Назовите номера предложений, в которых есть причастие I в функции обстоятельства 

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Назовите номера предложений, в которых есть причастие I в функции обстоятельства


a) Fоr liquid cooling some sort of radiator has to be provided.

b) The first step in obtaining oil is to find its field.

c) Considering hydrolysis as the first order reaction it is possible to draw some conclusions (сделать выводы).

d) Using these scientific principles we can develop this science.

e) Dealing with this problem we looked through a great number of articles and materials.

f) Original scientific thinking is very important for every researcher.

g) Making experiments investigators have to correlate the data of their research.

h) Students surrounded the professor asking him questions.

i) He likes to spend evening at home listening to classical music over his record player.


Переведите на русский язык (устно) причастные обороты в функции обстоятельства в следующих предложениях


a) Sitting in the library I saw green mass of trees through windows.

b) Working in the laboratory we always use these instruments.

c) Scientists have learned to release much energy splitting atoms.

d) Teaching mаthematics Tsiolkovsky continued studying astronomy.

e) The teacher wrote some formulas on the blackboard explaining the Laws of motion.

f) Translating this article the students found the description of this element.


Информация VI


Причастие I, II в функции обстоятельства часто сопровождается when, while, if, которые не переводятся.

When preparing the report you must … – If heated, the body expands … Готовя доклад, вы должны … При нагревании... Если тело нагреть....


Переведите на русский язык (устно) подчеркнутые причастные обороты в функции обстоятельства


a) When comparing (сравнивать) elements scientists noticed the outstanding stability of some electronic structures.

b) When working with аnу optical instrument one must know its revolving power.

c) While explaining that law the teacher demonstrated some models.

d) When splitting the atom we release a great number of energy.

e) While waiting for the train at the station I looked through newspapers.

f) When reading the article he made some notes.

Информация VII


Страдательные причастия I (being used) в функций обстоятельства можно переводить либо придаточным предложением либо, в некоторых случаях деепричастием «будучи использованным», «еcли...».

Being heated magnetized steel loses its magnetism.

Будучи нагретой, сталь размагничивается.

Если намагниченную сталь нагреть, она размагничивается.

В функции определения переводится страдательным причастием настоящего времени (типа "используемый") или определительным придаточным предложением.

Instruments being used should be tested.

Используемые приборы следует испытывать.

Приборы, которые используются, следует испытывать.


12. Найдите в данных предложениях Participle I Passive в функции определения. Переведите предложения


a) The apparatus being installed in the satellite will give various information.

b) The experiment being conducted is of great interest for our research.

c) The substance being investigated is supposed to contain much copper.

d) The crystals being used in the reaction accelerated chemical changes.

e) Water being warmed was poured into a vessel.

f) The letter being sent by air mail will be received in a few days.


Укажите в каждом предложении причастие I (Passive), причастие II в функции обстоятельства. Переведите предложения


a) When placed in a strong magnetic field, iron becomes magnetized.

b) Being compared these elements showed great stability under loads.

c) If heated, a body usually expands.

d) If asked for help he never refuses.

e) Being tested in the laboratory the instrument showed good characteristics.

f) When first exhibited the telephone attracted very little attention.


Определите функцию причастия в предложениях. Переведите предложения

a) Parks and gardens laid out in the city formed a green belt around it.

b) The experiment being made at our laboratory shows the action of catalysts.

c) If made of good material, electrical devices can work for a long time.

d) Being installed in the satellite the instruments give necessary information to the scientists.

e) Being produced of modern materials devices met all requirements.

f) All the equipment being prepared for the experiment was installed in the laboratory.

Информация VIII


Причастие I в составе сказуемого во временах Continuous следует за глаголом to be. Сказуемое переводится личной формой глагола.

Electronics is playing a very important part in industry.

Электроника, играет очень важную роль в промышленности.

Many scientists were working at this problem.

Многие ученые работали над этой проблемой.


Укажите номера предложений, в которых причастие I входит в состав сказуемого в Continuous Active


1. Russian science takes a leading position in the world in some fields of knowledge 2. The new walking excavator is to work well in these conditions. 3. The metric system of measurements is finding wider application in many countries now. 4. Russia will be exchanging TV programmes with many European countries. 5. Michurin was growing different kinds of fruit all his life. 6. I am corresponding with my school-mates at present. 7. The Government pays great attention to creating good working conditions for our workers. 8. We were working at the laboratory when the dean came in and informed us about the meeting. 9. When the first motor car was running along the streets a great number of people were following it. 10. During the lessons of mathematics great attention must be paid to linking theory with practice.


Переведите предложения, определив по формальным признакам функцию причастия. Если при переводе возникнут затруднения, обратитесь к информациям II-VI


1. Lowering the temperature we slow down (замедлять) the molecular motion. 2. The leading scientists of the world doing research in the field of thermonuclear physics come to Dubna every year. 3. The article published in the scientific magazine will be discussed at the seminar. 4. Delivering a lecture the professor demonstrated a number of diagrams and tables. 5. Technology improving the quality of rubber was worked out by our scientists. 6. This chemical plant is producing synthetic fibres for industry. 7. The device produced was powerful. 8. The translating machines are finding wider application. 9. Using cyclotron the physicists have solved many problems of nuclear physics. 10. The motion of the molecules increases in the substance being heated. 11. When leaving the institutes and universities the graduates are provided with work on their speciality. 12. The number of molecules in each cubic centimeter of the substance being compressed is increased. 13. He stopped before a closed door. 14. When proving his thought the scientist referred to Sechenov’s works. 15. The region being investigated is situated in the North. 16. The TV programmes showing the latest scientific achievements are very popular. 17. Starting an experiment a chemist must first determine if the substance is a compound or simply a mixture. 18. All the questions asked were answered. 19. When exploring the Kursk magnetic anomaly Lasarev, a leading Soviet scientist, discovered the richest iron-ore deposits in the world. 20. The molecules begin moving slower while cooling. 21. This group of engineers is working out a new device being used in different conditions underground. 22. The metals being used in the experiment possessed many important properties. 23. Adding heat we can change the state of a substance. 24. When heated, a magnet loses some or all its magnetism. 25. The material tested showed good properties.


Информация IX


Перфектные формы причастия (having used, having been used) в предложении выполняют роль обстоятельства. На русский язык переводятся либо деепричастием совершенного вида (having come – придя, having used – использовав), либо обстоятельственная придаточным предложением having been asked – когда их (его) спросили.



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