Exercise 5. Translate the sample letters given above.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Exercise 5. Translate the sample letters given above.


Exercise 6. Make up a text a) of a letter of invitation,

b) of congratulation.

c) of condolence

NOTE: It is recommended to use the following English equivalents for Russian terms indicating the legal status of a company: (производственное) объединение - industrial (production) association; общество: акционерное ~ - stock corporation (company), joint stock company (JSC); акционерное открытое ~ (АОО) -limited liability сompany; закрытое акционерное~ (ЗАО)- close corporation; кооперативное~ - cooperative society; публичное акционерное~ - public company; cмешанное ~ - mixed joint stock company; страховое~ - insurance company; торговое~ - trading (trade) company (enterprise); предприятие: внешнеторговое ~ - foreign trade company; головное ~ - leading enterprise; государственное~ - state (-owned) enterprise; коммерческое~ - commercial enterprise; малое~ - small company (business, enterprise); совместное~ - joint venture; товарищество - partnership; ~ на вере (командитное) - limited partnership; кредитное кооперативное ~ (общество взаимного кредита) - mutual loan partnership; полное ~ - general (ordinary, unlimited) partnership; партнер (совладелец товарищества) - partner; главный~ - general partner; командитный ~ - limited partner.


Lesson 1

When a buyer wants to know at what price and on what terms he could buy the goods required by him, he usually sends out enquiries to firms, companies or organizations manufacturing such goods or dealing in them. Most letters of enquiry are short and simple, so much so that many firms have adopted the practice of sending printed enquiry forms, thereby eliminating the need for a letter. As a prospective buyer, the writer of an enquiry states briefly and clearly what he is interested in, and this is all the receiver of the letter needs to know. Often the buyer asks the seller to send him illustrated catalogues, price lists or other publications and, if possible, samples or patterns of the goods he is interested in. When asking the seller to send him a quotation, the buyer gives as far as possible a detailed description of the goods required by him.

A first enquiry - a letter sent to a supplier with whom you have not previously done business - should include:

a) A brief mention of how you obtained your potential supplier’s name. Your source may be an embassy, consulate, or chamber of commerce; you may have seen the goods in question at an exhibition or trade fair; you may be writing as the result of a recommendation from a business associate, or on the basis of an advertisement in the daily, weekly or trade press.

b) Some indications of the demand in your area for the goods which the supplier deals in.

c) Details of what you would like your prospective supplier to send you. Normally you will be interested in a catalogue, a price list, discounts, methods of payment, delivery times, and, where appropriate, samples.

d) A closing sentence to round off the enquiry.


Expressions used in enquiries:


Opening lines

1) Your name has been given us by the Btitish Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg...

2) The British Embassy has advised us to get in touch with you concerning...

3) We saw your products demonstrated at the Hanover Fair earlier this year, and would like to know whether...

4) Messrs. Rawlingson and Townsend of Bletchley, who we understand have been doing business with you for some years, inform us that you may be able to supply us with...

5) We have seen your advertisement in last Sunday’s Observer, and would be grateful if you would let us have details of...

6) Your advertisement in this month’s issue of The Shoemaker states that you can offer...


Indicating the state of the market

1) There is a brisk demand here for high-guality sports shirts of the type you manufacture.

2) Demand for this type of machine is not high, but sales this year will probably exceed $25,000.

3) These fancy goods are in demand during the tourist season, but for the rest of the year sales are moderate, and often rather low.

4) There is no market here for articles of this type in the higher price ranges, but less expensive models sell very well throughout the year.

5) You can count on a brisk turnover if prices are competitive and deliveries prompt.


Asking for information

1) Will you please send us your catalogue in duplicate and price list for...

2) We would be glad to receive specifications of your new SE11 typewriter, together with your current export prices and details of trade discounts.

3) We are also interested in your terms of payment and in discounts offered for regular purchases and large orders.

4) We would appreciate a sample of each of the items listed above.




enquiry (inquiry) - запрос
a buyer - покупатель
a seller - продавец
terms - условия (поставки, платежа)
a prospective buyer - будущий (потенциальный) покупатель
a sample - образец (товара, изделия)
a pattern (specimen) - образец (товара, изделия)
a quotation - прейскурант
a supplier - поставщик
an embassy - посольство
a consulate - консульство, консульский отдел
a chamber of commerce - торговая палата
a trade fair - ярмарка, выставка-продажа
a business associate - зд.: торговый партнер
demand - спрос
a price list - прейскурант, прайс-лист
discount - скидка (с цены)
advertisement - объявление, реклама (печатная)
method of payment - форма платежа
delivery times - сроки поставки
a brisk (steady) demand - большой (устойчивый) спрос
sales - зд.: объем продаж
an article - товар, наименование товара
turnover - товарооборот, зд.: объем продаж
a competitive price - приемлемая цена
in duplicate - в двух экземплярах
a specification - спецификация
an export price - экспортная цена
terms of payment - условия платежа
an order - заказ
an item - наименование (товара)



NOTE: The word "term" in the singular form means "срок, период (т.е., какой-либо промежуток времени)", while the same word used in the plural form (terms) has the meaning of "условия (поставки, платежа)".




