Exercise 28 Complete the sentences. Use one of these verbs in the past simple in each sentence 

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Exercise 28 Complete the sentences. Use one of these verbs in the past simple in each sentence

clean die enjoy finish happen open rain start stay want

1 I _____ my teeth three times yesterday.

2 It was hot in the room, so I __________ the window.

3 The concert __________ at 7.30 and __________ at 10 o'clock.

4 When I was a child, I __________ to be a doctor.

5 The accident __________ last Sunday afternoon.

6 It's a nice day today but yesterday it __________ all day.

7 We __________ our holiday last year. We __________ at a very nice place.

8 Ann's grandfather __________ when he was 90 years old.


Exercise 29 Read about Lisa's journey to Madrid. Put the verbs in the correct form


Last Tuesday Lisa (1) _____ from London to Madrid. She (2) _______ up at six o'clock in the morning and (3) _______ a cup of coffee. At 6.30 she (4) _______ home and (5) _______ to the airport. When she (6) _______, she (7) _______ the car and then (8) _______ to the airport cafe where she (9) _______ breakfast. Then she (10) _______ through passport control and (11) _______ for her flight. The plane (12) _______ on time and (13) _______ in Madrid two hours later. Finally she (14) _______ a taxi from the airport to her hotel in the centre of Madrid. fly get have leave, drive arrive, park, go have, go wait depart arrive take

Exercise 30 Complete the text by putting one of the given verbs into each space. Choose the best tense: present simple or past simple. Use each verb once only

become change choose decide enjoy find know like love meet realise tell think want work


Many people who (1) __________ a career at an early age often (2) __________ later that they not (3) __________ their job. What should you do in this situation? Let's take Shirley Parks as an example. At the age of sixteen Shirley (4) __________ nursery nurse. “I (5) __________ something about this job, and I (6) __________ children, so I (7) __________ it was the job for me” she (8) __________ us. “But after a year or so, I (9) __________ hat I (10) __________ a more demanding job. So I (11) __________ to join the police.” Now, five years later, Shirley (12) __________ in the centre of London in a busy police station. “I (13) __________ my work. I am never bored. I (14) __________ a lot of people every day, and my job (15) __________ all the time.”



Exercise 31 Put the verb in the correct form - positive, negative or question.


1 We went to the cinema but the film wasn't very good. We _________ it. (1enjoy)

2 Tim __________ some new clothes yesterday — two shirts, a jacket and a pullover. (2buy)

3 “__________ yesterday?” “No, it was a nice day.” (3it, rain)

4 The party wasn't very good, so we __________ long. (4stay)

5 It was very warm in the room, so I __________ the window. (5open)

6 “Did you go to the bank this morning?” “No, I __________ time.” (6have)

7 “I cut my hand this morning.” “How __________ that?” (7you, do)



Exercise 32 Complete the conversation with the simple past form of the verbs in parentheses. Write short answers when necessary


A: Are you from Baltimore?

B: No, I'm not. I was born in China, but I ________ here 10

1 (be born) 2 (move)

years ago.

A: Where _____________ you ________________ in China?

3 (live)

B: In Shanghai.

A: Oh really? I _________ in Shanghai last year. I ________

4(be) 5 (teach)

English there for three years.

B: That's interesting. ___________ you ________________ it?


A: Yes, I ________________________ . Very much.

B: __________ the United States _________ strange to you

8 (appear)

after China?

A: Yes, it _________ . I ___________ comfortable in

9 10 (not be)

Baltimore for months. For one thing, my students here _________________ very polite.

11 (not seem)

B: I think it's called "reverse culture shock". I _____________


uncomfortable when

I _________________ back to China a few years ago.

13 (go)

A: __________________ you uncomfortable for a long time?

14 (be)

В: No, I _______________ . Things __________ to feel

15 16 (begin)

normal again after a few weeks.

A: _____________ you _____________ to feel culture shock

17 (expect)

in your own culture?

B: No, I __________ ! But I'll be prepared the next time I visit!



Exercise 33 Complete the conversations with wh- questions


1 A: Where did you go last night?


B: I went to the movies.

A: Really? _______________ with you?


B: Mona did. She goes every weekend.

A: ___________________________ ?


B: We saw Earthquake.


2 A: You look upset. _________________________ ?


B: Nothing happened. I'm just tired.

A: ____________________________ on the math test?


B: I got an A.

A: Wow! Big improvement. _____________________ with?


B: I studied with Ana. It really helped.



Exercise 34 Put the verb into the past continuous or past simple.


1 A: What were you doing (you/do) when the phone rang (ring)?

B: I was watching (watch) television.

2 A: Was Jane busy when yon went to see her?

B: Yes, she __________ (study).

3 A: What time __________ (the post / arrive) this morning?

B: It __________ (come) while I __________ (have) breakfast.

4 A: Was Margaret at work today?

B: No, she __________ (not/go) to work. She was ill.

5 A: How fast __________ (you/drive) when the police __________ (stop) you?

B: I don't know exactly but I __________ (not/drive) very fast.

