XII. Choose the right form of the verb from the brackets.

1. This house....... by my husband's great- grandfather in 1790 (is built /are built/was built/will be built). 2. Poirot...... faintly ...... by the graciousness of the little lady's manner (is…..puzzled/are ...puzzled/was….puzzled). 3.As a result of an earthquake, the house there ….... and her parents and brothers and sisters all lost their lives (is burned down/are burned down/was burned down/will be burned down). 4. While I sat there a note…….me from the house(is brought/has brought/was brought/had brought). 5. 1……. in an orphanage and by some people who died (is brought up/was brought up as brought up/had brought up; is adopted/was adopted/have adopted/had adopted). 6. Andrew approached the Dumay's house. The door of the house……..as usual (is unlocked/are unlocked/was unlocked/were unlocked). 7. The girl ... last ... here about twenty mutes to eleven. By midnight, according to medical evidence she was dead(is seen/was seen/ were seen). 8. Diana is a huntress, isn't she? She....... always...... wearing a tunic (am portrayed/is portrayed/are portrayed). 9. He was lying on his bed. His cheeks and hands ... and swollen with scratches from the fight (is scarred/are scarred/was scarred/were scarred). 10. 1 don't want to stop here. I ……(recognize/will recognize/will be recognized). 11. While I sat there a note..........me from the house (bring/ brings/is brought/was brought). 12. The road to the City of Emeralds ……….with yellow brick, so you cannot miss it (pave/paves/is paved/was paved). 13. A second later I……..to a group of young American officers (was introduced/is being introduced/was being introduced). 14. Only two or three days later the newspapers announced the birth of a Cox daughter, and declared that the child was …... Juliette (call/called). 15. Blore was looking at the handle of the chopper. He said: "No fingerprints. Handle …..afterwards" (is wiped/are wiped/ was wiped).

XIII. Put questions to the italicized words.

1. The letter will be answered tomorrow. 2. They were shown many places of interest. 3. Wheat is grown in each of these regions. 4. This town was founded in the 15th century. 5. Water- power stations are being built on the mountain rivers. 6. She was told the news when she came. 7. The film is much spoken about.

XIV. Ask when- and where- questions using the Passive Voice.

Mоdel: We sent a telegram on Monday. - When was the telegram sent?

1. The cadets wrote a translation dictation yesterday. 2. The girls water flowers in the evening. 3. The writer will publish his novel next year. 4.We met the delegation at the station. 5. The workers repaired the road in July. 6. The workers make motor cars at this plant. 7. Tom made this shelf last week. 8. The pupils will write a composition tomorrow. 9. They spoke about him at the trade- union meeting.

XV. Answer the following questions.

When was Odessa founded? By whom was it founded? 2. How many years are spent on acquiring a secondary education. 3. Where is Great Britain situated? 4. What are the British Isles washed by? 5. In what regions of our country is coal mined? 6. What industries are being developed in your region? 7. How many foreign languages are taught at your University? 8. At what time is library closed? 9. What language is spoken in the United States of America? 10. In what countries is English spoken? 11. What is butter made from? 12. Is your dress made of cotton or silk?

XVI.Put the questions to italicized words.

1. The target was detected quickly. 2. The rule was read bу the cadets attentively. 3. Оп several occasions they were trapped bу the роliее. 4. Caesar was stabbed to deatlh оn the steps of the Capitol. 5. Fil1ally he was condemned to death іп Rome for setting up а secret society. 6. АІ Сароnе was brought into the rackets by Johnny Torrio. 7. Не was imprisoned іn 1931 on income tax charged. 8. The Ripper was never caught, and his identity remains а mystery.

XVII. Express disagreement.

1. He is sent to the USA on business every year.

2. This article was written by our chief.

3. He was taught to drive a car at our Institute of Internal Affairs.

4. They were asked to come earlier to the detective office.

5. We are invited to all parties with the invitations.

6. She will be allowed to use the weapons.

7. He was offered a new job at a police station.

8. I was promised to buy a car.

9. His new book on criminal law will be published next year.

10. Some new works by our cadets will be shown at the local art gallery.

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