XVII. Discuss the following questions with your partner.

1. What international legal documents on counteracting trafficking do you know? 2. What is the Tier system? Who introduced it and when? Where does Ukraine belong in it? 3. Which Article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine deals with trafficking in human beings? 4. Which other Articles of the Ukrainian Criminal Code establish responsibility for committing crimes against women and children? 5. What do you know about the Prime Minister’s of Ukraine Decree № 410?

Which legal policy did it approve?

XVIII. Read the following Articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine with the crimes they refer to. Can you give an e.g.

Article 143 Violation of procedures prescribed by law with regard to human organs or tissueArticle 143 transplantation

Article 149 Trafficking in human beings or other illegal agreement with regard to a person

Article 150 Exploitation of children

Article 152 Rape

Article 153 Violent unnatural gratification of sexual desire

Article 154 Compulsion to sexual intercourse

Article 155 Sexual intercourse with a sexually immature person

Article 156 Debauchery of minors

Article 202 Violation of business operation and banking procedures

Article 302 Creating or running brothels and pimping

Article 303 Prostitution and engaging in prostitution

XIX. Read the information about the state legal policy of counteracting trafficking in persons in Ukraine and answer the following questions.

1. When did the current Criminal Code of Ukraine enter into force?

2. What did it establish?

3. What international legal documents does it comply with?

4. Which category of crimes described in Article 149 of the Criminal Code refer to?

5. What are the aims of the State Program?

XX. What do the following acronyms mean?

1. TIP


3. SWL

XXI. How well do you know the Criminal Code of Ukraine? Answer the following questions and compare your answers with your partner’s.

1. Which Article of the Criminal Code deals with coercion?

a) 202; b) 300; c) 302; d) 149.

2. What is the maximum punishment for keeping a brothel and pimping?

a) deprivation of liberty for up to 5 years;

b) deprivation of liberty for up to 3 years;

c) limitation of liberty for up to 7 years;

d) deprivation of liberty for up to 7 years.

3. Which crime is described as ”recruitment, transfer, hiding, hand- over or receiving of a person by fraud, blackmail or by taking advantage of a persons’ vulnerable status with the aim of exploitation”?

a) coercion; b) exploitation; c) fraud; d) trafficking in human beings.

4. What is complicity?

a) a threat of killing

b) deliberate joint participation

c) infliction of pain or bodily harm

d) illegal crossing of the State border

XXII. Read the following stories. Identify the crimes committed. Name the criminal liability established by the Criminal Code of Ukraine for these types of crimes.

Olga receives an invitation from her would- be husband and goes to Turkey. The man turns out to be the owner of a brothel, in which he forces Olga to work. He beats her if she refuses to offer sexual services to his clients. He does not give her enough food if she does not earn ?700 a week. Olga cannot go to the police, as she does not have the documents that her husband took away after her arrival.

Together with a friend, Lena comes to Budapest on a bus tour. While they are on the bus, Lena and her friend get to know a woman who invites them for a cup of coffee. Most likely, the woman adds some narcotic drug into the coffee because Lena and her friend do not remember anything until they wake up in someone’s car on their way to Belgrade in the company of two men. The girls are transported to a bar where they have to do the cleaning, work as waitresses and engage in prostitution. They never get a single dollar for their work.

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