Read the text. Use the word given in brackets changing its form as in the example. 

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Read the text. Use the word given in brackets changing its form as in the example.

The National Flag first appeared (appearance) in 1848. The flag has two stripes: a blue one above a yellow one. The colors are _________ (symbol) – yellow for wheat in the fields and blue for the sky above them. The flag became a symbol of the all-Ukrainian ________ (unit).

The Ukrainian Anthem is a song called “Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished”. Its _________ (lyrical) were written by Pavlo Chubynskyi and it was ________ (publication) in 1863. The same year it was set to ________ (musical) by Mykhailo Verbytskyi. The catchy melody and _________ (patriot) words made this song very popular among _________ (Ukraine). Article 20 in the Constitution of Ukraine of 1996 _________ (definition) it as the state anthem.

The National Emblem (Coat of Arms) of Ukraine is a trident. It is the most ancient and ___________ (dignity) of all the Ukrainian symbols. Its __________ (historical) goes back to the first century A.D. The ________ (class) shape of the Ukrainian trident was found on the coins of Volodymyr the Great, who ruled in the 10th century. Then, it was a mark of authority, and a symbol of the ethnic groups which made up the Ukrainian ________ (nationality).


Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.

1. Ukrainian mentality was formed influenced by many_______: geographical location at the crossroads of the West and East, specific climatic conditions and complex, at times tragic historical destiny.

a) events b) factors c) people

2. Most of the overseas Ukrainians no longer speak Ukrainian, but they still _________ in their own churches and are aware of their origin.

a) trust b) believe c) worship

3. Today the average _________ is 80 people per square kilometer.

a) population density b) population c) area

4. Ukrainian language is represented basically by a set of _________, some of which differ significantly from the other.

a) proverbs b) sayings c) dialects

5. The __________ of Kyiv were the brothers Kyi, Shchek, and Khoryv, leaders of the Slavonic Polianian tribe, and the city was named after the eldest.

a) owners b) founders c) citizens

6. During the ________ of Volodymyr the Great Kyiv consisted of two parts – the fortified Upper City and Podil.

a) life b) reign c) childhood

7. Kyiv is one of the _________ cities of Europe.

a) youngest b) smallest c) oldest

8. The population of Ukraine is diminishing due to _________ and low birth rates.

a) emigration b) immigration c) migration

9. Ukrainians usually have close-knit ________ of several generations.

a) tribes b) communities c) families

10. The Act of Independence of Ukraine was _________ on 24th August, 1991.

a) made b) proclaimed c) written


Match the halves of the sentence.

1. Ukraine has… а) …has special status as an autonomous republic.
2. The President is… b) …of Ukraine in 1990.
3. Ukraine’s parliament… с) …based on the rule of law.
4. The Crimea… d) …the Commonwealth of independent states.
5. Ukrainian became the official language… е) …its neighbor to the east is bigger.
6. In 1992 Ukraine began creating а legal system… f) …commander-in-chief of the military
7. Ukraine also joined… g) …for its vast plains called steppes.
8. Only Russia… h) …а democratic state.
9. Ukraine is famous… i) …for а five-year term.
10. The people of Ukraine elect President… j) …is the nation’s lawmaking body.


Translate the following sentences into English.

  1. Стародавні люди поклонялися силам природи та духам предків.
  2. Перша конституція України була створена 1710 року гетьманом України Пилипом Орликом.
  3. Найвідоміший музикант Київської Русі – співець XI ст. Боян, який жив при дворі Святослава Ярославовича і якого згадує автор “Слова о полку Ігоревім”.
  4. Богдан Хмельницький – гетьман України – був справжнім новатором військового мистецтва, організатором січового війська та видатним державним діячем.
  5. Історія України наповнена драматичними подіями та героїчними діяннями.
  6. Крим – півострів на півдні України, що омивається Чорним та Азовським морями.
  7. Утворення Української Академії Наук у 1918 році стало подією історичного значення.
  8. Світовий пріоритет мають чимало досягнень української науки в машинобудуванні, ракетній техніці, молекулярній біології, генній інженерії, мікробіології та медицині.
  9. Українські підприємства здійснюють ділові операції з партнерами у багатьох країнах світу.
  10. Україна як суверенна держава встановлює політичні та економічні стосунки з країнами на всіх континентах.