Exercise 1. Read and translate the following letters from English into Russian:




285 Queen Street

London, E.C. 4

10 th January 19...


Moscow, Russia


Dear Sirs:


We learn from your representative that you are producing for export woolen hand-made carpets.

There is a steady demand here for high class goods of this type.

Will you please send us your catalogue and full details of your export prices and terms of payment.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,





May 29, 19...


Glaston Menswear Ltd.

54-59 Riverside

Cardiff CF1 IJV


Attention: Sales Manager


Dear Sirs:


We are interested in the sweaters that we have seen here on your stand at the “Menswear Exhibition”.

We are big importers of menswear and we are looking for a manufacturer who can supply us with a wide range of sweaters for men.

As we usually place large orders, we expect a quantity discount, and our terms of payment are for collection.

If you agree to these conditions and you can meet orders of over 1000 sweaters at one time, please send us your current catalogue and price-list.

We hope to hear from you soon.


Yours sincerely,



General Director,

“ABC import”




menswear - мужская одежда
importer - импортер
to import - импортировать
a wide range - широкий ассортимент
to place an order - размещать заказ
quantity discount - скидка за количество
discount off (from, on) the price   - скидка с цены
a 5 percent discount - 5-процентная скидка
payment for collection - платеж в форме инкассо
to meet an order - выполнять заказ



NOTE: Russian words indicating the position (title) of an officer may be rendered into English in the following way: директор - director (manager); генеральный ~ - General Director, General Manager, Managing Director; исполнительный~ - Executive Director; коммерческий~ - Sales (Commercial) Manager (Director); финансовый~ - Finance (Financial) Director; заведующий отделом рекламы - Advertising (Promotion) Manager; начальник ~ отдела кадров - Labour (Personnel, Staff) Manager; ~ отдела сбыта - Distribution Manager; ~ отдела снабжения - Purchasing Director; Director of Materials; Director of Supplies; ~ транспортного отдела - Traffic Manager; главный ~ бухгалтер - Chief Accountant; Accountant General; Accountant in Charge; ~ инженер - Engineering (Technical) Manager; ~ технолог - Production Manager.



Exercise 2: Translate into English:


1) Мы будем признательны, если Вы пришлете нам список фирм, торгующих этими товарами.

2) Нас интересует ассортимент свитеров, которые мы видели на ярмарке в Нижнем Новгороде.

3) Просим прислать нам подробное описание товаров, которыми Вы заинтересовались.

4) Мы являемся крупными импортерами станков.

5) Мы ищем производителя, который сможет поставить нам широкий ассортимент зимней обуви.

6) Поскольку мы обычно размещаем крупные заказы, мы надеемся на получение скидки за количество.

7) Мы получили образцы тканей (textiles), посланных Вами отдельным пакетом, и просим прислать нам Ваш прейскурант на эти товары.

8) Прилагаемый каталог содержит подробное описание интересующих Вас товаров.

9) Сообщите, пожалуйста, сможете ли Вы поставить нам необходимое количество товара и принять платеж в форме инкассо.

10) Мы хотели бы знать, по какой цене и на каких условиях Вы могли бы поставить нам 1000 тонн пшеницы.

11) Сообщите нам, можете ли Вы выполнять заказы на количество свыше 1000 изделий в каждой партии.

12) Согласно Вашей просьбе, посылаем наш иллюстрированный каталог, содержащий подробное описание требующихся Вам машин.

13) Мы признательны Манчестерской торговой палате за сообщение Вашего адреса и были бы благодарны, если бы Вы прислали нам Ваш каталог насосов (pumps).

14) В ответ на Ваше письмо от 15 мая, адресованное Торговому представительству России в Англии, мы с удовольствием посылаем Вам три экземпляра нашего каталога станков. Мы надеемся, что каталог окажется полезным для Вас.

15) Мы просим Вас сообщить нам, по какой цене, в какой срок и на каких условиях Вы могли бы поставить нам 2000 тонн сахара.


Exercise 3: Act as an interpreter:

After Mr. Borisov had closely studied the price for the Model 800 computer he found that it was somewhat higher than the prices of other companies for similar types of computers. That’s why he invited Mr. Adams to discuss the matter.


Борисов: Господин Адамс, к сожалению, мы не можем подписать контракт с Вашей фирмой, так как цена на предлагаемые Вами компьютеры чрезмерно высока. Нам известно, что Ваши конкуренты предлагают компьютеры по более низким ценам.

Adams: You are partly right. It’s true, the price is high, but you should take into consideration the fact that this model is the latest word in electronic industry. It is designed on the most modern lines and we can guarantee its reliability.

Борисов: Нам это известно. Но тем не менее, цена не кажется нам приемлемой. Господин Адамс, зависит ли окончательная цена от количества компьютеров, приобретаемых нами?

Adams: Right. If you increase your order to five computers we’ll be able to give you a 2% discount on the price.

Борисов: Боюсь, что скидка слишком мала. Мы бы хотели получить скидку по крайней мере в 4 %.