6 A: __________ (your team / win) the football match yesterday?

B: No, the weather was very bad, so we __________ (not/play).

7 A: How __________ (you/break) the window?

B: We __________ (play) football. I __________ (kick) the ball and it __________ (hit) the window.

8 A: __________ (you/see) Jenny last night?

B: Yes, she __________ (wear) a very nice jacket.

9 A: What __________ (you/do) at 2 o'clock this morning?

B: l was asleep.

10 A: 1 __________ (lose) my key last night.

B: How __________ (you/get) into your room?

A: I __________ (climb) in through a window.



Exercise 35 These sentences make one continuous story. Put each verb in brackets into the most suitable past tense


One Sunday while I (1make) __________ my breakfast I (2hear) __________ a knock at the door.

I (3put on) __________ my dressing-gown and (4go) __________ to open it.

My neighbour (5look for) __________ his cat and (6want) __________ me to help him find it.

I (7explain) __________ that I (8have)__________ breakfast.

Unfortunately I (9forget) __________ my breakfast which still (10cook) __________.

I (11burn) __________ my eggs and bacon and the kitchen filled with smoke.

When I (12open) __________ the window to let out the smoke I (13see) __________ the cat.

It (14sit) __________ at the top of a tree and it (15try) __________ to get down.

I (16put) __________ my burned breakfast into a dish and (17leave) __________ it outside the door.

As soon as the cat (18smell) __________ the food, it (19jump) __________ down from the tree.



Exercise 36 Put each verb in the text into one of the following tenses: present simple, past simple, past continuous


I have a very bad memory, and a few years ago something very silly (1happen) __________ to me while I (2travel) __________ home from my office in London. I (3sit) __________ on the train as usual, when I (4realise) __________ that I (5not have) __________ my briefcase with me. I had left it behind at the station! So, very unhappily, I (6get out) __________ at the next station, and (7take) __________ a train back to London. However, even after searching everywhere I (8not find) __________ my case at the station. In the end, I (9go) __________ home, and the next day I (10buy) __________ a new briefcase before I (11arrive) __________ at work. Unfortunately, the missing briefcase (12contain) __________ some important papers, so my boss (13make) __________ me work late for a week. On Friday night, while I (14put) __________ my things away I (15notice) __________ something on the floor under the desk. It was the missing briefcase, of course. I (16not know) __________ whether to laugh or cry!


Exercise 37 You are asking Helen questions beginning with Have you ever... ? Write the questions


You Helen

1 (London?) ____________________________ 2 (play/golf?) ___________________________ 3 (Australia?) Have _______________________ 4 (lose / your passport?) ____________________ 5 (fly / in a helicopter?) ____________________ 6 (eat / Chinese food?) _____________________ 7 (New York?) ___________________________ 8 (drive / a bus?) __________________________ 9 (break / your leg?) _______________________ No, never. Yes, many times. No, never. Yes, once. No, never. Yes, a few times. Yes, twice. No, never. Yes, once



Exercise 38 Which is right?


1 Mark is/has been in Canada since April.

2 Jane is a good friend of mine. I know / have known her very well.

3 Jane is a good friend of mine. I know / have known her for a long time.

4 “Sorry I'm late. How long are you / have you been waiting?” “Not long. Only five minutes.”

5 Martin works / has worked in a hotel now. He likes his job very much.

6 Linda is reading the newspaper. She is / has been reading it for two hours.

7 “How long do you live / have you Jived in this house?” “About ten years.”

8 “Is that a new coat?” “No, I have / I've had this coat for a long time.”

9 Tom is / has been in Spain at the moment. He is / has been there for the last three days.


Exercise 39 Complete this journal entry. Circle the correct verb forms


Thursday, September 28

It's 8:00 P.M. It's been / wasa hard day, and it's not over yet! I

still have to work on that report. I’ve begun / began it

last night, but so far I've written / wrote only two pages. And

it's due tomorrow! Work has been / was so difficult lately.

I've worked / worked late every night this week. I feel

exhausted and I haven't gotten / didn't get much sleep last

night. And, of course, I miss Joe. Even though I've seen / saw

him last week, it seems like a long time ago. This commuter relationship is beginning to get me down. We 've lived / lived

apart for too long. Oh, there's the phone. I hope it's Joe.


Exercise 40 Complete the sentences with for or since phrases. Mind the tense form


1 Jill is in Ireland now. She arrived there three days ago. She has been there for three days.

2 Jack is here. He arrived here on Tuesday. He (to be) ___________

3 It's raining. It started an hour ago. It (to rain) _________________

4 I know Sue, 1 first met Sue two years ago. I (to know) _________

5 I have a camera. I bought it in 1989. I (to have) _______________

6 They are married. They got married six months ago. They (to be married) ________________________________________________

7 Liz is studying medicine at university. She started three years ago.
She (to study) ___________________________________________

8 Dave plays the piano. He started when he was seven years old. Dave (to play) ___________________________________________


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