Exercise 41 Put the verb in the present perfect or past simple 

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Exercise 41 Put the verb in the present perfect or past simple

1 My friend is a writer. He ______________ (write) many books.

2 We ____________ (not/have) a holiday last year.

3 І _______________ (рlay) tennis yesterday afternoon.

4 What time _______________ (you/go) to bed last night?

5 _______________ (yon/ ever/ meet) afamous person?

6 The weather _______________ (not/be) very good yesterday.

7 My hair is wet. I _______________ (just/wash) it.

8 l _______________ (wash) my hair before breakfast this morning.

9 Kathy travels a lot. She _______________ (visit) many countries.

10 “Is Sonia here?” “No, she _______________ (not/come) yet.”


Exercise 42 Put the verb in the present perfect or past simple


1 A: ______________________ (you/ever/be) to Florida? B: Yes, we _________ (go) there on holiday two years ago. A: _______________ (you/have) a good time? B: Yes, it __________ (be) great. 3 Rose works in a factory. She __________ (work) there for six months. Before that she __________ (be) a waitress in a restaurant. She __________ (work) there for two years but she __________ (not/enjoy) it very much.  
2 A:Where's Alan? __________ (you/see) him? B:Yes, he __________ (go) out a few minutes ago. A:And Julia? B:l don't know. I __________ (not/see) her.   4 A:Do you know Martin's sister? B:І__________ (see) her a few times. __________ (you/ever/speak) to her? A:Yes. I __________ (meet) her at a party last week. She's very nice.

Exercise 43 Complete the sentences with a verb from the list. Mind the tense form

break buy decide finish forget go go invite

see not/see take tell


1 “Can I have this newspaper?” “Yes, I __________ with it”.

2 I __________ some new shoes. Do you want to see them?

3 “Where is Liz?” “She __________ out.”

4 I'm looking for Paula. __________ you __________ her?

5 Look! Somebody __________ that window.

6 “Does Lisa know that you're going away?” “Yes, I __________ her.”

7 I can't find my umbrella. Somebody __________ it.

8 I'm looking for Sarah. Where __________ she __________ ?

9 1 know that woman but I __________ her name.

10 Sue is having a party tonight. She _________ a lot of people.

11 What are you going to do? __________ you __________ ?

12 “Where are my glasses?” “I don't know. I __________ them.”


Exercise 44 Complete the phone conversation between Maria and Joe. Use the present perfect or the simple past form of the verbs in parentheses

joe: Hi, hon! How was your day? I bet you're glad it's

1 (be)


maria: I'm OK – a little tired. I only _______ a few hours


last night. I'm writing this big report, and I _______ worrying

3 (not stop)

about it all week.

joe: You _______ tired for weeks. You need to relax a

4 (be)

little. Listen – why don't I come see you this weekend? We _______

5 (see)

each other only twice this month.

maria: Sounds great, but remember the last time you ________ ? I


_______ any work, and I still _______ .

7(not do) 8 (not catch up)

joe: I understand. Now, why don't you have a cup of coffee and relax?

maria: Coffee! You're kidding! I __________ five cups today.

9 (already have)

And yesterday I _________ at least six. I can't drink another



joe: You ___________ a rough week. Try to get some sleep.

11 (have)

maria:I can't go to sleep yet. I __________ my report, and it's

12 (not finish)

due tomorrow.

joe: Well, I hope it goes fast. Good night, hon. I'll call you tomorrow.

maria: Bye honey. Speak to you tomorrow.



Exercise 45 Put the verb in the right form


1 I __________ hands because they were dirty. (wash)

2 Somebody ____________________ this window. (break)

3 I feel good. I _______________ very well last night. (sleep)

4 We _______________ a very good film yesterday. (see)

5 It _______________ a lot while we were on holiday. (rain)

6 I ____________ my bag. (lose) ______ you __________ it? (see)

7 I _______________ to bed early because I was tired. (go)

8 ___________ you _______________ your work yet? (finish)

10 Ann _______________ to drive when she was 18. (learn)

11 I ____________ never _______________ a horse. (ride)

12 Julia is a good friend of mine. I ____________________ her for a long time. (know)

13 Yesterday I _______________ and _______________ my leg. (fall / hurt)



Exercise 46 Complete these sentences. Choose from the list and put the verb into the correct form

cost drive fly make meet swim tell think win


1 I ___________________ some coffee. Would you like some?

2 ____________ you _______________ John about your new job?

3 We played basketball on Sunday. We didn't play very well but we _______________ .

4 I know Gary but I ___________ never _______________ his wife.

5 Stephanie jumped into the river and _______________ to the other side.

6 “Did you like the film?” “Yes, I _______________ it was very good.”

7 Our holiday _______________ a lot of money because we stayed in an expensive hotel.

8 _____________ you ever _______________ a very fast car?