Adams: Let me make some calculations. Well, Mr. Borisov, 3% and not more as this concession leaves only a very small profit to ourselves.

Борисов: В таком случае я хотел бы обсудить этот вопрос со своим руководством и только потом смогу дать Вам окончательный ответ.




a competitor - конкурент
to be designed on the most modern lines - быть разработанным в соответствии с последними достижениями
reliability - надежность
attractive price - приемлемая цена
a concession - уступка



Lesson 2


Exercise 1: Read and translate the following letters:


Wilson & Co Ltd.,

15 Leadenhall Street

London, E.C.3



Dear Sirs:


Further to our conversation with your Sales Manager during the Exhibition of electronic equipment at Olympia in London we shall be obliged if you send us your quotation for the Model R800 computer.

Please let us know if you can supply us with three computers and quote your best prices. Delivery will be required within two months after we place the order. If you can guarantee prompt delivery and quote really competitive prices we shall be able to place an order with your company. We would also like to know when our specialists could be sent to your country to be trained as operators and programmers.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon and hope that our future relations will be of mutual benefit.


Yours sincerely,



Reply to above:


32 Smolenskaya Street,

Moscow 119034,



Dear Sirs:


Thank you for your enquiry of March 20, 19... in which you inform us that you are interested in purchasing the Model R 800 computers from us. We enclosed with this letter all particulars concerning technical characteristics of this model.

We are happy to inform you that we are able to meet your quantity requirements and offer you three computers at the price of ... per unit. The price includes packing. We can promise delivery in two months if you place your order immediately. We hope you will be able to accept our offer.


Yours sincerely,


Wilson & Co Ltd.




to be obliged - быть признательным
quotation - прейскурант
to quote a price - указывать (называть) цену
the best price - самая низкая цена
delivery - поставка, доставка, отгрузка
within - зд.: в течение
a competitive price - низкая, приемлемая цена
benefit - выгода польза
mutual - взаимный
to meet requirements - удовлетворять требованиям
the price includes packing - цена включает упаковку
to accept - принимать


Exercise 2: Insert the missing prepositions where necessary and translate the sentences:

1) This firm has been dealing ... timber ... twenty years.

2) Please let us know ... what price you could sell ... us 300 tons ... rubber.

3) We shall be obliged if you will make ... us an offer ... these goods.

4) We are sending ... you some samples ... the goods you are interested ... .

5) We shall be glad to know ... what terms we could buy ... you the following goods required ... us.

6) We have no publications ... the types ... machines ... which you refer ... your enquiry.

7) We are sending you ... your information a copy ... a letter which we have written ... Messrs. Smith & Co.

8) Please send ... us ... duplicate all publications you have ... this question.

9) ... compliance ... your request we are sending you our new catalogue ... Compressors.

10) We are indebted ... the Russian Chamber ... Commerce ... your name and address.

11) We have pleasure ... sending you ... triplicate our Brochure No. 126 containing a description ... our range ... Gas Turbines.

12) ... reference ... your letter ... the 15th May we are sending you, ... separate cover, the shipping documents relating ... the m.v. “Krasnovodsk”.

13) We regret to advise you that ... present these instruments are not available ... sale.

14) We have marked ... X the types ... machines which may be ... interest ... us and would like to receive ... you their description ... duplicate.


Exercise 3: Fill in the missing words and translate the letter:

We have been ... your name ... our associates ... Howard & Co. ... Carlisle, who ... us that you have been ... them with stationery .. a number of years.

There is a ... demand here ... Edinburgh ... the qualities you ... , and we believe we could ... large orders ... you if your ... are competitive.

... you please send us your illustrated ... together with your ... list and details of your ... of business.

We look forward to ... ... you.


Exercise 4: a) Your firm is a manufacturing company and is in urgent need of certain metal fittings which cannot be obtained quickly enough from the normal suppliers. Write an enquiry to a British maker of these fittings.

b) Translate the letter into Russian.

Exercise 5: Act as an interpreter:


Smith: Good morning, Mr Ivanov. Here’s my card.

Иванов: Доброе утро, господин Смит. Рад Вас видеть.

Smith: I’d like to know if you can supply us with the Model LR 87 machine-tool.

Иванов: Это зависит от того, в какое время Вы хотели бы получить эти станки.

Smith: The machine-tools must be shipped in the first half of October.

Иванов: К сожалению, мы не сможем поставить их до конца года.

Smith: Well, in this case we’ll have to accept your time of delivery. And now I’d like to hear your price.

Иванов: Цена составляет 5000 фунтов стерлингов за один станок, сиф Лондон. Цена включает упаковку.

Smith: I’m sorry to say the price doesn’t seem attractive. We know that prices of other companies for similar models are lower.

Иванов: Но Вы должны принять во внимание высокое качество и надежность наших станков.

Smith: Mr. Ivanov, can you give us a discount if we increase our order?

Иванов: Думаю, что сможем. Я обещаю рассмотреть этот вопрос и завтра дам вам ответ.




to ship - поставлять, отгружать, отправлять
per unit - за единицу (штуку)
cif (cost, insurance, freight) - условия поставки сиф
similar - аналогичный


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