. I'm going to wash them.

2 I…… a very nice dress to the party tonight.

3 I don't want to go home by bus. I……

4 John is going to London next week. He……with some friends.

5 I'm hungry. I …… this sandwich.

6 It's Sharon's birthday next week. We …… her a present.

7 Sue says she's feeling very tired. She …… for an hour.

8 There's a good film on TV this evening. We……it.

9 Rachel……her homework late in the evening.


Exercise 2. What are you going to do today or tomorrow? Write three sentences.


Exercise 3. Answer the questions. You are going to do all these things but you haven't done them yet. Use going to and the word(s) in brackets.

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