9 A bird _______________ in through the open window while we were having our dinner.



Exercise 47 Complete the sentences. Choose from the list and put the verb into the correct form

eat enjoy go go away listen open rain understand use


1 I'm going to take an umbrella with me. It ____________________.

2 Why are you so tired? _______ you _______ to bed late last night?

3 Where are the chocolates? _____ you _______________ them all?

4 How is your new job? _______ you _______________ it?

5 Chris has got a car but she _____not _____________ it very often.

6 Mary isn't at home. She ____________________ for a few days.

7 I _____ not ____________ the problem. Can you explain it again?

8 Martin is in his room. He _______________ to music.

9 How do you _______________ this window? Can you show me?



Exercise 48 Put in there + is / are /was / were / will be /has been / have been. Pay attention to sentences 5, 9


1 _______________ a good film on TV yesterday evening.

2 __________ 24 hours in a day.

3 __________ a party at the club last Friday but I didn't go.

4 “Where can I buy a newspaper?” “__________ a shop at the end of the street.”

5 “Why are those policemen outside the bank?” “__________ a robbery.”

6 When we arrived at the cinema, __________ a long queue to see the film.

7 When you arrive tomorrow, __________ somebody at the station to meet you.

8 Ten years ago __________ 500 children at the school. Now __________ more than a thousand.

9 Last week I went back to the town where I was horn. It's very different now, __________ a lot of changes.

10 I think everything will be OK. I don't think __________ any problems.



Exercise 49 Two people are traveling to a conference. Read their conversation and circle the most appropriate future forms

jason: I just heard the weather report. It's raining /It's going to rain tomorrow.

ariel:Oh no. I hate driving in the rain. And it's a long drive to the conference.

jason: Wait! I have an idea. We'll take / We're going to take the train instead! 2

ariel: Good idea! Do you have a train schedule?

jason: Yes. Here's one. There's a train that will leave / leaves at 7:00 A.M. 3

ariel: What about lunch? Oh, I know. I'll make / I'm making some sandwiches for us. 4

jason: OK. You know, it's a long trip. What are we doing / are we going to do all those hours?

ariel: Don't worry. We'll think / We're thinking of something.

jason: You know, we have to get up really early. I think I'm going / I'll go home now.

ariel: OK. I'm seeing you / I'll see you tomorrow. Good night.

Exercise 50 Combine these pairs of sentences. Use the future or the simple present form of the verb


1 Sandy and Jeff will get married. Then Sandy will graduate. Sandy and Jeff will get married before Sandy graduates.

2 Jeff is going to get a raise. Then they are going to move to a larger apartment.

____________________ as soon as ____________________ .

3 They're going to move to a larger apartment. Then they're going to have a baby.

After ________________,_________________________ .

4 They'll have their first child. Then Sandy will get a part-time job.

______________________ after ______________________

5 Their child will be two. Then Sandy will go back to work full-time.

When __________________,________________________ .

6 Sandy will work full-time, and Jeff will go to school.

_______________ while ___________________________

7 Jeff will graduate. Then he'll find another job.

_____________________ when _____________________


Exercise 51 Read this article about setting goals. Pay attention to the verb forms in bold type. Explain their usage. Write out all the connectors used to introduce time clauses

What are your dreams for the future?

Are you going to get your degree by the time you're 22?Will you start your own business before you turn 40?We all have dreams, but they'll remain just dreams until we change them to goals.Here's how.


PUT YOUR DREAMS ON PAPER. After you write a dream down,it will start to become a goal. Your path will be a lot clearer. For example, Kate Jones wrote:

Before I turn 30,I'm going to be a successful businessperson.

Now her dream is starting to become her goal.

list your reasons. When things get difficult,you can read this list to yourself and it will help you to go on. This is what Kate put at the top of her list:

My parents will be proud of me when I'm a successful businessperson.


write down an action plan.What are you planning to do to achieve your goal? This is Kate's action plan:

I'm going to go to business school as soon as I save enough money.

When I have my degree,I'll get a job with a big company.


take your first steps today.Here are the first steps Kate is going to take:

Before I apply to schools,I'm going to order some school catalogs.

I won't decide on a school until I visit several of them.

You can do exactly what Kate did to achieve your own goals. Keep this article in a safe place. When you decide to start,you'll know what to do. Remember, the longest journey starts with the first step!

Exercise 52 Complete this student's worksheet. Use the correct form of the verbs in parentheses


A What is your most important goal?

I _______________ a job after I __________________ .

1 (get) 2(graduate)

B List the reasons you want to achieve this goal.

When I _______ a job, I ________________ more money.

3 (get) 4 (have)

When I _________ enough money, I _________ a used car.

5 (save) 6 (buy)

I ________ happier when I _______________ employed.

7 (feel) 8 (be)

I ___________ new skills while I ___________________ .

9 (learn) 10 (work)

C What is your action plan?

Every morning when I __________ , I _________ the

11 (get up) 12 (buy)

newspaper to look at the employment ads.

When I ___________ to my friends, I _______________

13 (talk) 14 (ask)

them if they know of any jobs.

I ____________ at the job notices board when I _________

15 (look) 16 (go)

to the supermarket.

Before I _________ on an interview, I _______________

17 (go) 18 (improve)

my computer skills. I want to learn Excel and PowerPoint.



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