Make up the words out of the given letters. 

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Make up the words out of the given letters.

ywsbau fcaftir eybiclc

evird erfa elpan

tbao erncro uteor


Find the topic-connected words among jumbled letters in the box.

c o w s t r e e t s o
b o y v e h i c l e s
o z c o r o a d x a q
a s t r m f a r e t u
t u r n i n g q u l a
a b a m n t m o t o r
x w f b u s d r i v e
i a f c s o w i w o t
r y i l c k a t c h r
a x c l u c y a r d a
n e x c u r s i o n m
k h e l i c o p t e r

Match the words or word combinations with their definitions.

1. pedestrians a) a motorway for use of which a toll is charged
2. traffic signals b) tells drivers to slow down
3. intersection c) the coming and going of vehicles and people
4. Walk / Don’t Walk signals d) tells drivers to stop
5. crosswalk e) tell you when to cross the street
6. Yield sign f) people who walk
7. Stop sign g) tell drivers whether to go or stop
8. turnpike h) a mishap
9. traffic i) a place where roads cross
10. accident j) the safest place to cross the road

Match the sign with the correct word below.

a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n.
1. Traffic Light / 2. No Parking / 3. No U-Turn / 4. Keep Right / 5. No Entry / 6. Straight Only / 7. No passing (Am.), No overtaking (Br.) / 8. Roundabout / 9. Escalator Down / 10. T-Junction / 11. Elevator (Am.), Lift (Br.) / 12. Intersection (Am.) Crossroads (Br.) / 13. Straight or Left / 14. Curve left


Choose a proper word from the box to complete the sentences.

School zone, pedestrian, one way, speed limit, yield, railroad tracks, left turn, u-turn, tollbooth, stop, enter, right turn, median, exit, speed limit

  1. I can turn _______ at a red light; but I cannot turn ______ at a red light.
  2. Unless there is a sign stating otherwise, you are allowed to make a ______ at a red light.
  3. We aren’t allowed to go through this area: the sign reads: “Do Not ______.”
  4. This isn’t a ______ street. Cars can travel in two directions.
  5. Don’t cross a ______ when the train lights are flashing.
  6. Don’t ______ if you approach a green light.
  7. It isn’t safe to drive too fast; please stay within the ______.
  8. You must stop before a crosswalk to allow _______ to cross the street.
  9. If you have the right of way, it isn’t necessary to _______.
  10. Don’t enter the parking lot that way: the sign reads “_______ Only.”
  11. The _______ divides the highway into two parts.
  12. You must pay $.75 at the _______ to travel on the Turnpike.
  13. You can’t turn around here; no _______ are permitted.
  14. Go slow in the _______! There are children nearby.

You must not travel over 20 miles per hour in a _______.

Translate into English.

1. Нам пощастило сісти в автобус, хоча він був переповнений.

2. Щоб дістатися до готелю, Вам потрібно буде проїхати по цій вулиці й повернути наліво.

3. Як тільки я відремонтую машину, ми поїдемо оглядати місто з моїм племінником, який приїхав до нас у гості. Він живе у маленькому містечку на заході нашої країни і ще ніколи не був у столиці.

4. Кажуть, що високоякісний бензин забезпечує більшу потужність двигуна і виділяє менше оксиду вуглецю.

5. Таксі під’їхало до узбіччя й зупинилося.

6. Водій попросив пасажирів пройти в кінець автобуса, тому що там було багато вільних місць.

7. Раз чи два на рік я проводжу повний технічний огляд машини.

8. Я впевнена, що я ніколи не змогла б водити машину у місті з таким інтенсивним рухом.



Read the following dialogues.

Bus driver: Stand back from the door, please. Let the passengers off first.

Mrs. Oldridge: How much is the fare, please?

Bus driver: 20 cents. Move along to the rare of the bus, please. There are plenty of seats to the rare.

Mrs. Oldridge: (nervous) Does this bus go up Riverside Drive?

Bus driver: Take bus number 5. That goes all along the drive. And this is number 4.

Mrs. Oldridge: But somebody told me that this was the right bus to take. My daughter lives in Riverside and I’ve come to see her. My son-in-law used to drive me from the station before, but this time he pretended he was busy.

Bus driver: This is not the right bus, madam. You’re holding up the rest of the passengers.

Mrs. Oldridge: You needn’t be so impolite. I only asked you a simple question.

Bus driver: And I gave you the simple answer. I don’t have time to enter into conversation with every passenger that gets on the bus. Look at the crowd waiting to get in.

Mrs. Oldridge: Such manners! It’s disgusting.

Bus driver: I’m sorry, madam. Keep moving everybody… Move along to the rare of the bus.

Mrs. Oldridge: (getting off) You are lucky I am not your wife. If I were, I’d give you a good dose of poison.

Bus driver: And if I were your husband, I’d take it!


At the Filling Station

Samuel: Fill it up, please.

Attendant: High-test or regular, Mr. Bradley?

Samuel: Regular, please. Why should I pay3 cent a gallon extra for high-test gasoline when I really don’t notice any difference?

Attendant: They say the high-test has a little more power and causes less carbon.

Samuel: I’ve tried both kinds many times and as to power, the regular gasoline seems to be just as good as the high-test. It’s possible the high-test leaves less carbon, but I turn my car in every year or two anyway, so I’m never bothered by any carbon.

Attendant: Shall I check the oil?

Samuel: Yes, please. By the way, next week my wife and I are going down South for a month. So you might look at the battery too.

Attendant: Can your wife drive a car?

Samuel: She’s learning to…

Attendant: How long has she been learning?

Samuel: It’ll be exactly ten years next July.

Attendant: (smiling) Women certainly don’t seem to make very good drivers.

Samuel: I agree with you. I know that whenever I’m driving and see a woman going toward me in the opposite direction, I always make sure to give her at least half of the road.

Attendant: But how can you tell which half of the road she wants?

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