Read the following dialogues.

A: Where are you from?

B: I am from the USA, California.

A: Are you traveling alone?

B: Actually, I have come to Ukraine on business. But I am fond of your country! That’s why I’ve made up my mind to see as much as possible of it.

A: Have you visited many places already?

B: Quite a lot. I visited the Crimea and some big cities like Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv.

A: I should advice you to see Odesa and Lviv. They are worth visiting too.


A: I’m going to visit Ukraine. Could you tell me what language is spoken there?

B: Ukrainian, of course.

A: I speak Russian a little. Will they understand me?

B: Yes, they will. Many people in Ukraine know Russian as well.

A: I’ve heard that the Ukrainian language is very melodious.

B: It is really so. Ukrainian is considered to be the second melodious language in the world, after Italian.

A: What can you tell me about Ukrainian people?

B: Oh, the Ukrainians are very kind and hospitable. They welcome visitors open-heartedly and treat them warmly and generously. Besides, many think that Ukrainian women are very attractive.

A: That sounds encouraging. I hope my visit to this country will be of great interest.


A: I am so happy to visit you and your capital – Kyiv. I am eager to start sightseeing. What are you going to show me?

B: Well, we have many places of interest here. Every part of the city has a lot of attractions.

A: What shall we start with?

B: I believe we are to see Khreshchatyk first. It’s the main street of the city. There are apartment houses, shops and government offices here. Although it is only 1.5 km long, it is very wide – about 100 m.

A: How interesting. Is it the very center of the capital?

B: Yes, but the very heart of Kyiv is Independence Square. Many years ago it was just a swampy place where Kyivites hunted game. It was criss-crossed and the street which appeared here 200 years ago was called Khreshchatyk.

A: Your knowledge of Kyiv is vast! It feel as if a see its beauty with your eyes.

B: That’s because I love the place itself and its history. There is a lot to see in Independence Square: a model of the old gates through which Khan Batyi’s hordes entered the city in 1240, a monument to the legendary founders of Kyiv, an underground shopping center Globus, the building of the Central Post Office with a globe in front of it and the signs marking the distances to many cities. But the main structure in the square is a monument to the Independence of Ukraine. On the top of the white column you can see a statue of a Ukrainian girl in a traditional costume.

A: I cannot wait to see it all. Let’s go, my friend. I have the car at the door of the hotel.


Translate these questions into English and answer them.

1. Коли Україна стала незалежною державою?

2. Чим вiдома Україна?

3. Що вам вiдомо про Київ?

4. Яка полiтична система України?

5. На скiльки областей подiлена Україна?

6. Коли Україна почала будувати свою законодавчу систему?

7. Розкажiть про населення України.

8. Яка офiцiйна мова України?


  1. Fill in the necessary prepositions.
out, by, on, in, through, along, of

1. The city lies ____ north-central Ukraine ____ the Dnieper River.

2. The central Kyiv is on а high cliff ____, the western bank of the Dnieper.

3. When we take а bus ride ... Kreshchatyk we are impressed ____ its beauty.

4. This monument was built ____ the site of the 1036 battle.

5. Leaving St. Sophia Cathedral ____ the gateway one comes ____ into Sophiyivska square.

6. ____ the 1100s Kyiv was one of European’s greatest centers of commerce and culture.

7. There are many other places ____ interest in it.


Put words in the correct order. Add some words if necessary.

The City of Odesa

1. special, true, on, coast, Black, this, is, а, very, gem, city, the, sea.

2. 1794, 1795, name, in, founded, current, received, it, its.

3. seaport, is, large, Odesa, as, also, а, known.

4. outskirt, located, the, in, city, well-known, resorts, and, balneological.

5. regional, administrative, a(n), it, is, now, centre.

6. 1,060,000, people, thousand, population, its.

7. known, is, Odesa, as, the, port, Іlichivsk, ferry, line, linking, Varna.


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