IV. Discuss the following points.

1. What kind of state is the USA?

2. Is there a Constitution in the USA?

3. Who is the head of the state?

4. What branches does the US government consist of?

5. How many states is the country comprised of?

6. Іn what way is the political system of the USA different from that of

Great Britain?

7. What аге the powers of Congress?

8. Does the President of the USA exercise the same power as the

Ргіmе- Minister of Great Britain?

9. How does the system of checks and balances work?

V. Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1.The USA Constitution establishes the basic structure of the national government.

2. Each state has its own Constitution which can contradict the Federal Constitution.

3. If the President disagrees with the bill he has the right to veto it and the Congress can't pass it.

4. If the President commits a crime the House of Representatives can impeach him/her.

5. The Supreme Court protects the right of people.

VI. Fill in the gaps with the words and word combinations from the text:

1. The US government is divided into 3 branches: …..

2. A Constitution is a …..

3. The US Constitution was …. on September 17,1787.

4. … of the Senate and the House of Representatives are the Vice- President and the Speaker respectively.

5. The Senate can … the President … if the House of Representatives impeach him.

6. The Supreme Court can … any law if it … the federal Constitution.

7. The Supreme Court is … of the USA.

8. Every state has its own constitution and the state government which … .

VII. It is interesting to know. Read and translate.

A. The great seal of the United States is affixed to certain official documents, specified by law, to attest to their authenticity. The design incorporates the national coat of arms, featuring the American bald eagle with spread wings . The olive branch and the arrows held in the eagle’s talons reflect both the nation’s commitment to peace and its willingness to fight if necessary. The Latin inscription E Pluribus Unum – “From Many, One”- is a reminder that the nation is a Union of many states and of peoples from many other nations. The design for the great seal was chosen in 1782, and the present modification dates from 1904.The great seal is kept in the U.S. Department of State.

B. The Flag Day: June 14, is the birthday of the American flag. On this date in 1777, the Continental Congress adopted a resolution stating that the flag of the new nation should contain thirteen horizontal stripes ( seven red ones and six white ones) to symbolize the thirteen colonies, and thirteen white stars arranged in a circle to symbolize the unity and equality of these colonies.

In 1776, after the colonies had declared their independence from Great Britain, George Washington and two other revolutionary leaders were assigned the task of designing a national flag. The colours they chose were red for courage, white for liberty, and blue for loyalty. According to American legend, they brought their design to Betsy Ross, a young widow who was an excellent seamstress. She followed their sketch exactly, except for suggesting that the stars be five- pointed rather than six- pointed. Because she made the first American flag, Betsy Ross' name is still well- known to Americans. Her little home in Philadelphia has been preserved as a monument and tens of thousands of tourists visit it each year. The American flag has been redesigned many times since Betsy Ross made the original. Today, the flag still consists of thirteen horizontal stripes alternately red and white equal to the number of the original states with a blue union marked with white stars equal in number to 50 states today. The red stripes proclaim courage, the white stripes proclaim liberty, the field of blue stands for loyalty. It is called the stars and the stripes and old glory.

3. The nick name. It was in 1812 when the nickname of the US government "Uncle Sam" appeared. “Uncle” Samuel Wilson supplied beef to the American army, during the war of 1812, standing his barrеls with the letters “U. S.” Тhе army as “Uncle Sam's” knew this beef, and later оn this familiar name bесаmе associated with the US government.

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