What would you say if you took part in these dialogues? 

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What would you say if you took part in these dialogues?

– Well, Mrs. Bradley, I see you’ve already had quite a lot of experience in the food industry. Could you dwell on your regular duties at your recent job?

– Yes, I can tell you that …………………………………………………………………………..


– You mentioned earlier that you liked the people you had worked with. What features do you appreciate in your colleagues?

– I think that ……………………………………………………………………………………….


– It seems to me you had a pleasant place to work. I’m surprised you are going to leave.

– You are quite right, but ………………………………………………………………………….


– You mentioned that you had attended special language courses. How do you think it will help you in your future work?

– I suppose that ……………………………………………………………………………………


Translate the dialogues into English.

– Доброго ранку. Чи можу я почути пана Вуда, будь ласка?

– Наразі він відсутній. З ким я розмовляю?

– Це Борис Рудаков. Я отримав листа від пана Вуда, у якому він просить мене зателефонувати йому, щоб домовитися про ділову зустріч. У нього моє резюме.

– Зрозуміло. У пана Вуда зараз обідня перерва, але він має скоро повернутися.

– Коли Ви порадите мені зателефонувати йому знову?

– Він зазвичай повертається до офісу о другій годині. Можливо, я краще попрошу його зателефонувати Вам? Який Ваш номер телефону?

– (044) 354-65-82

– Дякую, пане Рудаков. Щойно він повернеться, він Вам зателефонує.

– Дякую. До побачення.


– Доброго дня, агентство “Континент”.

– Доброго дня. Я шукаю роботу секретаря. Чи займається ваше агентство підбором персоналу в цій галузі?

– Ми працюємо лише з іноземними компаніями. Ви бажаєте працювати в українській чи в іноземній компанії?

– Я не знаю, чи моя кваліфікація достатня для роботи в іноземній компанії.

– Тоді Вам потрібно поговорити з нашим консультантом. Чи не хотіли б Ви записатися на прийом до нашого консультанта?

– Дякую, безумовно. Коли я можу з ним поговорити?

– У п’ятницю, о третій годині. Чи зручно це для Вас?

– Хвилинку, я подивлюся у своєму щоденнику. Так, дякую. Я буду у вас в п’ятницю о третій. До побачення.

– До побачення. На все добре.



Study the following information carefully and give answers to the questions.

An excellent resume (CV) may help you get a job of your dreams and a poor resume may mean a lost opportunity.

Since this is the first piece of information a company will receive about you, it is very important that your resume be well-written.

It should be presented at the beginning of any interview that you have with a company. Ideally, resume should not be longer than one page.

The contents of a resume can be roughly devided as: 1) personal information (address and telephone number), 2) job objective (it should not be too general), 3) education (the universities, institutes and colleges you have attended should be listed in reverse chronological order), 4) experience (starting with the most recent place of employment), 5) skills (language skills, computer abilities, etc), 6) extracurricular activities (student or professional organizations you belong to, travel, sports, hobbies), 7) references (at least two people who can describe your qualifications for the job).

The style and format of a resume are extremely important. It must be typed in order to format it most effectively. A neat and well-written resume with no spelling mistakes will give an employer the impression that you are accurate and take care of details.

In order to have the opportunity of interviewing with a company it is recommended to send a resume with a cover letter.


Discuss the following.

Ø Why is a well-written resume important for obtaining the job of your dream?

Ø What is the ideal length of this document?

Ø How can you put down your career goals and job objectives in order to show you have given this much thought?

Ø What impression will make the objective to have a well-paid job? Is the focus on money in resume a must-be?

Ø Should you list ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ as your extracurricular activities? Why?

Ø Can you list your relatives as referees?

Ø Why is it better to send your resume to a company with a cover letter?


Read the advertisement, cover letter and resume. Say which information in the resume has not been included in the letter and why. Finally, suggest alternative beginnings and endings to the cover letter.

Rapidly expanding marketing company seeks marketing manager for overseas office in Tokyo. The successful candidate should be fully qualified in the marketing field and have the knowledge of the Japanese language. The applicant should be btw 30-40 years old, single and willing to relocate at a very short notice. All letters, including a CV and one photograph, should be marked for the attention Mrs Dominique Lloyd (Personnel Manager) CFF Marketing Ltd 7, Brompton Rd, Surrey, Tel.: 8219434


Dear Mrs Lloyd, I am writing to apply for the position of Marketing Manager in your Tokyo office, as advertised in last week’s Guardian on 9th October. As outlined in my curriculum vitae, which I have enclosed, I attended Riverside Secondary School in Gloucester where I completed my GCSE and “A” Level studies. In 1997, I graduated from the University of Wales with a BSc in Business Studies and Marketing. After graduation, I moved to Tokyo where I trained as a market researcher for the Yen Company for two years. On my return to England, I continued working as a market researcher until 2003 when I obtained my present position. I am currently employed as Assistant Managing Director at Melton Enterprises, where my duties include the organization of staff and stock, as well as the allocation of budget within the sales department. I am also responsible for overseeing the whole business, and I am generally noted for my good organizational and managerial skills. I believe that I would be an ideal candidate for the position you have outlined, as I have had extensive marketing training with a well-known Japanese marketing and public relations firm. My time spent living in Tokyo also ensured that I obtained a valuable insight into Japanese culture and working practices. I also have a number of very good business contacts in Tokyo, as well as a basic understanding of the Japanese language which is necessary if one is to be able to work effectively. Finally, I am willing and able to relocate at short notice, which I understand to be a requirement of the position. I enclose my curriculum vitae and photograph as requested, and I would be happy to supply you with further details should they be required. I thank you for considering my application and am willing to attend an interview at any time. Yours sincerely, Steven Bradley CURRICULUM VITAE Name: Steven Bradley Date of Birth: 6 December 1974 Address: 21, Tiffen Avenue, Gloucester Education / Qualifications: 1986-1993 Riverside Secondary School, Gloucester GCSEs: Maths, Economics, English, Computing, History, Political Science, Japanese, Asian Studies. ‘A’ Levels: Maths, Economics, General Studies, Business Studies. 1993-1997 BSc in Business Studies – University of Wales Work Experience: April 2003 – Sept 2010 Assistant Managing Director, Melton Enterprises, London Sept 1999 – April 2003 Market Researcher, BLD Services, Oxford June 1997 – Aug 1999 Trainee Market Researcher, the Yen Company, Tokyo Other Information: Basic Japanese; Full, clean driving licence; Interests: sailing, cooking, jogging Referees: Carl Spencer (President) BLD Services 2, Downing St, Oxford   Susan Marcus (Managing Director) Melton Enterprises 42, St Catherine St, London


3. Read the sample of application form. What is the difference between application form and resume? Try to fill in the following:




Last First Middle


Street (Apt) City, State

Contact Information: () ()

Home Telephone Mobile Email

POSITION SOUGHT: _________________________ Available Start Date: ________

Desired Pay Range: ____________ Are you currently employed? _________________

By Hour or Salary



Name and Location Graduate? – Degree? Major / Subjects of Study

High School      
College or University      
Specialized Training, Trade School, etc…      
Other Education      


Please list your areas of highest proficiency, special skills or other items that may contribute to your abilities in performing the above mentioned position.




Please list beginning from most recent



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