Match the pictures with the words in the box. 

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Match the pictures with the words in the box.

eye drops bandage syrup band aid injection suture X-ray ointment bed rest ice pack capsules pills


Which symptoms indicate these diseases?

1. anemia a) cough, running nose, sneezing
2. the common cold b) dizziness, shivering, headache, fever
3. food poisoning c) spots
4. flue (influenza) d) swellings under ears
5. migraine e) rapid heart beat
6. mumps f) sickness, stomachache, vomiting
7. pneumonia g) weak pulse rate, fainting
8. measles h) fainting, double vision, paleness
9. high blood pressure i) high fever, pain in the chest, strong cough
10. shock or a blow j) splitting headache, sickness


Complete the sentences using the correct form of the words.

1. People suffering from smoke________ (inhale) have been taken to hospital.

2. When we were on our way to Milano, we saw a head-on _______ (collide) between two cars.

3. Passive smoking can be ________ (hazard) to children’s health.

4. As infants or toddlers have very little _______ (assess) of the danger at home, they must be supervised by their parents.

5. A runaway passenger who hid himself in a wooden chest was found dead because of ________ (suffocate).


Match the words on the left to their definitions on the right.

a) bandage 1. an examination of symptoms to identify an illness
b) blood 2. stopping something to occurring
c) prevention 3. a strip of material used to cover a wound
d) infection 4. red liquid which circulates through veins
e) diagnoses 5. medical care for illness or injury
f) lacerated 6. displace a bone from its position in a joint
g) treatment 7. to admit someone to hospital
h) cure 8. affected by illness
i) hospitalize 9. to end a disease or problem using treatment
j) dislocate 10. a deep cut or tear in the skin


What advice does the doctor give?

1. I’m going to Nepal on business. a) Good, you needn’t come back for a month.
2. I can’t get into my clothes. b) You really must stop smoking.
3. I can’t sleep at night. c) You’d do more exercises, it’s very relaxing.
4. My eyes are often sore and I sneeze often. d) You’ll have to have a few injections.
5. I often have stomach-ache. e) You shouldn’t eat much fried food.
6. I feel much better, doctor. f) You really must lose some weight.
7. I’ve got a terrible cough. g) You should have some allergy tests.

Translate the sentences into English.

1. Стівен не може керувати машиною, тому що він – дальтонік.

2. Якщо ви хочете схуднути, притримуйтеся дієти і займайтеся спортом.

3. Мені шкода, але я не можу продати Вам ліки без рецепта.

4. Цей відомий лікар оперував мою маму.

5. П’ятеро людей отримали тяжкі ушкодження у вчорашній аварії.

6. У Метью стався нервовий зрив після смерті його пса.

7. Думаю, він зламав ногу. Негайно викликайте швидку!

8. Мені довелося годину чекати на лікаря в приймальному покої.

9. У тебе кров! – Я порізався ножем. – Ось пластир, візьми.

10. Багато людей ведуть здоровий спосіб життя – відвідують фітнес-клуби, їдять здорову їжу, не вживають алкоголю.




1. Read the following dialogues.

Patient: Good afternoon, Doctor. I have a terrible toothache.

Doctor: Which tooth is bothering you?

Patient: This one on the bottom left.

Doctor: Open your mouth so I can look into it. (Pause) I see. You have a cavity.

Patient: What do I need to do, Doctor?

Doctor: You need a filling. I can do it today. But remember, you should brush and floss your teeth two or three times a day, OK?

Patient: OK, Doctor. But I can still eat candy, right?




Patient: Doctor, please help me. My ankle hurts.

Doctor: What happened?

Patient: I twisted it when I was playing soccer.

Doctor: Let me have a look. (Pause) It is very swollen, you need an X-ray.

(One hour later)

Doctor: I have your X-rays back.

Patient: What’s the matter with my ankle?

Doctor: It’s broken. I am sorry. You will need to wear a cast for three months.

Patient: That’s too bad. I guess that means no more soccer this summer!



Doctor: What can I help you with today?

Patient: I’ve got a bad cold, running nose, sore throat and a temperature. I think I need antibiotics.

Doctor: How long have you had these symptoms?

Patient: Since yesterday morning.

(Examination of the patient)

Doctor: OK, you don’t need antibiotics for a cold. You need to rest in bed, have lots of fluids and take panadol to keep your temperature down. If you don’t feel any better in two days come back and see me. I’ll write you a doctor’s certificate until then.


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